Decoding the Instagram Beauty Standard


Influencers have now become the new beauty standard.
But what exactly is the new beauty standard? Well, I decided to find out for myself. I made a list of the Top 100 female Instagram stars purely based on following. Then I came up with 22 attributes that each woman would be judged on. These included things like:

Hair color
Hair length
Neck length
Face shape
Body shape
Eye color
Clothing size
Flatness of stomach
Lip size
Eye size
Nose size
Skin color
Chest size
Prominence of butt

After a couple weeks of gathering data and categorizing data, I can tell you that there is most definitely a formula and a specific beauty standard that the 100 most followed women on Instagram adhere to.

Watch the video to find out the results and to see me get photoshopped into a Top 100 Female Instagrammer!

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  1. Wow. I love what you did here. I love to see the differences in your demeanor while dressed as your normal self compared to the IG model style. It honestly makes your normal self look even more beautiful. And the IG model style is so played out and trashy.

  2. I didn't know that you could literally change the shape of your head, eyes, lips, and body like that without it looking photo shopped or manipulated. That's hella scary….imagine all the fraud photos on IG…my God.

  3. I'm 17, I have big brown eyes, black mid back hair, I have big lips, and I'm skinny but not too skinny and im not "fat" either, however the rest of what she said I don't have so I guess my hair, eyes and lips are attractive? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  4. Great video!!!
    Lets not follow "men's" beauty standards or big eyes, big chest and big booty. A real woman knows thats not what true beauty standards are.
    Women will eventually run the world and kick all the men (and women but its mainly men) out that are intoxicating the world with war, rape and greed.
    Watch the rick and morty episode of the women planet, its so hilarious! Also, if you havent watched joe rogens Netflix stand up special, its it's also hilarious – he talks about the double standards for men and women.

  5. I tend to avoid Instagram, because I get bombard with models that have such clear skin, no bumb on their noses, thick thighs, big butts, big chest, and etc. I will feel so insecure on why I couldn't look like that, and why do I have to look so skinny while every girl I see in social media and real life, have thicker bodies. I get bullied for having a small butt. I thought about getting rhinoplasty, getting a butt lift, breast lift. I'm in my journey to love myself, but it is difficult🙁

  6. You are so beautiful inside and out, Cassey! Thanks for this video… it really makes me reflect on how beauty standards have seemingly changed (but really stayed the same) over time.

  7. Alot of bias though…. like could it be the reason most have brown eyes is that generally number of people who have brown eyes is alot more??? Same thing w hair colors etc.

  8. Not gonna lie, when she was listing everything that “she has” I kept thinking to myself, “I don’t have that, I don’t have that, I don’t have that….” great video!

  9. Wow, can't imagine how much work you put into the video. Thank you so much for sharing. Hopefully it'll spread out on YouTube. 🏆🌸
    I deleted Instagram over 1year ago mainly because of these fake beauty ideals.

  10. I don’t know. God made me, you don’t get a better sculptor and maker of beauty than that 💅🏼
    Of course we’re to take care of the work of art we are BUT STILL we’re a work of art, nevertheless.
    However there’s a lot to tackle here. As anecdotal evidence and from experience I’ve heard my male friends hating on contouring, biker shorts and unnatural bodies, in general they are not fond of extremes but they have a way to tell women apart, they don’t place it n the same “room” the beauty of women they would marry vs the beauty of a women just for aesthetic appreciation, but in both “stages” they prefer no-makeup makeup and curvy or skinny but healthy looking . However is worth considering Men are not running the dictated beauty standards now. Many of the creators of those huge insta stars content and big part of their following is women making and consuming aspirational standards. Lastly there are things that based on scientific evidence are not likely to change cause they are not really dictated by magazines or media but by our primitive tastes and instincts. Scientifically big eyes and smaller waist to hip ratio (regardless of overall size of women) are more appreciated, seemingly for fertility reasons. The taste for that type of women flourish when populations feel safe enough to procreate, while the percentage of people attracted to that silhouette drops in the times where environment feels off and a more aggressive, “masculine” women is needed to transcend harsh situations. And that is the trick with anything statistical and epidemiological-looking. It’s easy to jump into conclusions based on fallacious evidence. One might get good data but not enough follow up, then it is easy to jump from a to x without looking at everything in the middle and suddenly “media is forever evil”.
    This is a fine social exercise but I think what we should be promoting is that looks aren’t even that important in the transcendence of life and we’re to caught up in it. We can be not pretty and we’re definitely still worthy humans. Most people won’t find value in day to day life by being called pretty or provoking likes. Life is out there.

    Oh, and also there’s always the possibility of following accounts that don’t have to do with appearance. There’s spiritual content (that makes a world of difference to follow these than random teens), art history, illustration, fashion but from the perspective of historical evolution, landscape photos, books, writers, poetry, architecture, NASA stuff, Nat Geo stuff, sustainable cooking, vintage cooking, Christmas year round, halloween year round, home decor, etiquette, random tropical stuff, puppies… a whole bunch of things to scroll through over feeding this narcissistic, hyper modern society.

  11. but isnt brown hair brown eyes ANYWAYS very common among world population?so likely to have higher presence on the internet as well. I really don't find that so surprising. Plus as others already said latinas and people of Mediterranean origins (ie Ariana Grande) are not 'light skinned caucasians'. There's been a clear switch from blonde/blue eyes/light skin of the late 90s early 00s (ie britney spears, cameron diaz, drew barrymore, mandy moore) to more mediterranean/mixed type of features: dark hair/dark eyes, tanned skin or straight up dark skin, curvier body. That's it. The rest is as old as the earth is (big lips and big eyes have practically ALWAYS been considered desirable, minus a few exceptions). I wanted to have this video blow my mind but honestly nothing meh

  12. 90% of humans have dark eyes, over 50% of the population has black har and brown is the second most hair color. It’s still our choice whom we follow but I think it may be not because the society generally favours dark eyes. Maybe it’s because there are more people whith dark eyes and that’s why there are more pretty people who happen to have dark eyes 🤷🏼‍♀️☺️

  13. I had to pause in the middle of the video. Gosh it is quite ridiculous and pseudo-scientific

    Dark eyes and dark hair color are anyways the most popular on Earth. What did you want to tell with it? Color and cut do change. Quite a lot. It’s not a thing to base the following off.
    Thin lips – Taylor Swift?!
    A six pack is almost never a steady feature on a woman, it is achieved through restricted diet as well, come on! What even is this?

    Overall, there’s more objectification of the ones who are the examples.

  14. Ariana Grande is mostly followed for her singing career, in my opinion. She blew up lately because of her music, when sweetener and thank u, next came out

  15. Wtf was that about plus size people? You said so yourself that it's free will and we choose who to follow. Plus size people doesn't enter beauty standards lists because of our ancestors. You can disagree with me on this. But I believe that we humans aren't attracted to plus size people because they are not a good candidate for a partner in terms of survival. It's actually true for the times when people had hard lives and all they thought was surviving. We don't live in that area any more. But we still have those instincts. Well, there are some people who are attracted to plus size people, but that's none of any body's business. But it's clearly in small percentage. Personally, I don't want anyone to be skinny or thin because it's simply unhealthy. My dislike for concept of 'fat acceptance' is only for the health wise. But beauty standards, I'm sorry but, as you said so yourself, people choose who to follow. And most don't find plus size people attractive. And I hope that being plus size never gets to be the beauty standard. Because it's unsustainable and unhealthy. I just hope that this comment didn't hurt any body, I'm just trying to be reasonable here. And of course plus size people should love themselves. Enough that they lose the extra weight. (of course, if you mean big boned people by saying plus size, there may be pretty much nothing to lose, I know) anyways my comment may need more explanation. Just Don't make me regret that I posted this lol

  16. This was so fascinating! When you were listing the "she is" features, some of those features, such as brown-haired/brown-eyed is what the majority of people have, so to me it's not surprising that the majority of the top Instagrammers have those features.
    Also, I think we have to account for that these people are not always being followed purely based on their look, some people are more famous than others, and many other factors.
    It would be interesting to see what the world beauty standard would be.

  17. This generally does correspond with the current beauty standard but the majority of people used gained their following because of talents other than their looks (singing, acting etc.) Granted their looks definitely play a part in it but i feel like that was just a bonus in most of these cases.

  18. My check list for fun:
    Nope 16
    Yup 5'8"
    Yup brown eyes
    Yup big eyes
    Yup brown hair
    Nope very long hair
    Working on the flat stomach
    My lips are medium I'd say
    Nope I'm arab
    Mhm I have B cup
    Nope oval shape face
    Its medium sized nose ig
    I guess KINDA hourglass
    Giraffe neck I was called

  19. Finally that someone says that this is era of brunettes! As blonde my self I think hatred and popularity of blonds stayed in 2000. Idk why people say that blondes are popular when this is of era of Kardashian influence

  20. – v shaped face
    – big eyes
    – long lashes
    – nice shaped thick eyebrows
    – slim nose
    – big lips
    – veneered teeth
    – soft and silky hair
    – slim figure
    – flat stomach
    – big booty

    Also tons of makeup and photoshop 😜

  21. i don’t think that brown eyed influencers are more popular than blue eyed influencers becayse they’re more preferred by the society. The main reason is that brown eyed people are more common than blue eyed people so that automatically makes them more popular. They’re not more “preferred”, but they’re more common in human people.

  22. Very interesting experiment and your before selfie was so cute. You looked cute as an Insta model but it definitely wasn't you and my type aesthetically is much closer to how you looked talking in this video

  23. the photoshopped pictures look so familiar.. I purposefully don't follow any of those "typical" influencer women because of all the photoshop and crazy beauty ideals that get into my head, but even so I felt like I've seen the photoshopped version of your picutes EVERYWHERE. It's crazy how my mind just went "oh she must be famous" even though I knew exactly what was going on.

  24. I HONESTLY love the natural look way better, sincerely. I think it's so hard for us to love the body we're in, but why don't we??? it's the only one we have! If you're light or dark skinned, LOVE your skin because it's yours. If you're tall or short, love your height! If you're big chested or small chested, love your chest. Because you were made that way for a reason and only YOU can fulfill your individual purpose. We need to step away from the obsession with appearances and go deeper, caring about our BEINGS. The judgment and criticism, both of others and self, needs to stop. Let's just work on loving our bodies and encouraging one another, and bettering ourselves on the inside. Spread love, guys! You're beautiful just the way you are.

  25. OMG!!! Our culture is mental! This video just shows how insane social media is. You are so naturally beautiful, that Photoshop version of you is not beautiful, it's not real. We are all different, beautifully different infact and I don't know why everyone strives to make themselves look a certain way. We have this one and only live to live, just this one! Why spend it trying to change who we are and what we were born to look like, just to get a smiley face, a like, or thumbs up from strangers??? Surely we all have more worth while things to be doing.

  26. Never thought I'd see that taylor swift was in the minority lol

    this is not shade, I love her!!! But everyone acts like she's the most basic celebrity but she was the exception to all these

  27. I’m turning 22, I’m white, skinny with flat stomach, long neck and mid back long hair. Maybe I should try becoming an influencer? 😂 But then again I’m a blue-eyed blonde, flat chested, with not so prominent butt, and I wear glasses. 🤓 😂
    Ok now seriously, great video. Funny how I don’t follow any of the top influencers. You are my influencer, you and several of my fav music artists. Great job. ❤️

  28. So interesting and weird to see this, and compare myself (fair (sure they are white, but also very tanned), small blue eyes, blonde very thin lips, larger nose) to their ideal. It's strange that there is not that much variety, even though as you say Instagram is a global community, and even I, as a white person cannot relate. I cannot imagine what it must be like for someone of another race.

  29. Ive always been skinny and ive looked up to instagram models alot my entire life because i always wanted that hourglass figure. I was always bullied for it as well and to be honest it still bothers me, but this video is interesting because it really made me think about how much ive been influenced and everyone else has by this beauty standard. Its crazy to think of how bad you feel when you dont look the way other people expect you to look.

  30. Great research, but i think that there are a lot of fallacies, where you confuse possibilty with necessity.

    79% percent of people worldwide have brown eyes. 75% is totally plausible and doesn't have to be related to how much followers they get or our beauty ideal, it's just what's common. A lot of people have dark hair, red heads are fairly uncommon and consequently not as many are famous or in the top 100.

  31. Another reason for this skew could be that American celebrities and influencers have a global following but it doesn't work the other way around. So America's demographic distribution is what you would find in this study as opposed to the global distribution, explaining the skew towards Caucasian women.

  32. At least the beauty standards have lowered, i mean some years ago was the blonde blue eyed vs looking girl, now it’s the black hair black eyed girl which you can have one in every country. Instagram is global so that’s explain the new standard. Still though the gigantic butt and boob, the only white skin is really sad.

  33. I know, everyone used to say blondes with blue eyes were the beauty standards, yet today they aren’t perceived as pretty anymore. Darker eyes makes eyes look bigger too. :>

  34. This video amazing. I think the biggest wake up call was the selfie of you without makeup compared to the photoshopped one. You went from naturally stunning and unique features to someone who just looks like the majority of people posting pics of themselves

  35. This was such an interesting video, thanks for taking the time to make and share it! I have to say, you look so beautiful just as you are Cassie!! Those before photoshop pics were GORG. <3

  36. A simple Google search tells you that the vast majority of people in the world (about 95%) have black or brown hair, while only 3% have blonde and 2% have red, so it makes sense that the people in the "top 100" reflect it because there's simply more people with those hair colors. The same is true with brown eyes. I don't think it should be that much of a surprise.

  37. I dont think you can blame men for the beauty standard of today, im sure 70% of their followers are women. You cant blame companies either, beauty standards are selected by the majority through tons of praise and followings


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