DIY Maternity Dress | Thrifted Transformations Ep. 72


Sometimes we love the design of a dress but the fabric is worn out and needs to be updated! In this episode, I’ll teach you how to replace the old dress but also keep the original design alive! Hope you enjoy 🙂

8 Yards of stretchy fabric
Stretch Needle

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My sewing machine:
Sewing machine – Juki HZL-G Series

My camera:
Canon G7X Mark II –

END SONG: “In Spite Of All” – Sebastian Forslund

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  1. I’m so happy you made a maternity dress! I am 5 months pregnant and I have 2 wedding this summer and I can not find any formal dresses under $60 that I like!!!! Totally making me one now!

  2. Oh maybe you could make a compilation video highlighting different sewing techniques like how to sew hems or how to sew in zippers, that way its possible to use footage you already have, and just explain the processes in more detail, I know I would like to see that!

  3. You are so talented. You have a real gift. Not only are you beautiful outside but inside too. I really like how you make all your family and friends look beautiful in your creations. You are gifted. ❤

  4. The dress is so beautiful. It made me cry! She is so beautiful! I hope Coolirpa, you can make more dresses for women of all shapes and sizes, especially for curvy girls. Love you girl! 💖

  5. Beautiful dress. Some ideas for more projects…simple slippers, a circle coat with or without sleeves in different lengths ( the kind with the wide collar) trapezoid dress.

  6. This dress confuses me. Looks like a wedding gown for a pregnant bride. Too dressy for most occasions. Too white to wear as a guest at a wedding. Too long for a walk on a country dirt path.

  7. Lovely for Eric's bro and sis in law to have such a beautiful memory of her pre baby gorgeousness. I hope she safely delivered a healthy little niece or nephew for you and Eric to love on. Xo

  8. So beautiful, elegant, stylish & graceful, with the lace Cape playing off the fitted part of the dress, but also looks like it's super-comfy at the same time it's totally glam/elegant!
    – Wonderful, fun & informative video as always – Thanks again!
    – I loved the sweet reveal & the lovely energy between the expectant parents.
    – I'd also love to know where that portion of the video was shot.
    Incredibly beautiful.

  9. I have just been following you for about 2 weeks. This is my first comment. You are so very talented. I have truly been impressed by your abilities. This dress, though? April, I am blown away! I have not seen the original transformation yet. Was the lace in the form of a cape on the original? Just asking because it really makes this dress stand out! Thanks for sharing your talent! Prayers of healing!💕🙏💕

  10. its is beautiful, the dress, your sister, the photo shoot. wow empowering. its very 60's i feel and love every bit of it. maybe try a photo shoot in a magical forest.

  11. That dress is amazing. She looks like a fertility goddess! You are so talented. Thank you for sharing and thank you even more for admitting your mistakes and how you corrected them.

  12. I think sewinga center seam in general was probably not the best idea. I understand it was to get a good fit around the belly but maybe cutting the dress on a fold and adding darts down the front would've been better so there wasn't a line down her body (and especially two lines since the lining also had a center seam lol). Otherwise it's a really beautiful and simple dress!

  13. How is the cape portion of this dress made? Is there a video on that? My daughter would like a cape added to her sleeveless dress to cover her arms. I love your work! You are so inspiring! Thanks!


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