Day to Night Outfit Ideas | 6 Fall Looks


Look all right whether it’s day or night! In this video, I show you how to make three closet essentials suitable for the afternoon or evening.


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➥ Long Cardigan:
➥ Striped Top: Brandy Melville
➥ Mom Jeans: Urban Outfitters
➥ Sneakers: Adidas
➥ Belt: Thrifted

➥ Long Cardigan:
➥ Striped Top: Brandy Melville
➥ Black skinnies:
➥ Beanie:
➥ Studded mules:

➥ Now What Top:
➥ Gray denim:
➥ Earrings:
➥ Heels: Zara

➥ Now What Top:
➥ Gray denim:
➥ Moto Jacket: Acne Studios
➥ Baker Boy Cap: Lack of Color
➥ Earrings: Forever 21
➥ Heels: Zara

➥ Gingham Blazer:
➥ Ribbed Long Sleeve: Zara
➥ Denim Skirt:
➥ Wool Cap: Samuji
➥ Sling Backs: Balenciaga

➥ Gingham Blazer:
➥ Ribbed Long Sleeve: Zara
➥ Socks: Target
➥ Boots: Asos
➥ Beret:


❐ ON ME ❏
➥ Sweater: Revolve
➥ Lips: Too Faced – Sell Out


➫ Graphics + Illustrations by Dawn Lee:
➫ Video edited by Jenn Im


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  1. I was just trying to remember when the last time I've seen a "What Would Jenn Wear" was 🤔 Maybe you should pull some WWJW inquiries from Twitter and challenge yourself to use at least one item from your clothing line to answer on your next video 🤓

  2. Jenn!!!! I swear I would really love to buy your clothes but the INTL shipping fee is so expensive 🙁 I`ll wait till the shipping fee goes down then i`m definitely going to buy from Eggie <3

  3. Hey Jenn! Just wondering why are you only wearing your eggie pieces when filming? :/ we've watched your daily vlogs but you don't seem to wear them to go hang out and stuff, we only see you wearing them in videos like this and your favourites…. 😕😕😕

  4. Jenn is always so creative, it's really fun to watch and definitely give me ideas on how to play with my clothes! I hope to see a Halloween tutorial this year, i had so much fun to re create the shattered doll last year 🙂

  5. Hey Jenn! Can you make a video about how to style puffer jackets? And also how to dress for cold and rainy weather? I live in Norway and I need some tips on how to dress nice 😀 Love your videos <3 xx

  6. When you said, "I just got rid of the skirt" for the last night outfit, I thought you ACTUALLY got rid of it and only wearing underwear underneath haha

  7. I really love this video! All the looks very very doable. Also I didn't know you had to change in your car for previous episodes! Oh man, I'm glad you have a new filming setup now. 🙂

  8. Dear Jennnn! I've been following you on Youtube for the longest time, u really inspired me in many many different ways. Thank you so so mcuh for all your videos and hardwork. I did the Chinese subtitle for this video, it feels so good to finally help you out once haha (nomally its you helping us out in many ways lol). I hope you like it! And send you ma loooove!

  9. 젠의 영상을 2년 넘게 보고있는 한국인입니다! 영잘알이 아니라서 항상 반만 알아듣고 반은 안 들려서 답답했는데 자막 생겨서 너무 좋아용😙 자막해주시는분 고맙습미당

  10. Hey Jenn ❤ Love the video and was just wondering what type of adidas sneakers you have ?? Is it called Campus ? Love all the way from New Zealand ❤ – @jrosecarlos xx

  11. Do you ever mentor people? I've watched your self journey this past year and it has really motivated me. I would love to have a mentor to keep on track. I would of course pay. Thanks

  12. What do you call your look? I donno….. Seems the title is more suited to be night to day look instead. Showing so much chest in the daytime?? Will that not be more suitable at night? It's not creatively appropriate jenn

  13. Hey! Jen I've been so into abstract makeup lately. It's super unconventional and creative. There's so many vibrant colours and ranges from complex to very simplistic. I would love to see your interpretation of that kind of a look! I've been playing with it myself and I find I get some super fun reactions from people. Adore your videos and your fun spirit✨

  14. this is bomb, jenn!! i, too, am a fan of day to night outfits. i mean changing clothes every event will like result to a heavy laundry (haha) so it's a great idea if i can tweak what i wore before and look like a brand new, fresh, human being. ♥ lots.

  15. For me definitely the blazzer for going out at night !! Is So cool ,like this kind of outfit but I can't handle this haha😂😂 would like to see more outfit suitable for teen like me hehe but you look great in every outfits ! Love ya 😘

  16. I loved it!!!!!❤️ and love your pink sweater with your sweet makeup! Especially the lip color😍Jenn could there be a fashion advise for ppl with a little overweight could use as a little more slim looking tips..? Maybe it might be interesting 👍🏻🎶

  17. I'd like to see a video on styling leggings! basic legging to more stylish leggings. I'm a full time college student with two jobs and I get lazy when getting dressed for class and leggings are definitely my go to.


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