Daymare: 1998 (Ex-Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake) Gameplay


Rising from the ashes of the Resident Evil 2 Reborn fan remake comes Daymare: 1998, Invader Studios very own take on the third-person survival horror genre. Here’s a few highlights.

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  1. Не знаю как в это играть можно
    Это просто силой переделанный фанатский ремэйк резидента
    Как что то самостоятельное это воспринимать не получается

  2. Honestly looks like another one of those 3rd person shooters that tries to be survival horror but doesn't actually know what the genre is. I'm glad Capcom took over the RE2 remake project themselves and made the game we got: A true survival Horror for the modern era.

  3. Also look up negative atmosphere, spiritual successor to dead space. Daymare has leads from previous RE games consulting. I'd love to see Glen schofield consulting the team of negative atmosphere.

  4. 0:48 “Here take this key card, you should be able to unlock the doors in the hall with this. Now go. But…just go! Ok, but I’m coming back for you.” Reminiscent of Resident Evil 2 police station cop.

  5. Later, Invader studios should be allowed to do an official resident evil 2 and 3 spin off GAME about umbrella's mercenary soldiers tackling T-virus outbreak in the Racoon city.

  6. Controls are clunky! Reloading is tedious!(both magazine reloads and weapon reloads) You literally have to cheese that first super zombie to kill it…10$ game at max. Played demo and was not sold at all. Lots of cool nods to RE though, that was nice. Story feels forced and the conversation between characters doesn't feel real or interesting at all. Wait for sale.

  7. The controls cannot be remapped or configured in any way and the developers stated on the forums that they "can't do it", which doesn't inspire confidence. The default mapping is unintuitive and frustrating.

  8. I'll always appreciate these Devs for being partly responsible for nudging capcom to make remake 2 and while the game still has the jank of an overambitious title by a small indie team it's pretty damn impressive how close to the formula they got with this, won't be anything amazing but I can tell for a hardcore survival horror fan who likes all the PS1/2 re clones will love this. Definitely picking it up for PS4

  9. This console generation is getting the best zombie surivival horror games i ever seen and there is even more to come such as Dying Light 2, The Last of us part 2

  10. Hmm, a Nightmare is usually referring to a black horse with red eye that gives people bad dreams. So a Daymare would be the opposite and would give people happy dreams- this games name doesn’t work for a horror game.

  11. Idk. This game should've been made as a free-to-play game or at the very least, a 5-10 dollar game, since it really seems to have quite a lot of issues (such as the voice acting, animations, gunshots sounding like peashooters, character models, and a whole lot of other things).

    Hopefully they can fix some of these things for its PS4 release. The game looks great for a fan-made project but as an actual game (even for an indie game), it doesn't look like it's on par with such thing.

  12. Man, I have been spoiled by the RE2 remake. I mean, I look at this and notice every single problem with the animations, colision detection, hit boxes and other effects like the smoke. Don't get me wrong, I know this is a passion project, developed by fans, so I will give it a chance anyway.

  13. Can someone please explain the origins of this game to me. It's a bit confusing. Is this made by the team that did the RE2 remake or something? Is it connected to the RE universe? And please no noob insults or whatever, I'm just curious.


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