DAY6 “You Were Beautiful(예뻤어)” Teaser Video #2


DAY6(데이식스) “You Were Beautiful(예뻤어)” Teaser Video #2

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  1. You know you are a trash when you keep repeating a teaser of 34 second every day at least 10 time and guess what, you start singing the six words from the teaser like it's the whole song over and over again!!! I AM SOOOOOOO TRASH

  2. please (legally) check out February's side track "My Day" too. it will be released along with "You Were Beautiful". and if you havent heard, DAY6 released "Goodbye Winter" as January's side track. please (legally) check it out too.

  3. In yesterday's post concert Vlive, they kept praising YoungK's rearranged song for more than half the live haha (For those who don't know, on a Vlive few weeks ago,at a BBQ restaurant YoungK suggested that the fans post a song they want to be rearranged together with a story on their fancafe and he will work on it, so he kept his promise and performed it at the concert). They say the new song has beautiful and deep lyrics and the instruments are the backbone of the song, they are supporting players, the lyrics are the hero of their new song called"You were beautiful". They have high expectations for this song since they all liked it a lot from the first go. The music video will be officially released in 11 hours from now. Please watch it everyone and support Day6 🙂


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