I love doing things on a budget and I love being creative, so I thought in the spirit of homecoming “get ready with me” shopping videos, I would do my own little do-it-yourself version and show you how to make your own dress cheap, easy, and fabulously! 😛

so here is me, DIY-ing a homecoming dress…weird vlog tutorial style.


3,021,000 KISSES!

Amber 🙂

Instagram/Twitter: @AmberScholl

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  1. quick note: to be honest u guys, i had a very rough week. it’s not always easy to slap on a smile and film when you feel like curling up in a ball and crying. and reading anything that says “god she has just stopped trying lately” HURTS MY FEELINGS. im not perfect. i know. never was lol. and i’m genuinely a sorry if the dress is not your favorite ; but honestly i did what i could with the energy i had. didn’t want to skip a day (even though maybe i should have…) but i felt pretty 🙂 anyways, i’m gonna dip out of the comments for a bit and take a little break til weds 🙂 but I love you!!! and the sweet comments don’t go unnoticed. thanks for the support always. you get me through everything. (Even the salty comments mean a lot to me because i remember when i had no one paying attention lol) I love you. xx

  2. OMG you are too funny at the end "Did you see what Amber's wearing? I heard it's from Goodwill. You're damn right…" 😂😂😂😂😂 I died 😁😁😁 Thank you for your fun energy in your videos. ❤❤❤

  3. I often do scarf wrap skirts but I never thought to add simple off shoulder straps/sleeves. Cute technique. This whole thing would have been even cuter in black. Chin up cherub you are doing amazing sweetie!!

  4. The reason this dress doesn't look good is coz the color of the dress is rose gold..towards the cool tone family and the golden fabric is warm tone..that is why it doesn't go together..if she would've used silver fabric..the dress would be in the same there ya go..the whole f***ing explanation..😁😁😁

  5. Amber I love u sm ❤️ like the days u post u always manage to cheer me up. U always seem to post wether it’s a picture or video on my worst days and that always cheers me up. It breaks my heart about the comment u wrote but this community is here to support u no matter what ❤️. Thank u sm for all u do, all your positivity, all you’re glittery amazing-ness. We love u sm and ONLY want the best for u ❤️

  6. Please, please, pleassssee tell me the brand of that black dress with the puffy white and black sleeves you bough 😍😍😍😍.. I need it in my life… And I just want to say i love your videos you are very funny, have a great attitude, you should have your own clothing line girl, you would be a hit!

  7. Amber Darling,
    No one's perfect. No one's always happy. Despite what people say, you freaking killed it. I genuinely enjoyed the video. I watch your videos not only for the DIYs and inspiration but for you and the happiness it gives me. So cheer up sweetie, Everyone know how talented you are. It's ok if you can't post regularly I know how hard it's to make a video. Take your time, Eat a (vegan) chocolate cake, listen to your favorite song and read Harry Styles fanfics on Wattpad. I Love you so much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. HEY!! MEAN CRITIQUING PEOPLE!!! SHUT UP!!! AMBER. TRIED. AMBER LIKES IT!! IDC IF YOU DON'T, BUT DON'T LEAVE A COMMENT SAYING YOU DON'T!! Sorry for screaming, I just can't deal with it. Amber is amazing, and if you don't agree, the door's that way, LEAVE.

  9. Lmao, y’all act like she’s a professional. She’s been doing this for so long, why can’t the effort be appreciated that she literally does everything she can to try and give y’all options on what you can do if you’re not financially able to afford a 500 dollar homecoming dress. She has never claimed to be the best at this, but it seems people just mad cause they don’t even know how to use a needle and thread. I would wear this dress to go to Walmart and show off the fact that I made it myself. Quit being so hard on her 😒

  10. If you are feeling "shitty" post a video as to why, this is why we are all here and you are allowed to have crappy days. We would watch the good the bad and the ugly if you post!!! Everyone is human and you don't have to be happy all the time. If you let us in on it I would guarantee a lot of people who watch your channel are going through the same thing. Lay it on us babe, it's all good. Nasty comments come from nasty people!!!

  11. thank you for being so honest Amber! It takes a LOT to admit when you're having a rough day/week/month/year, take it from someone like me who bottles her emotions because she doesn't want to annoy/worry the people around her. I love how you can be honest about your feelings! and never ever ever apologize for having the thoughts that you have because everyone has those days! just take some time for yourself, buy yourself something nice (you deserve it!) and talk to someone close to you about your feelings (its okay to not feel okay) it honestly helps! you are so loved Amber, don't forget that! I'm so proud of you, always keeping you in my thoughts girl! <3

  12. So to all the rude trolls commenting rude things: Please leave, you’re not welcome here if your going to be rude.

    Amber, you are my favorite YouTuber to watch, I absolutely adore how high energy you are and you are just so frickin adorable! I love all of your videos. I always look forward to hopping on here after a long day and watching your videos. I totally understand where your coming from, I haven’t been feeling so great mentally or emotionally. Take a break for as long as you need to! Do something nice for yourself and remember that you are only human and not everything can be “perfect”. I personally think this dress was super cute. 💕 if people come at you with negativity come back at them with positivity (:

  13. What you created might not be for everyone. But at least I'm sure you inspire someone to do the same style, sorry that you have to read all the negative comment, people sometimes just know how to judge without giving a feedback,and they just don't know how to say it in a right way, Bad mood can affect your creations too, it's human, don't be sorry for that Amber , but don't worry!! If you need a day off or two, we will still be here!!! Keep being inspired for yourself and your content too, have a great day Amber. ❤️

  14. Some of y'all can't expect her to be happy all the time 🙄😕 sometimes she would be okay sometimes not …. you don't know why she feels the way she do or what happened😔☹ why? ….. Because it's off camera 🙃🤦🏾‍♀️

    Amber we love you ❤ and hope you feel better soon ❤💕 and you don't always have to make people happy😫 even though you always do ….. focus on you a little bit🤞🏾

  15. i will always love and support you amber but in my opinion this dress was so ugly lol and i feel like the sleeves would break the second anyone wearing it would start dancing. not spreading any hate! just voicing my thoughts, still love ya, we all have good and bad times ♥️

  16. You're doing amazing! I'm sorry you've had a rough week, I hope you're okay. Idc how the dress comes out I'm honestly just here to enjoy the crazy video and your wonderful personality ❤️💕 you do you boo, take a break if you need it.

  17. I think you are one of few people who can do practically anything and have the energy and confidence to feel amazing and pull off crazy cool looks that you wouldn't expect to work, I also think you have such intuition that everything you do try is 100000% perfect. I definitely appreciate you uploading the video (although I now NEED to go to goodwill lol esp. In socal) sometimes I forget you're maybe only a year older than me. I hope if we had gone to school together we could have been cool, cos I admire the heck out of your determination and personality. Even though I know that the adult versions of people are hard won and take a lot of self realization to own and love. Hoping the new week treats you better!

  18. Hey Amber I notice in your outro your eyes were red. I know you must be going through something, but remember God is there with you and don't let others lower your self esteem.
    Cast all your burdens unto Jesus for he cares for you.
    Love you Amber and I think you look fabulous and Amberlicious. 🤗😍

  19. yall r have such high expectations. she spent her money and went out of her way to film, edit and publish an amazing video about making a beautiful dress– all while she has not so happy things going on in her life. props to u amber!

  20. It's a nice dress.. But after DIY it's look not much.. Probably Amber not in the mood to DIY or doesn't have idea to DIY to make It look fabulous.. But at least she's try & good job Amber.

  21. Okay so dress was not that good, it doesn't make any sense of dress, I really like her I do watch every video of her but this makes me disappoint, but I still love her.


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