DIY Denim Maternity Dress | Thrifted Transformations


In this episode, I transformed a button-down denim dress into something more flattering for a baby bump. Thank you to my beautiful auntie for being my model. I hope you guys enjoyed this video!! #Maternity #Sewing #ThriftedTransformations

The sewing machine I used in this video:

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  1. It was so nice of you to make your Aunt this dress & it looks so pretty on her with the embroidery. Also your Aunt has a beautiful smile! Next time I would like to see you make your Fiance a wonderful outfit, something he would really like to wear!!

  2. Those flowers would have been easier to see on if you used a darning foot and put the feed dogs down. You have to push the fabric yourself but you don’t have to put the presser foot up and down and then the fabric all the time

  3. I have a suggestion. I use to use twin size flat sheets for curtains. The full length left a pool of fabric on the floor when hung, which is considered elegant and looking expensive when they are not. I also used these sheets and th fitted one to make clothes, since cotton and linen are perfect for staying cool in the summer. They made great dresses, skirts, and top and bottoms sets. Also the price of these sheets can in many cases be cheaper then buying fabric from a store.

  4. April as I watch you do this I realize you are a miracle worker it is always fascinating to see what you come up with and you are a real sweetheart to give your aunt something flattering and comfy to wear

  5. I really like the dart idea.

    I would really like a quiet sewing machine, mine is noisy and as a result I avoid sewing at night when everyone is asleep.

    Someone please check out my sewing channel.

  6. This is so beautiful!! Great job. I really appreciate the pregnancy videos right now, since I’m pregnant, and honestly, there are no good up cycling tutorials out there for pregnancy clothes. It would be nice if maybe you could try some nice tops for your aunt 😉. Us your pregnant fans would appreciate it!!

  7. I love watching your channel and i think I’ve watched close to them all but i WOULD LOVE to see a vintage outfit or vintage APRON out of something you thrifted! I just got my mom hooked on your channel so she’s the one that asked if you had any and I don’t think you have!!? Thanks! 🤙🏽


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