Could an Obi-Wan Star Wars Movie Happen After All? – SJU


Our SJU panel talks potential Star Wars Spinoffs being back in contention and other news from the world on screen! – it’s SJ Universe

Could an Obiwan Star Wars Movie Happen Afterall? – SJU

Hosted by Roth Cornet, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr and Dan Murrell

Produced by Billy A .Patterson
Production Engineer: Josh Tapia
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  1. Star Wars (to Wicked at the box office): You’ll be very popular, but not as popular as MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    Btw: I’m down with Death on the Nile, as long as it has more glorious mustaches.

  2. Sorry Roth, I think they have it right. I think IX is gonna be a turning point for the Star Wars franchise. I think Star Wars is more DC than Marvel at this point. Oh for a Fiege clone!!

  3. I'm with Roth and the people boycotting Ep. 9 are a tiny minority and once the inevitably well put together trailer comes out every normal person will cease to care about Ep. 8 and 9 will go on to be another billion dollar box office smash.

    Solo was an aberration caused by a ton of colliding factors. The very idea of the movie had people disinterested; it came out very close to a polarizing entry in the franchise; it had very public behind the scenes troubles and it came out a week after deadpool 2 and less than a month behind the avengers juggernaut.

  4. So… I'm actually kinda happy that "Death on the Nile" is giving me something to see that weekend, 'cause I'm probably not going to see those other movies.

    Heck, I'm not excited at all for the "return of JJ" to Star Wars; he's half the reason for my complete disinterest in any new SW movies.

  5. I thought an Obi Wan movie had potential to be a film that harkened back to SW’s Kurosawa roots, depicting an Obi Wan learning how to find a way to help people on Tatooine without failing in his task to protect Luke and keep away from the Empire’s attention. I don’t want it to be a TV show.

  6. I LOVE Agatha Christie stories but I'm with Roth on this one. Opening against Ep IX and Wicked is a risky move, even though I like Death on the Nile's plot way more than Murder on the Orient Express.

  7. I kinda want to see Rian Johnson do a Agatha Christie in space film now…. do it on a Battle Beyond the Stars budget and get it out…

    in all seriousness… Death on the Nile will be a perfect film for families, and adults who aren't interested Wicked or Star Wars… also Agatha Christie seems to get rediscovered by successive generations and these films will likely be watched for years to come..

  8. For Kenobi I would like to see an intellectual duel between Kenobi and Jabba the Hut. Like great character matchups like Batman (order) and Joker (chaos), Kenobi and Jabba which make an interesting match up with the former being an orthodox clean cut warrior (order) vs. the latter as a villainous vile scum crime lord (chaos). I think the plot could center around Master Kenobi keeping Luke safe on Tatooine where Jabba finds out about the situation and essentially extorts Kenobi to do some of his dirty work in order to not reveal the identity and location of the Luke and Kenobi to the Empire. Kenobi has some character development as he knows his mission is to keep Luke safe but is conflicted on going from a once great Jedi Warrior to a henchman working for the mob, but is necessary for the greater good. He finds a creative way to counter extort Jabba with 100% certainty Jabba will not disclose their location, but the whole situation adds to his general life disgruntlement which leads into the Sir Alec Guinness character.

  9. Sorry Roxy. I think that Death on the Nile will hit his market as perfect cross programming for people who aren't into musicals and Star Wars. It's classic December fare. It won't hit the numbers of the two, but it will do as well as it would have if they weren't coming out at the same time.

  10. Avengers is rumoured to be subtitled with initials F.H and the "spoiler king " Tom Holland announces the subtitle for Spiderman 2 is Far From Home (F.F.H) Could be coincidence or maybe Marvel are intentionally fucking with us

  11. The unending Star Wars conversations are honestly fatiguing. I want to take a break from Star Wars so I have enough time to miss it before the next movie comes out. I want to be excited for Episode 9, but I fear I'll just be exhausted and unable to care at all. Part of the problem is, as you all said, that we seem only able to talk about Star Wars in polarising, binary ways. Sadly, binary opinions are an unavoidable consequence of online communication. We all exist in filter-bubbles on the internet. EVERYTHING we see is filtered by our preferences or algorithms: we personalise our feeds and who we follow; algorithms only show us content they think we'll be interest in. As such, we're all trapped in echo chambers that reinforce and strengthen our views. There is virtually no neutral territory out there where we might encounter other people with different, reasonable, nuanced views. When we do encounter views different from our own, they usually have to be so provocative and extreme that they can puncture our filter-bubbles. However, excluding people who strongly disagree with us is just as chemically rewarding as spending time with people we like; blocking, muting or unfriending "trolls" feels good. And so it reinforces our filter-bubble existences.

    How are we ever going to escape all this? There are a few things that help counteract binary thinking. One way is reducing emotional charge. We need to be calm to think rationally. Another way is to use empathy and see things from other people's point of view. Any online space that lets us walk a mile in other people's shoes is helpful. Whenever we're exposed to binary views, we also need to also see the wide-ranging middle-ground of opinion between them. But this is all hard to do without access to neutral, filter-free ground that no one person controls, akin to public space in the real world.

  12. Obi-Wan movie, Why? I saw him young, old and how he fits in the larger story. The Star Wars universe has been screwed up enough, i personally don't need to revisit his story. I"m with Dan, I'm so over Star Wars.

  13. Milo and Otis didn't lead to the "No animals were harmed" thing. Depending on wherre you count it, it was either Jesse James throwing a blindfolded horse off a cliff, or Heavens Gate blowing up a horse with a claymore mine.

  14. I just want a movie adaptation of the spiderman play from Kimmy Shmidt also Murder on the Links is my favorite Agatha Christie book but it is doomed to fail at the box office

  15. With more and more movies being connected to franchises, less and less films are leaving impressions. Nothing compares to when you see something new that captures your imagination, and film today really lacks it. I know there are original movies, but they are never the big event. It's always the sequel that is. LET GO OF NOSTALGIA. Kill the Jurassic Park franchise. Cut back on this many comic book films. Lay off the reboots and cinematic universe. Give. Me. Original.

  16. Spencer's point about the Rorschach test and Star Wars is genius. You're feeling about Star Wars says more about you than it does about Star Wars or Disney or whatever. Also, it was somewhat amusing that he made that point after Dan made his whole grumpy old sad sack take on it.

  17. Why not wait till they put up their new upcoming disney streaming service and make exclusive Star Wars shows spin off and make the trilogy into the big screen.

    That will make a lot of people sign into their streaming service if they have exclusive Star Wars spin off shows (10 episodes). Am I the only one that was thinking of this?

    Ok never mind. As I was continue writing this they mention this. So never mind haha

  18. Even though I do partially agree with Rian Johnson focusing on making the best Star Wars he could, and even having enjoyed TLJ on its own, you still cannot consider any episodic Star Wars movie in a vacuum. It is the second (and most important, I'd argue) part in a trilogy and you cannot outright contradict what's been presented previously. To me it comes off as incoherent when watching them back to back. Speaks of lack of vision and planning higher up in Lucasfilm. For that I'm far more interested in these smaller offshoots that tell a contained story within a larger universe

  19. They have not cast Wicked yet. Casting can have an effect on how it performs. You think Star Wars fans over-react. You do not want to see Theater Geeks get upset. If they miscast Elphaba … look out. Murder On The High Seas will be the number one movie of the year.
    Also there is a lot of cross-over between Star Wars and Wicked Fans. Even if all fans are pleased with each movie, the Box Office will be divided.

  20. Wicked as a book is SO different than Wicked as a stage production. Same basic plot, but the musical is so much brighter and slightly less weird than the book. The book also philosophizes more, and the show doesn't quite make you feel invested in the B plot other than for a motivator of Elphaba.

  21. Roth and even more so Spencer you're both confusing the original Mad Max with Road Warrior. Road Warrior is full blown post apocalypse and Max is just a wanderer with his cop days way behind him. I don't think his past is at all referenced in it actually.

  22. Sometimes you get interesting movie news here. Sometimes you get great rants and shouts. Yet every time you all make the day better because of the friendships and civil and hilarious discussions.


  23. Dan you are the best. Just sums up what I think about this Obi Wan stand alone star wars madness…. I hated the Batman related news a year ago, for a month nothing but Batman gonna, not gonna… Jeez, like Dan said. Let us know when they decide something. Please drop it before it becomes actually annoying and makes me stop watching the topic related episodes (hello, movie talk) 🙂

  24. Roth, if you get a chance please see Wicked on Broadway before the movie comes out. The show and book have differences that you are going to want to be aware of. I have seen it on Broadway and it is just incredible!

  25. Milo and Otis cruelty allegations were brought on by people who saw the movie and decided there was no way it could have been done without cruelty. No evidence ever came to light. I can't say for sure what happened, as I wasn't there, but even without cruelty, multiple kittens make sense, as you'd have different ones for different needs, and kittens age quickly.

    One thing Spencer was wrong on though, the AHA "No Animals were harmed" had existed for years before Milo and Otis. 🙂


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