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A day in my life where i’m super hungry, get cabin fever and also do a bit of home decor updates around the house. I mean if you don’t watch this then you’re for sure missing out.

Thank you Loreal for sponsoring this video 🙂
Loreal True match foundation –

Zara Trainers –
Zara Bucket hat –
Zara Boho dress –
Zara Beanie –

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Tee – Everlane
Jacket – Allsaints
Leggings – Zara
Bag – Fjallraven
Trainers – Veja
Headband – Pico

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  1. Sammi can you like come decorate my house 🏡 😍
    I use to love the True Match foundation but I’ve been wearing it again for about a month and realised throughout the day it seems to go patchy 😕 which is a shame cause I remember loving this foundation!!

  2. there's loads of deskspaces where you pay a bit per day – one near me is called platf9rm but i don't know if that's just brighton. you do sign up but it looks pretty good, and you can take dogs…

  3. I'm feeling personally victimized by L'Oreal right now because true match doesn't have a pump in the states 😩 I mix the original formula with the Lumi which does have a pump. I get the perfect finish mixing both formulas.

  4. I LOVED the new season of mind hunter! I listen to sooo many true crime podcasts too 😆
    & my bf and I both listen to Chris Delia’s podcast & he’s even an Elder haha

  5. Sam you are awesome. I look forward to watching your videos when I'm having a bad day. You remind me of my goals and the things I want to achieve. I would love to do creative fun and cute things like you do for my career one day. Thanks for being yourself and for staying true to the things you enjoy. You rock and I can't wait for your next video beautiful!

  6. Hey Sam! I work in a hotel and volunteer in a coffee shop in East London and both are really popular as co-working spaces. QBic Hotel in Aldgate has a really lovely lobby and sofas where you can sit and work and all you need to do is just buy a coffee or a drink or something. At The Beehive café in Bethnal Green we have workpods available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am to 4pm which you can hire for £6-8 – and you get a coffee and cake included 🙂

  7. The Wing! It’s an amazinggg work space for women! We have them in NYC and a lot of other cities too, and I’m pretty sure they have one in London or it’s opening soon! Check them out on Instagram

  8. For the top space of her old changing table, I’d get some cute wicker baskets and use them to hold her socks, hats or other smaller clothing items if you need the space.

  9. Hey Sammi! I'd check out wework London. I live in Canada but I just did a search and they have locations in London. They do cost money to rent so that may not be what you're looking for but thought I'd share it nonetheless!

    Also, Loreal True Match is the ONLY foundation that I use. I have tried so many higher priced ones like Hourglass and a few others and none compare in comfort and wear. True Match is so light, has great coverage and literally feels like I am wearing nothing. OK, I guess you can tell I'm a fan. Happy for this collab because it's also a product that I really stand behind.

  10. Little tip with the frames 🙂 If you want a cleaner or more uniform look I was taught to hang them at the same height. I've applied that style to my home and it works so well because I have different sized frames, type of frames etc but because they're all hung at the same height (around 180-190 cm) it gives the space harmony.

  11. I wish you’d done a much nicer and more engaging video. Considering you were working with a brand it was a pretty boring video. The lighting when checking your foundation was awful so as a viewer and potential buyer of the foundation you couldn’t actually tell anything. Apart from it looked you like
    You had makeup on. The sound of the fan in the bathroom was really off putting. I’d be disappointed if this was your best effort with a brand video. You also mentioned the colour range but less than 40 seconds later you’re mixing 2 colours together. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  12. I dunno if this is a thing there, but co-working spaces in Boston are a thing. Some of them offer a sort of "whenever" membership so you can just show up when you feel like it, you don't have to commit to your own office space.


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