DIY: Make your own makeup brush cleaner!


Hey guys :)I know that no one suggested this, but i thought it was necessary 🙂 I HOPE YOU LIKE THE QUALITY! Im using my friends camera 🙂 Well, This is a video on how to make brush cleaner. Its really important to have brush cleaner. There are a lot of germs on your brushes, even if you diont realize it. This only takes around 3 minutes and lasts really long. and REALLY WORKS. well at least from what i know. haha. Well In case you for some reason missed it. The ingredients are: Rubbing Alcohol Baby Shampoo Leave In conditioner. And YES you can use regular conditioner IF AND ONLY IF you don’t have leave in conditioner. Because leave in mixes better, and Is just better in general. So Tell me whatchu think. Because Brush cleaner CAN be expensive. I guess 🙂 Comment, Rate, Subscribe,AND suggest haha



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