Doctor Strange Error in Avengers: Endgame Breaks Continuity – IGN Now


An eagle-eyed fan spotted a shot in Avengers: Endgame where Doctor Strange is still wearing the Eye of Agamotto even though it was destroyed.

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  1. The non broken shield Captain America could be a branch timeline Captain America who had to sneak onto the battlefield for currently unknown reasons.

  2. This endgame movie was garbage just like the conclusion of the matrix, both never lived up to the hype. Endgame was one one the worst time travel/alternative universe movie I've seen since inception. It seems like they were noted worried about bridging this phase and the next instead of making this endgame a great Avengers movie.

  3. Naw the biggest mistake is when Ant-Man is in the van as a Normal sized man and then in a couple scenes after we see Black Panther but in the back ground Ant-Man is giant and is pushing a floating thing into a hole into a different demention.

  4. One more big blunder is that they showed that the time travel is not what we thought in the endgame but in Deadpool 2 guess what? It's same as every other time travel movie. Wtf is this Huh?!!!! Explain that marvel or someone in the comments.

  5. It’s just a mistake get over it. At the very most he could have easily just made a new one or illusion without the stone in it using magic. As a nerd myself, I tell you to shut up nerds.

  6. You're all wrong.
    In infinity war, thanos crushes a fake eye.
    "A FAKE" Is his actual line in the movie.

    What Strange is wearing in end game is just the eye, the real one, without the stone.

  7. can just bring tony back by going back in time to after tony discovered time travel and bring him to the present, everyone would love that 3000

  8. I am kinda glad that you both seemed to just tell it for what it is!!

    This is probably just a mistake. They filmed MANY Infinity War & Endgame scenes at the same time. So ALTHOUGH it would pretty darn cool if this did in fact complicate things in some "interesting and fresh way"… Well… I doubt it does.

    The only thing I can say that is "Strange" about him being shown with the Eye is that they didn't even ATTEMPT TO blur it out or anything. Its like they either didn't notice, or didn't care. I think by now they have seen just how deep we fans get into our theories and they love playing with us… 😉

  9. This is incorrect. The shot in question is Strange's Tao Mandalas shields, and the sparks they produce on their edges.
    What's more disturbing is you made a vid about it, fuzzed up the shot and the "enhance" shot is taken from an earlier film,.

  10. When docter strange opened all the portals to the final battle, why didnt he open one when Tony, Peter and himself were on the Q-ship in infinty war? He didn't open a portal to earth on the ship but he did open one in endgame..???? That was even before he used the time stone to look into the 14 Million possible outcomes

  11. No, he actually hid the stone in one of the stars during the Titan fight, you can even see it during one of the footage you've shown. The rest of what you saw are just wardrobe ? or costume ? errors with one being a continuity error.

  12. The eyes of agamoto is not the time stone its the necklace that contains it when Thanos took the time stone Dr strange took it out of the eye and then got snapped away while still wearing it so there's no continuity break here really that's an empty amulet hanging on his neck is all


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