Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review


The much-anticipated followup to Human Revolution has arrived, and it does not disappoint.

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  1. Just started the game which luckily was available for free via psplus. While Deus ex never really reached the atmospheric brilliance of the first installment again (that main character's beard, the unnecessarily verbose story bits everywhere, even in briefings) the gameplay feels absolutely slick and right from the get-go. Nice.

  2. This game is free for ps plus members and i was like “wow they really gave it out for free” it’s price was like 50 something dollars too

  3. I'm always happy to see a game I plan on buying be well received, but for people who have not bought the game yet be warned this is one of the only few reviews that was rated higher than human revolution I only put about 4 hours in so it still unfair to say more and the game is still awesome though one of my biggest problems is the game has TERIBBLE lip syncing

  4. if you like a game that takes patience skills and time it's great I played for 5 hours last night and wasn't even doing the main missons really completed one side mission exploring all the secret rooms and got into one of the bank vaults through the network of air ducts got a sweet snow camo silenced combat rifle with laser site also found the stun pistol and sniper

  5. 9.2 this has to be either trolling us consumers or IGN is bought, (we all know the answer lel), however, the game is still plagued by the issues that were present at launch, don't get me wrong, i have played and truly enjoyed every edition of Deus ex, until this one, i pre-ordered mankind divided, one of my greatest mistakes, it was completely broken at launch, totally unfinished, unpolished, and here we are, 2018-01-25, and it is still sadly broken, as much as it hurts me to say, i can hardly recommend this game to anyone, unless you are a true fan of deus ex, and can see beyond the bugs, glitches, bad quests etc, i would love to recommend this game, but i simply cannot, therefore it is a 3.5/10.

  6. I'm about half way through the game (I think), and so far, I'm not impressed at all. It feels like a 360 game with a ton of frame drops and bad graphics. The gameplay is not good either, but that's just my personal opinion. I like to Rambo through a mission instead of the stealthy stuff. The story feels like a C movie or something, but maybe that'll change, idk. Let's just say I'm glad I got the complete edition for 15 euro's xD

  7. A 9.2 is way too high for this game. I would rate it somwhere between a 7.5-8 . The game itself is quite boring, and has story and theme-wise not much more to offer than the more interesting Deus Ex: HR. Also the frame rate is so low sometimes that it becomes very annoying.
    Just my two cents, but this review is not good.

  8. I love the details of the environment, such as street name plates in Prague style, many things in czech language and the buildings as well. The old town is well made.

    (lots of patriotism :D)

  9. How sad is it when "the environments are actually designed around the abilities you have" is considered noteworthy and impressive? Isn't that game design 101? 'Cause that's game design 101. 😛

  10. I cannot believe it got such a good score. I just finished it and the ending was TERRIBLE. I mean seriously, terrible. It makes the ending of Mass Effect 3 look like a masterpiece. Seriously, it's so sloppy it's almost insulting after having put so many hours into the game.

  11. I'm just now playing this game, and I have to say, its much more fun to play than the first one. I'm not finished with it yet, so I can't say much about the story, but I really like a game that rewards you for looking around and exploring, which I was very happy to say this game does.

  12. I'm playing it, not really my kind of my game but I do enjoy some aspects of it lile the futuristic equipment. I don't like the investigations I have to do sense I really just want to shoot stuff but then again its a great change of pace, I get to be tactical and not be super nerfed or op (yet?). I never knew games lile this existed.

  13. I bought this game based on this video and I was disappointed I think this game was overrated and I don’t understand why I wish i can refund or even delete it from my PSN history

  14. I downloaded this like last month because I loved the first one, never got to beat it but playing this one i got kinda frustrated at first. But i realized how awesome it is because you have to get somewhat creative,try new routes, etc.

  15. This game and deus ex hr are awesome, they are 2 of my favorite stealth game ever, but the sales for the sequel is low, I dont think they gonna make another one.

  16. Definitely a must-buy even if you don't like futuristic stuff. I rarely play it because it's a complex stealth game (which is not a bad thing) that makes every inch you move count. Unfortunately, in my case, I like playing stealth games safely. So usually you'll see me sitting in one spot for minutes on end waiting for the perfect opportunity to advance (hence why I took a break from stealth games).


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