DIY Gift Idea: Simple Fringe Blanket (No Sew)


Hi everyone (: You can find these disney blanket packs from WALMART! for $17 or you can just get your own blanket material and mix and match different blankets together. The fabric is fleece, if you go fabric shopping you should be able to identify the blanket material. This material is good because it does not shred, so its easy to cut and work with, without using any sewing (:

It is a very cute and simple gift and takes about an hour to make. If you cant think of a gift, THIS IS THE PERFECT IDEA! haha (:

Thank you to my bestfriend kathee for making me my lion king blanket, and for giving me the idea for this video.

hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for the tips on knotting it RIGHT after cutting it. My girl scout troop tried to do something like this once and we had to redo the whole blanket because we kept messing it up! lol


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