Day 7: Single Legged Bridge Pulse! | 100 Glute Challenge w/ Remi Ashten


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Get ready to give yourself a HUGE pat on the back cause after you complete this video, you’ll be done with the first week of the 100 Glute Challenge!!! You guys are doing an amazing job!

Your day 7 butt workout is 100 Single Legged Bridge Pulses on each leg and it’s going to be a challenge! So I invited back my good friend & 100 Ab Challenge survivor Remi Ashten to do it with us!

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Workout starts at 1:35!

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  1. I did all 100, 50 at a time which is actually amazing. But I kinda wish that I had just done regular bridge lifts. I was definitely not strong enough to do this, it was extremely uncomfortable, and I felt like I was doing it completely wrong. I felt this mostly in my abs and a little above the back of my knees, which I don’t think is right, so I’m guessing my form was atrocious and I was basically doing nothing lol nothing that hurt like hell though. Cassey, do you think it’s better to modify and get your form as perfect as possible, or should we do our best to get out of our comfort zone and try the full move, even if our form isn’t great?

  2. I was in pain and I couldn't feel my whole left leg when nearing the end, but I found today to be surprisingly very easy for me as I was dreading it!
    I like Remi's energy and her laugh too. (her transformation is inspiring!)
    Speaking of mukbangs, please invite Stephanie Soo!!!! That would be pretty epic, imo.

    Well, DAY 7: DONE!

  3. How is she still doing this everyday ?!! Once I’m sore I can’t continue . For those who can are beasts lol… remember to take a rest day for the muscles to heal

  4. Hey cassey! I love your videos and you are honestly my favorite workout youtuber. I have a hard time watching anyone else because you are just so great. I was just curious if you could maybe (if you're experienced in that area) do some pregnancy workouts. I'm not pregnant and me and my boyfriend dont plan on having kids for another 3-5 years but I just hope to have some videos to watch when I do because like I said you are just absolutely amazing and I really do have a hard time with basically anyone else. You're just so nice and energetic and calm and encourage me to do better. Just a thought but thank you so much for encouraging me to get working and moving my body. I started an office job so I've really been looking forward to these videos when I get home and I have your app and paid for both the beginner workouts. It just feels so nice to work after sitting all day because if I dont I get aches. Anyway yeah just an idea but again I love you and thank you for being an inspiration to everyone who works out with you

  5. Day 7 Done !!
    That was Killing … I am really don't know how to describe my feeling right now !! I am Dead
    I had to take a lot of breaks unfortunately !! But at least it is now over !! 😅😅💔
    23 days left to go!! 💪💪😊

  6. 100 glute challenge has been harder. The butthurt is so very real. Even my lower back burned with this one! Butt, hips, inner thighs, lower back. You hit everything!!! I may or may not have been silently cussing you out during this video. 🤣 That’s a good thing though. Now I get to see if I can walk without falling. My butt is so shakey.

    I’m guilty of eating while watching your videos. I don’t know why. Your workouts just look interesting and it’s even better that I don’t have to feel the burn. 🤣 But a lot of times I’ll watch first to see what’s in store for me or to see if I even want to do it later.

  7. Hi Cassey! A million thanks for offering modifications! Pretty please, don't forget throughout the challenge to include beginners, too! Ah, no wonder you're my hero! Love you and everything that you do to encourage everyone to be their very best selves!

  8. Started then around #20 on the first side my lower back started hurting a lot 🙁
    I ended up doing 60 on each side then 80 more regular bridges on my toes to make 200 in total, but I really wished I could do the whole challenge. Does anybody have advice on how to help with this lower back pain?

  9. I was so unbelievably sore so I’m sitting this one out until tomorrow and then I’ll just do both this one and day 8. I didn’t completely cop out tho – I did 50 squats! 🤣

  10. This was the first time I actually had to stop and do the modification entirely. I just don't have the core strength (i assuming its core) to hold my leg in the air like that. My lower back was already on fire by rep 3. I feel so upset with myself. I don't even feel anything in my glutes, it's all in my lower back.

  11. I was barely able to straighten my legs especially the left one! I'm so sore around my pelvis area and my thighs are so sensitive. I definitely felt the burn on my butt though😫💕 Day 7 complete!!!

  12. I did NOT have the leg strength to do all 1 hundred in one go. I have only started working out again recently (start of this challenge recently) so going by 10s, I did 50 on one leg, 50 on the other leg, took a 30 second brake, and just did 50 bridges. Someday I will be able to do 100 on each leg without splitting it up like I did but that is not this day! I’m still proud I was able to do any of it though! However, my room is in the basement and there are like 13 stairs up so maybe I should have thought the location of the workout through!

  13. I remember not being able to do a single one of these at the beginning of the year, and now I can do around 20 before taking a quick rest and starting over, I was amazed at how strong I got and I love to see that more and more people are getting stronger too! Let's crush this glute challenge together!!!

  14. This may have been the worst one for me so far. I didn't realize till half way through the second side that they were almost resting their tailbone all the way to the ground before lifting back up. I thought we were just doing pulses. Ouch. xD

  15. Day 7 over.. the most tortured one spcially when someone who has her entire body weight in her thighs and butt.. it was tough,very tough put that much responsibilities on those big big butts..

  16. Honestly idk how to do it are u sapoused to touch the ground or what and what body parts do u use to lift ur self the shoulders please can u explain more Casey I’m getting really confused

  17. My hamstrings were getting a workout. Didn’t really feel it in my gluteus. Can’t figure out if my form was just bad. I mean, how could I mess up on my form , your demo looked easy to follow?

  18. Omg.. i did a full workout before this and was already super sweaty, but now as I was laying on the floor salty sweat dripped into my eyes… it kinda burns now 😂

  19. I think I just did about 25 at each side with one leg and everything else with two Legs….
    Is this correct English ? I'm not sure 😇 anyways greetings from Germany

  20. Is it very important that we finish it in one go? Because now you mentioned what to do when we are tired – but I always take a little rest during the 100s, but then push towards the finish. Am I doing it wrong?


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