Craft Clips Vs Sewing Pins


Have you heard of or use Craft Clips? I try them out for the very first time and let you know if I like them better than sewing pins 🙂

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  1. I don't sew but I like the clips. I rather have a straight line over being able to go all the way up to the pin. Also, when it comes to the clips, when you are sewing and you take them off of whatever you are sewing, you can clip them to your shirt so you won't lose them.

  2. HI April I just found your vlogs last weekend, I was really excited to find you. I love your transformations from used clothing. You are inspiring me to want to learn to sew better and try making my own clothing. I have a hard time finding clothing that fits me well at 4'11" and size 4p. I've always thought it would be cool to have someone make my clothes, maybe with the inspiration I am getting from your vlogs I'll be making them for myself, or at least making the items I purchase fit me better. Thanks for the vlogs!😊 Your talent is amazing.

  3. What if you backed the clips off by the width of the inside of your presser foot then sewed without removing them, using them to kind of guide the fabric along the side of the presser foot? Would that work?

  4. As someone who always stabs themself with sewing pins because they're the clumsiest person on earth… this clip thing is definitely something I should get. Tbh I've been using mini flat bobby pins for sometime now.

  5. maybe, each color represents a seam allowance and you clip each one then sew to the edge of the clip. I hv been sewing for 48 yrs n always used pins. I recently was gifted those weights to hold the fabric down. Love to watch you saw as you if given this old brood some New tips n tricks to try… those scissors. Keep up the great work.!!!

  6. I'm surprised that you never worked with clips before. And I wonder why should anyone choose pins or clips. Clips are perfect for fabrics where you can't pin as leather. But you need pins for other things, it's just different tools for sewing.

  7. The clips are way overpriced on that website at $13 for 50, plus you probably still have to pay for shipping. You can get them on ebay, same size also with the markings on them, 50 qty for only .99 cents (free shipping)…so even if you lose some it doesn't hurt.

  8. I use the clips for when I make cosmetics bags. I love them. Only got them recently, and I've noticed they're really strong – much stronger that clips for holding paper. Love them. I don't think I prefer them to pins … sometimes pins seem better and sometimes clips seem better.

  9. I love both, the (well, mine dont) clips dont work as well on fabric that likes to move on you (chiffon/brocade), but otherwise I use them for everything else including keeping track of what step im on in a pattern lol

  10. Dude, I just graduated with a degree in fashion design and they NEVER told us about these!! These would have been AMAZING to have last year! Ugh. Where have they been all my life?!
    Thank you for introducing me to the craft clips! I will have to go buy some ASAP!

  11. I haven't used the clips however they should be useful while working with leather or similar materials, in which the pins would made a visible hole. Last month I tried to sew a raincoat and I couldn't use them because of that and I tried to keep the fabric in place by using paper clips, however, this wasn't a good idea.

  12. I think the clips are practical but they seem bulky.
    Like a box of pins take up a lot less space then that container of clips.

    But I'm not all the serious in sewing, so maybe I don't get it. lol

  13. I'm thinking on never watching a youtube video again in which you're reminded to subscribe or like in the very beginning.. has nothing to do with this one in particular .. i find it quite obnoxious and rude .… everyone knows how to like and subscribe… i just wish youtubers would stop…

  14. I have those scissors and love them. had them for 20 years and have never sharpened them yet. That is how good they are. I don't use pins. it's very rare. I use it more for altering and measuring but not for sewing. Love your review and your channel. I sew from scratch but new to altering clothing and love how you revamp clothing!!

  15. Love this type of video! I didn't know sewing clips existed until a few months ago, but they definitely come in handy at random times. I've used them frequently for holding down my pattern onto fabric. I'd love to see more reviews of sewing supplies since there's a lot I'm unaware of! Much love April❤️❤️❤️

  16. I love the clips! Especially for leather and fabric I don't want to leave a hole in. And you will probably lose the craft clips. I lose so many pins but also lost most of my clips already.

  17. I love craft clips. Awhile ago, I saw Adam (from Myth Busters) making a costume on Youtube, and he had a huge container of those clips. I knew I had to get some when I saw him using those– so convenient. Plus, they're super cheap on Aliexpress. I got 100 for only $4.

  18. i sew modern cloth diapers, using a specialty fabric Polyurethane Laminate or PUL, its generally not great to poke a ton of holes into it or you'll get leaks on baby, so we use these clips often

  19. I like the clips for thicker materials as well as for draping, bias strips and edging. also the scissors are called shears and they are the best and only scissors you should use for fabric. just remember to glide not chop. watching your videos has brought so much inspiration and encouraged me to start sewing again.

  20. I think that there's a place for both, as you've demonstrated. My husband and I made a Halloween costume a couple of weeks ago and I used Wonder Clips for the first time. I'm hooked. If anyone is interested in them, I highly recommend printing out a Joanne Fabric coupon as they are expensive. Not so bad at 50% off and I will be using them from now on.

  21. Do you ever use those pincushions that you wear on your wrist or forearm? I don't know if it'd disrupt your workflow to actually have to stick the pins into the cushion, but I love how it makes the pins so easily accessible, yet out of the way…and they never get lost.

  22. could you make a video on how to make a corset backing on what was originally a invisible zipper. I bought a formal dress online and it too small. it had about a foot of extant fabric on the bottom that one could use to create the loops string and back panel.

  23. Those clips would be perfect for sewing faux leathers and vinyl!!! Also, I tend to drop my pins a lot. And with carpet a lot of them like to hide and sometimes you'll step on one and stab yourself. I feel like clips are a great alternative so that doesn't happen to me anymore.

  24. Oops, I've been sewing over my pins with my machine because I think I saw other tutorials where people would do that 😛 I do love how clips don't pucker the fabric though, I should definitely take a look into them!

  25. I don't know about better than sewing pins, but if you want to sew something like Vinyl, craft clips are awesome. They don't poke holes, and you don't have to worry about stabbing yourself on very large works.

  26. i'm converted: i always prick myself, pretty much every time i put my hand near a pin, each pin, so a lot. Also i'm super-right-handed, my left hand is no use at all, so removing the pins is a nightmare, whereas the clips i could just use my right hand. I often just sewed bits instead anyway

  27. I am a sewer and a quilter, and I am sooo obsessed with the clips! When I am quilting, I use them to hold small pieces together and hold the binding onto the edges of my quilts so I don't have to worry about sticking pins in tiny places. I also love using the clips in other projects like garments and bags, especially with materials are delicate and are prone to have holes left in them by pins or materials that pins will easily fall out of.

  28. I use craft pins mostly in purse/bag making when I'm using thicker material like canvas or vinyl. As you say it doesn't leave marks in the material and they hold well during construction.

  29. Also, clips are a lot more expensive than pins, while they are nice, they're pricey and easy to lose, whereas pins are relatively cheap in comparison and are easy to lose but also easily replaceable.

  30. I have been sewing for a long time. I have sewn baby clothes, wedding gowns, and many things in between. I have never had clips but I definitely need to get some to try them out. 🙂 It sounds like they can be used on many things.

  31. Ever since i got wonderclips , i never pinning my projects EVER AGAIN. its because my fingers got calluses and bruises from all that tiny pins. and now i don't have any sensory and "broken" fingerprint from it.

  32. There are these new clips that actually slide under your presser foot. I haven't tried them yet (I've ordered them, but they've not arrived yet), but they look pretty promising!! They might be the best of both pins and clips. They're called "Magic Clips" by Taylor Seville (I ordered mine from Amazon). I'm hoping they're as incredible as they claim to be.

  33. I actually broke one of my machine needles once sewing through a pin.
    That thing went flying and almost hit me in the face, so…. yea, I’m never doing that again.


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