DIY Ombre Jean Jacket



Hi guuuys! This is MY TAKE on an ombre jean jacket! I filmed this on my first attempt so sorry if its not the best! Hope you guys can take this and apply your own creative ideas to it 🙂 And like I said in the video, ask me some questions you wish to know about me, fashion, etc! and I want to answer you guys in a video 😀 AND AND send me a (pretty) FAN sign if you want, so I can feature it at the end of my videos!

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Song: UGLY by 2NE1 (instrumental)


  1. So i thought you bleached it on a carpet, and thought about how badass you are for going against your parents – rebellious and all.
    Then i realized it was the garage floor, but felt just as much respect for you. Because you know. You're cool.

  2. haha yess i'm in my GARAGE not on carpet xD i guess its hard to tell though because of my low quality camera. you're funny though, thanksss!! 😛

  3. definitely be creative with it! 🙂 with denim jeans, do becareful and don't soak in bleach too long because jeans are sometimes a thinner material compared to the jackets, and the bleach might cause it to deteriorate if completely soaked in bleach. so i suggest you use a spray bottle like me so you don't waste bleach, and are only lightly spraying the outer layer 🙂 have fun!!!!! <3

  4. can you do a video on how to do a maki skirt with slits? kind of like the one urban outfitters has? I really wanted one but it didn't come in my size:( I'm pretty good at sewing but the pleats get hard, at least the ones on the website look difficult :p but anyway thanks for the great vid!


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