Check Out This Amazing Deus-Ex Mankind Divided Bionic Arm – IGN Access


Check out this functional Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Bionic Arm from the floor of E3 2016.
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  1. Remarkable! Wonder if it's possible to make its movements more natural by recording the actions of the remaining hand and in mirror like fashion programming that into the prosthetic?

  2. well… hell….
    I'd love to learn more about it….

    ( I just hope social justice doesn't take over the transhuman movement like it has for everything else trans, I mean. this is amazing and should not be tarnished)

  3. Hopefully it can fix the mess of a state the actual game is in after IGN showed off the horrible gameplay trailer (Battery drain and same mechanics from Human revolution AGAIN?) I much rather just choke a fool then watch a cinematic cutscene of me doing it and lose battery power.

  4. If I ever needed a prosthetic arm like this I'd have it designed like Rhys' arm from tales from the borderlands. Might as well throw in a few million dollars to create a bionic echo eye also

  5. They need to speed up the rate at which the fingers move. Hydraulic limbs, while more cost effective, would be more practical in terms of use than slow servo limbs. Essentially just emulate the muscle of a hand/arm but on a simplified hydraulic scale.

  6. Couple questions why does he always hold that arm up with his arm hand is it that heavy and secondly while still an amazing thing why does it move slow is he doing that for the camera or can he not move it faster

  7. Hey everyone, what you are doing here is absolutely amazing! my father lost his arm 30 years in a work accident, during that time he has had prosthetics but they never seemed to work – he has a collection. Bionic, he has never tried. Where can I begin enquiring and applying for a bionic arm for my father? This would be life changing for him, thank you for making a difference
    Michael Kan

  8. Born too late to explore the earth and too early to explore the space. Born just in time to see humans and machines blending together. Time to get my arm chopped off

  9. I still can't forget the :"Machines don't bleed,augmented do" thing:/ i'm also kinda happy how they actually became cooler with those augmentations,and it's just the beginning! I'm kinda excited about how the world will look like after 10 yrs from now

  10. Fingures and arms don't move as fast as real limbs do, in the gane all prosthetics moved like a real arm or leg or an eye. This moves as slow as a toy robot walking on the floor


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