Day 1: 30-Minute Fat-Frying Bikini-Body Workout | Class FitSugar


This workout was designed with Summer in mind — specifically swimsuit time and the body-baring bikini! All the exercises target the trouble zones while keeping your heart rate up to burn fat. Press play and we will warm you up, work you out, and quickly cool you down. Then you can hit the beach feeling strong and confident.

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  1. I barely survivvvvvved that one. When I started out, my hair was straight, somewhat, but now I have a full-blown afro from the sweat, ok, I'm a woman of color….

  2. My FitBit Blaze said 163 calories. I forgot to start it until after the warm-up. Without the warm-up was 25 min, 24 sec. I was not able to do all the reps. I'm a mid-beginner level.

  3. I barely made it through the end, i couldn't finish the repetitions of some of those moves because my body was just begging to stop, but I made it and will continue at least three times a week!

  4. I loved loved loved❤❤❤ this workout!! It was definitely a challenge without being hard on my joints (knees aren't at its best right now)!!! Awesome. Give a try!

    This is true to it's name a fat fry! Made me sweat

  5. Omg I'm just too much sweaty right now. But this time I enjoyed it too and I rather found it simple and easier than other workouts. Thank you so much for this ❤

  6. I don't know when this was created, but I love it. I kinda wish you had one person doing the modifications while you started so I didn't have to wait to start moving. I'm doing the whole 21-day workout so I can be ready to chill at my pool 😎

  7. I usually love pop sugar workouts, but i was annoyed that I didn't know in the beginning how much of this involved using towels on a hard floor. I work out on a carpet, and even though they gave alternative moves without a towel I felt like I wasn't getting the same designed workout. Please warn people ahead of time who work out on carpeting! I'm sure I'm not the only one. I also didn't feel like this workout had enough cardio, in my opinion.

  8. I used to love doing workouts like this. I've tried, but I can't put that much weight on my one wrist anymore and my left shoulder has been frozen for a while. It sucks so much! All I want to do is have a hard toning workout, but the shoulder stuff makes it really frustrating.

  9. I loved it! Got me pumping and sweating at 6am! I really liked, that there is nearly no jumping involved and I'm sure my neighbours love that to. Never used this many sliding excercises, also a big plus!

  10. fun to finish, although its not too easy, i love to do with Anna, nice design and wonderful encouraging!! and wish there is more stretch in this workout.

  11. Did my first workout in almost 8 weeks after a hairline fracture and almost a near 30 lbs weight gain in about a year. So ready to get back into shape and feel better. Felt kinda sick half way through. Waited and finished out, baby steps. Can't wait for more.

  12. Finished this workout all the way through today! I've just been doing light exercise for a few months now and this was difficult but totally doable. I'm 166 pounds and my goal weight is 120, hopefully I can achieve that doing this workout daily! ♡

  13. Hey thr😀 I am Pooja ,N I mus tll u dt ….😍I love this routine very much…❤️it helped me alot….Keep up the good work….Luv ya guys💖

  14. I did this workout and i actually felt the burn, I’m going to start doing this everyday I can and try to get that bikini body for the summer!!!Although I want everyone to know I’m doing this for me not because people say I need to💪👍😁

  15. I'm 13 years old and I have a very good body shape as I'm told but im not toned I'm kind of just slim and hour glassy but my stomach is starting to stick out more than I like so I'm getting back in shape and can I just say….THIS KILLED meeee I haven't worked out in 3 years now and I know I'm going to be sore in the morning


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