I went shopping the other day, and I thought it would be fun to bring you babes with me! And you must be good luck – because buying a towel turned into a giant shopping spree! (oops lol)

So this is a vlog of me buying a bunch of stuff I need, and a bunch of stuff I don’t need. It was a wonderfully fun day – and even more fun because you came along 😛

I love you! Stay sparkly sweet darlings – and Happy International Women’s Day 🙂



Black tracksuit:

Blue sporty-ish shoes lol:

Victorias Secret Shorts:

BCBG belt:

Sorry I couldn’t find dupes to the rest of it 🙁 If you find anything close send it to me and I’ll include them! xoxo

***this video is not sponsored at all, obviously lol. all links are affiliate, aka it costs you nothing but the companies give me like $1 if you buy any of it lol – & it goes right into my shoe fund for more videos!! lol just so you know 😛 xox ***


  1. Okay so this is my first video watching of hers anddddd I can tell she has money but she’s so humble and how she shops on a budget I love it!!! ( this is my boyfriends account I’m a female )

  2. I like how much she just does not care what others think. She vlogs in public, with people staring and does not even flinch. She also keeps it really real, which makes her easier to watch as I find her more relatable.

  3. I just love heels. But I am 12 years old and my mom doesn't allow me to wear them because she says I can't balance on them but I can. When I was 10 I buyed wedges and wear them all the time. Now I am goin to buy some. And I am a jewellery fan. I love jewellery but never say no to jwellrry

  4. Lol when you’re a pastel princess, extra queen, pretty punk, emo/goth/scene queen, and pinkie princess and you watch Amber’s vlog and get obsessed with the black things. I think I’m in a black mood today lmao.

  5. Ok, i love amber but she totally stole the bird neckless design at 8.03 . In the video where she goes black friday shopping she anounces her jewellery line one being a bird neckless! I love you, im just confused💖😁

  6. You know that cool gramma that has a lot of cute clothes and u go in her closet and play dress up Amber is gonna be one of those gramma. I use to love going throw my gramama closet somethings I liked something i hated and somethings that looked ugly in a hanger and when u try it on it was cute. I feel like if Amber has kids and they have kid i bet they would love Ambers closet


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