Day 30: Donkey Kicks! | 100 Glute Challenge w/ Gypset Goddess


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WE MADE IT!! Today is the LAST day of the 100 Glute Challenge, and I am so proud of you all for committing and sticking to getting a stronger booty! You guys definitely deserve some applause

Joining us today is my friend Caitlin, aka Gypset Goddess, yogi extraordinaire! Your LAST 100 Glute move… donkey kicks!! Yes, we’re doing 100 each side and your booty is gonna love you for it!

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Workout starts at 1:19!

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  1. Hi Cassey, I do feel stronger after doing all these reps so thanks once again for sharing every single video every single day. You keep influencing our lives positively so you should feel really proud of you xx

  2. I’m so happy we’re done and that I haven’t missed any day but also so sad the challenge ends. I’m going to miss it! 😭❤️❤️❤️

  3. I was really expecting to see Taylor Swift as a guest, do the 100 glute challenge😭 But omg I can believe today is the last day. I'm feeling so emotional😭

  4. I’m so happy I did it. I travelled a lot this month but I still got it done on time. Sometimes I did a whole week’s worth of glute videos in one day 😂 my butt feels so strong and amazing. It doesn’t look much different but I already love how it looks 🙂 😊😊😊

  5. I could hardly catch up with you guys. You were so fast! Anyway I am grateful I finished this challenge although I didn't find any change in my glutes. But I have indeed become stronger than before

  6. Day 30 : fortunately Done !!
    I don't believe we made it this far
    Feeling Soo Satisfied and I am proud of myself and happy with the results … Although I had troubles the last few days that I did day 28, 29 and 30 all together in one day (feeling so bad about that!! 💔💔) But I'm so happy it's over!! 😅💪❤
    Thank you sooo muchh, Cassey !!
    *Love you sooo muchhh!!" ❤❤😊😍

  7. My butt definitely looks and feels better since I started this challenge. I may do it again for 30 more days! Thanks, Cassey!
    p.s. Please do something about the sound recording or mixing in your videos. Those woos and high-pitched shrieks are death to my speakers. 🙁

  8. YYAYY!! This was awesome. I'm so proud that I didn't miss a single day, even when work got crazy busy. I lean more quad dominate so it was great doing these before my morning run, I could feel my glutes activating a lot more. <3 I'd love an arm or leg slimming one next <3

  9. Donkey Kicks for Yogi's: A beginner position to enhance the Gluteus Maximus usually involving a 90 degree pulse of the leg & hamstrings.
    Donkey Kick for those who do Piit/Cassey's Workouts: Brute Strength cardio involving all the core muscles–that could, or could not be following directly after a Burpee–stemming from a beginning form of a plank jack into a kick of the air around. Usually incorporated by the screams of Cassey Ho telling you not to give up and to keep going as you stare at the sweat drip onto your Vegan Suede Yoga Mat.

  10. I've loved the every day booty pump. Can we do this for the end of time? I'm a glutton for pain and punishment/lazy and liked to wait until I had 3 days worth of videos to do then just torture my bum lol. I found out, I have a really strong butt but my quads are a bit weak in the upper thigh area. How about all of you?

  11. Thank you for this,for all the challenges you already did and will do!!! Youre such an Inspiration, ALWAYS. Thank you thank you. I love you so much Cassey ❤🙏🏻

  12. We did it I'm proud of everyone and I'm proud of myself I did 100 glutes, squat challenge and abs challenge I'm ready for what's next. Thank you Cassey I need this butt challenge at the right time. Congrats and good job everyone!

  13. 100 Glute Challenge is complete!! Congrats to everyone who stuck around! (And congrats to those who were brave enough to at least try) Even if you didn't finish, the main thing is that you tried something new and challenged yourself by going outside your comfort zone.

    Can't wait for the next challenge! You can always count on me being there.

  14. 1. DONE!!!! We did it!!! HAven't imagine that it's actually over now… what do I do tomorrow!?! xD At most I miss the notification that a new video is up, really keep me on track!
    2. Cassey looks stunning in that color, really complimenting her nice skin color!!!
    3. No results for me though… Same wight, same measurements… (Honestly, I didn't expect much… have done the 100abchallange 4xtimes and have no results… so well, I need to accept it…) Maybe I got a bit stronger, my abs are!
    4. I kinda looking forward to see before/after pictures&videos of all the amazing people who finished this challenge!
    5. An arm&back-combo-challenge would be nice, next…?

  15. Made it through all thirty days! And I missed a few days in the middle so I had to do double to get caught up! Thanks for putting these workouts together for us!

  16. I started your 100 Ab Challenge last month only to complete it and start your 100 glute challenge just in time. This past week I've started training with C25K and I hope see more challenges from you in the future. Hopefully ones for getting rid of underarm fat lol

  17. I may cry, I may curse, I may scream and groan (thank you Netflix for shows that easily distract from the pain) but I LOVE your workout videos since 2010 and I am a 33 year old female with almost 6 year old twin boys and have you to thank for my strength and physique (and my own dedication to daily workouts-rain or shine, hungry or full). Thank you Cassey with love from The Bahamas.

  18. I can't believe it's already over! I loved this challenge so much and I'm so happy that I finished it but I'm also gonna miss my daily exhausting 100 (a lot of 200) reps. I'm proud if everyone who finished this. If you did it with modifications most of the time or not! Cassey please do an 100 arm or leg challenge! I can't wait for the next challenge love you Cassey!!!❤🍑❤

  19. YAAAAAAAAS IT'S FINISHED!!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 I didn't take a pic before the challenge but I can see that my ass is rounder and stronger! Yesterday I noticed that I was able to do more jumping squats than usual! I'll do the ab challenge and this challenge every other day so my entire core is made of steel💪💪💪 well done everyone!🥰

  20. Wohooooooo, IT'S DONE!!! We're finally done, I'm so proud of everyone who did this 🍑 challenge. What a relief! Thank you Cassey, I feel my booty are so tight and strong and lift up. I'm waiting for your next 100 killer challenge 😁🧡

  21. I didn't take before/after pics of myself for this challenge because I don't usually show any difference because my eating habits suck. I'm in the process of cleaning it up, but it takes time. Anyway, I base my progress off of what I can do. It's all about strength and ability for me. And, right now, I'm saying this challenge has seriously rocked my world! I am soooo much stronger than I used to be. My squats are deeper, my endurance lasts longer, and there's no pain in my knees. I used this challenge as a kind of extension of my physical therapy for my knees. I graduated from therapy back at the end of July and I used this to push myself to keep going so I didn't slide back into bad habits. It worked!! I feel great! I feel strong! I finished the challenge yesterday, and now I'm going to start a new exercise schedule so I can add in arms and abs and really push myself to go harder. PIIT28 is scheduled for today. <3 I'm going to try to do this glute challenge as well as the previous ab challenge again, but I'm not generally all that great at repeating challenges. Still, I'm going to strive to do it. <3 Good luck to everyone in their journeys!

  22. Cassey you are amazing!😍
    a minute ago I finished this challenge and now I feel great. Although you are exactly on the other side of the world to me 😉 sent me a lot of energy😃 thank you 🌹

  23. Both of your outfits are so cute! Look really good next to each other, too! But what's even better is being done with the challenge, even though the 30 days just flew by! 😀

  24. I have a question: if you’re not adding weights to your workout, how are you supposed to gain muscle? Like wouldn’t you just lose fat, and get smaller, rather than growing the muscle? I am in no way hating, just curious lol

  25. I'm running a day behind because life got in the way but we did it😁 feeling so accomplished and strong💪 definitely will add some of these exercises into my daily workouts, my booty has never felt better! Thank you Cassey🙌

  26. I did it? My word! I did! I did it! And I even did day 23 right before this!
    Cassey you took a flabby old woman and turned her into a slightly less flabby STRONG WOMAN! Thank you so much!


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