Dirty Yoga Mat? Here’s How to Clean It… TUTORIAL


It seems like the number one question you guys have been asking me lately is, “Cassey, how do you clean your yoga mats?” So here is a video showing you how to do just that!!! I even got to do something I have ALWAYS wanted to do in a video!!

I wanted to make sure ALL your cleaning questions were answered, so here are 3 scenarios we’re going to explore!

1. A DIY spray to freshen and disinfect up a sweaty mat
2. What to do when you go hard in your workout and get dirty shoe prints on your mat
3. How to clean (pause for dramatic effect)… A SPILL! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

UPDATE: GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Winner is Bao Cheeks.
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DIY Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

1. lavender essential oil https://amzn.to/2AUmSg4
2. tea tree essential oil https://amzn.to/2OjfNaP
3. 2. oz spray bottle https://amzn.to/2MbKDVu
4. water

Fill spray bottle 3/4 of the way with water. Add equal parts lavender essential oil and tea tree oil, or about 5-8 drops each and mix well. Spray a few inches above mat and wipe or pat mat down with a dry towel! Good as new!!

How To Clean Dirty Shoe Prints

Wipe off dirt with a clean dry towel. It may take some rubbing, but it will come right off!

How To Clean A Spill

Immediately pat off the excess liquid with a clean, dry towel. Mix one teaspoon liquid laundry detergent into one cup of water and use another clean towel to rub the mixture into the spill. Wait for it to dry and the stain will disappear!

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  1. I like Boho Bliss, looks so awesome! Loved it! I started the beginner's blogilates calendar just this week, on day 5. Super excited to workout at home with you on YouTube. Thank you for what you do!

  2. Love your designs Cassey! But i love flourishing foliage the most. It's refreshing to see this practical video that solces our exercise icky issues 😊

  3. All the mats are so beautiful it's hard to choose but i've narroved it down to the "boho free people style" mat that was being cleaned in the video….i really need one since the one that i've got got worned out and also slips :c…still good luck to anyone that participates! 😀

  4. This is such a cute video! Are you guys bringing the Dusty Blossom Mat back in stock? Some how I’ve missed both chances to buy it 🤦🏻‍♀️ Am also crossing my fingers for another chance to buy a POP Pilates baseball cap, am so jealous every time I see someone wearing one. Thanks for all the fabulous products!

  5. Hi Casey,
    I really love you, thank you for your motivational workouts I really like the ones with advice. Also you motivate me A LOT and when I'm sad I find time at the end of the day and relax working out besides trying to workout everyday, or as many days as possible.THANKS A LOT! KEEP DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. I bought one of these mats from a boho market before they became a trend and the lady said it was okay to just chuck the Matt in the machine but I'm not sure if hers was the exact same suede as yours, but I love your tips because I can use them in between washes

  7. Actually can I retract my entry and ask for someone else ? My Mum has just started her fitness journey and Ive gotten her into watching your videos! She doesnt have a mat…just carpet lol. She would love the Boho Bliss mat!!!

  8. Have you guys thought about doing a reboot of all the old mats in the new suede? I love some my old POPFLEX mats (and how they match my outfits!!!) but some of them are getting worn. I would love the same designs in new material!

  9. I am sooo excited to try these – I've been way too scared to even touch my suede mat with anything wet!! I LOVE the Boho bliss mat so much – I can't imagine ever feeling down using it!!

  10. i know it's a bit too late but it was my birthday this week and really want that mat with galaxy print OMG it's beautiful ,
    and this video is very helpful thank you cassey so much for all your videos

  11. Is the contest closed? Haha I have been doing a 30 day yoga routine and I told myself I could buy the Boho Bliss if I did 30 full days! But winning one would be so much more fun and rewarding! Im subscribed to you on my workout YouTube account! Much love girl! Once I get my own im going to be doing a review!!! Yay!

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  13. since when perfume cleans gross dirt? it's like applying dehodorant when your armpit are already smelling bad. using essential oils and water might be something to do AFTER you washed your mat, to to clean it. it's just common sense. also, if you use detergent on some mats it'll take the color off or peel the rubber material off. it all depends on what your mat is made of. a vinegar and water mixture is the best solution because it actually has cleansing power, but you need to remove the vinegar smell afterwards

  14. Thanks for all cleaning tips!
    I know it's Monday but maybe I still have a chance? I don't know if it ends tonight or if it was this morning but if I somehow do win I'd like the starry night mat 🐸🌌


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