Day 17: Straight Leg Heel Lift! | 100 Glute Challenge w/ Madilyn Bailey


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I am so happy to have my good friend, singer Madilyn Bailey with us today… you guys might recognize her as Elsa from my “When Disney Princesses Go On A Diet” video!

For Day 17 of the 100 Glute Challenge, we’re doing 100 straight heel leg lifts! Don’t let that leg drop, guys!!!

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Workout starts at 2:19!

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  1. Start Date: August 4th, 2019


    Starting measures: Hips~41 inches

    Day 1: “Butterfly Bridge” ✅ The first day was really hard. I took a few breaks but thankfully I didn’t feel sore like I always do. I’ll keep you guys updated everyday 🍑♥️

    Day 2: “Fire Hydrant Kicks” ✅ The second day was hard as well. I felt everything on the side of my hip area and I don’t know if this is just me but I felt weak when I walk. I also did some squats as well as some donkey kicks to make it a little bit more challenging 🍑♥️

    Day 3: “Hamstring Curl To Butt Lift” ✅ Not gonna lie but the third day was super hard. I got really confused on how to do it the first time but I learned after a couple tries. I felt sore while doing it and took so many breaks. It was pretty intense and I felt everything in my glutes and thighs. But it feels better when you keep doing it tho. I also did some other butt workouts to boost the results 🍑♥️

    ~PS: I took my hip measurements it was 41.5 inches. I grew 0.5 inches by day 3

    Day 4: “Mermaid Front Raise” ✅ The fourth day was not so bad but I was still sored from Day 3. The workout went quicker than the other days. I’m kind of getting used to them. I also did Vicky Justiz’s «15 minutes instant booty growth» to challenge myself a little bit more. Here’s the link of her video in case you guys want to check it out 🍑♥️

    Day 5: “Cross Butt Kick” ✅ On the fifth day, the soreness was going down a little bit but today’s workout was challenging and honestly I struggled a lot. I wasn’t happy with myself because the moves were very challenging and I didn’t fully get it. But I balanced it by doing Vicky Justiz’s «15 minute instant booty growth» and Lucy Wyndham-Read’s «7 day booty challenge for 7 minutes» to lift, sculp and tone your butt. Here’s the link for both of the videos if you want to check it out 🍑♥️
    Vicky’s video:
    Lucy’s video:

    Day 6: “Pointed Butt Lift” ✅ Honestly, the soreness came back again 🙁 I felt weak at my knees when I walk. It feels like I’m going to fall. But I did the workout and it wasn’t really bad. I also did 10 kick backs on each leg and 50 fire hydrants on each leg as well to boost the results 🍑♥️

    Day 7: “Single Legged Bridge Pulse” ✅ This one was a killer 😖 I felt it in my back i don’t know if I was doing it correctly or what but it burned so much. My soreness is going down a little bit and unfortunately I didn’t do any other glute exercises because I was already in pain. But I took my measurements and my hips were 42 inches by the first week of this challenge 🍑♥️

    Day 8: “Clamshell Kick” ✅ Wow that was a workout 😖😅 I felt everything on the side of my hips as well as my feet. My soreness is going down a little bit, thankfully. I didn’t do any other glute exercises. Sorry about that 😐 But let’s keep it going 🍑♥️

    Day 9: “Standing Leg Pulse” ✅ To be honest, my balance was so off and the workout was a killer🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m not happy with myself today but tomorrow is a new day 🍑♥️

    Day 10: “Down Dog Butt Pulse” ✅ This was a killer too just like yesterday 😖 I felt it on my back a lot. But I’ll keep going. Sorry for-the-not-so-detailed-update ☹️ But I can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout 🍑♥️

    Day 11: “Single Leg Raisers In Bridge” ✅ This one wasn’t bad at all. Honestly, my body is getting used to the workouts everyday one. This does hurt here and there but not as much as the first time I did it 🍑♥️

    Day 12: “Long Bridge” ✅ The workout was very easy. I felt it on my glutes as I was squeezing but other than that today’s workout was really easy and fast 🍑♥️

    Day 13: “Fire Hydrant” ✅ This workout wasn’t hard at all for me because I do it from time to time to get rid of my hip dips. But honestly it doesn’t seem to help. If you guys have any advice or tips to give me for reducing/ getting rid of hip dips, I would truly appreciate it 🍑♥️

    Day 14: “Standing Hammy Curl” ✅ I feel so unmotivated comparing to the first time I started the workouts. I’m not even doing any side workouts comparing to the first couple days. I have my worst days and wished that I could be the way I imagined myself to be (being gorgeous and thick to the point that my crush won’t even reject me) Unfortunately we live in a society where social media is ruining our lives (especially us girls) making us want to be people that we are not for others or pressuring us to have a certain body to look “normal” and I’m not gonna lie, I felt into that trap and I’m doing everything I can to change my body shape because I hate it. So sorry you guys, I know that I’m off topic today but I feel so unmotivated lately. Hopefully tomorrow will be a different and better day 🍑♥️

    Day 15: “Bridge Tweezers Out” ✅ First I want to apologize for the breakdown that I had yesterday. I didn’t want to exclude this because I want to be honest with you guys throughout everything from the good sides to the bad. And now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you guys how today was 😂
    So today’s workout was hard because I combined yesterday’s workout with today’s workout since I had a mental breakdown yesterday but I’m feeling much better. I’m back to adding extra workouts on the sides. I did Lucy Wyndham-Read’s «7 day booty challenge for 7 minutes» to lift, sculp and tone your butt. Here’s the link if you guys want to check it out: And I also did 50 fire hydrants on each of my legs since I’m struggling with hip dips 😩😖My measurements haven’t changed though ☹️ It’s still 42 inches on my hips. I think it’s because I wasn’t really working out the way I was in the beginning of the challenge and also not doing the side workouts that I used to do after Cassey’s workout videos. But I’m back to doing that. And I’ll try my best to continue this challenge feeling motivated 🍑♥️

    Day 16: “Elevated Clamshells” ✅ Today was a challenge 😩😖 Honestly the side of my hips were burning and I did Vicky Justiz’s and Lucy’s workout and they hurt so bad as well. I guess it’s because I haven’t done the side workouts for a while. But I’m back to doing those everyday to boost the results quicker 🍑♥️

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  2. Cassie, I am loving that you are being unapologetically you on your 90-day weight loss Journey 🙂 thank you for standing up for what you want regardless of what other people say!

  3. My arms always hurt more than my butt in videos like these lol. We need the 100 arms challenge so then we can get stronger and then it's easier to do workouts like these

  4. Maddie is one of your most fun and best guests so in this challenge so far! She was so great at engaging in an interesting conversation to keep us distracted from the pain! Love it!!

  5. hi! i dont know anything about muscles but ive heard these challenges are kind of bad because theyre too many reps for few days (30) and that the muscles might end up completely burnt by the end of it and once they unswell, they will never grow back. can anyone confirm or deny this pls??? @blogilates

  6. This made my booty hurt in ways that I cannot even explain!! Thanks for having me and for letting me chat about my new song Are We Falling In Love which comes out on Thursday the 22nd!! So excited for ya to hear!!

  7. Doing this after taking my shower, with my hair untied and no windows open probably wasn't a smart idea. And going on your elbows instead of your hands does make a big difference, especially with the number of reps.

    Hamstrings, booty, back (& a bit of arms) on fire!
    I loved knowing about Madilyn's love story & her song writing process, super interesting!

    DAY 17: DONE!

  8. Hope all who see this is doing well just want you to know that Jesus loves you and is coming back someday for his prepared children who have a personal relationship with him repent for the kingdom of God is at hand or you will perish with weeping and gnashing of teeth in the lake of fire God bless yall salvation is NOW

  9. Love this move! I always think it's easy, but it does hurt after that many reps! Would love more heads up from Cassey as to how many reps we've already done. I always love motivation when I have no idea how far I'm at, like a 25-50-75 mark would be awesome

  10. This move wasn't easy at all, especially because of the soreness from the previous days. Like, today was really hard to even walk and it felt amazing because every step i took reminded me of the workouts i did. Thanks Cassey xx


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