Dracula Confirmed for Dark Universe!


Dracula is making his way back to The Dark Universe, and he won’t be alone. In an interview with Fandom, director and producer of The Mummy Alex Kurtzman divulged even more details about Universal’s monster mash. Joining Dracula will be two very familiar characters: The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera.

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  1. Dracula was always supposed to be part of this universe just not the movie Dracula Untold neither was the movie I Frankenstein with Aaron Ekhart from the year before. how it's going to work is anyone's guess but we're not going to find out for a very very long time since the second movie Bride of Frankenstein does not come out for nearly another 2 years

  2. Plus universals original hunchback of Notre Dame and Phantom of the Opera were both played by Lon Chaney senior . Lon Chaney jr went on to play the Wolfman & Ron Chaney went on to play a mad scientist in house of the Wolfman

  3. ever thought the best option for this "dark universe" is to scrap it?
    just make good movies.
    they don't have to result in a weird team-up.
    what would be next? a monster squad reboot? JUST DON'T.

  4. they NEVER NEVER Should consider Rated R that's not universal's monster blood and Gore they were about thrills chills and Atmosphere do not make this universe rated R if that happens then your disrespectful to Boris Karloff Bela Lugosi Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney Jr PG 13 is where this Universe Needs to be

  5. Hey guys, can you react to Sense8 and The Get Down on netflix. They are the two shows that represented ethnic minorities and the lgbt community in the most positive light on netflix until they got cancel to make room for other non-inclusive white washed shows.

  6. Please don't put globe threat in these monsters movie, old monsters works because they are small scale and personal, world invasion kind of stuff is for superheroes.

  7. Totally agree with the PG-13 point. Go on, make it really dark!
    I think Penny Dreadful did a wonderful job intertwining some of this iconic monsters, and telling interesting stories. If they could manage to make it a TV series, it should work in cinema. They just need to have their heads in the right place!

  8. Dark Universe is based on Universal Monsters so to everyone complaining about not Singing Phantom and Hunchback is a good guy. I'm sorry this is to revitalize the Classic Monsters but with Dracula Untold and hearing Mummy is not doing good. I feel like they should quit but i said that with DC and they actually made a good Wonder Woman so I think the Dark Universe is here to stay.

  9. I think its gonna fail tbh. Not just because the movies from the 30s, 40s and 50s are still great but because they've been re-done or parodied so many times. What are you gonna do to make your film stand out from the rest? I think with films like Dracula Untold, I Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein, The Wolfman (2010) etc people just don't give an F.

  10. theylied1776 Every single one of these "monsters" are tragic heroes. That is the way they were intended when originally written and the way they were portrayed in the original movies. It wasn't until much later (1970's?) that they became the "monsters" everyone seems to consider them as today.

  11. I love the idea of the Dark universe but I think they are going about it all wrong judging by who they are casting. First of all it has to be R rated. The Rock is great but not for this universe. You want actors that can shine in darker roles… Eva Green, Johnny Depp, Jake Gyllenhaal and even Ezra Miller. Then you throw in a few surprises like Hugh Jackman as the Phantom maybe or Kevin Spacey as Quasimodo. The key is getting across their individual tragic stories first and then tie them together with after credit scenes or brief cameos.

  12. The monster universe were beautiful horror movies. I'm totally up for Dark Universe, but it needs to stay true to it's origins. It needs to be just like World of Darkness from White Wolf.

  13. The ending of Dracula Untold was filmed a week before release so that it could be added to that universe. The character that Charles Dance played was changed entirely and meant to be a Samuel  L. Jackson-esque character who would appear in other monster films. Maybe someone going against Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jykell and his group. They can’t use Butler’s Phantom because that was by Warner Bros. I think they may do Phantom more like the Lon Chaney and Claude Rains’ versions. I agree I would love to see them dark, but I think Studios are still afraid of R-rated films because they alienate the pg-13 groups. I don’t think parents would allow their 14-17 year olds to see a R-rated film, BUT YEAH R-rated would be interesting.

  14. Warner Bros: "Hey guys, remember all these timeless horror franchises with iconic characters and tragic stories exploring our greatest fears? Let's turn them into forgettable summer blockbusters with a PG-13 rating and pointless action scenes!"

  15. Bring Luke Evans back. That movie frustrated and annoyed me but had a handful of neat things and I liked the character arc. Very well acted by the very talented Luke Evans. I would love to see him in the Dark Universe.

  16. I suspect Dracula might be involved in the Mummy movie in some way. Mostly because it looks like it's a cloud of bats that causes the plane to crash in the trailers. We'll have to see if that plays out.

    It's an interesting move to bring the Lon Chaney characters (the Hunchback and the Phantom) into it, but it makes sense if they're trying to give more depth to the whole thing. I think for the moment they'd work better as background characters in other movies. I'm curious to see how they'll handle it. I'm also interested to see if they'll bring in other old Universal characters like Gwynplaine from The Man Who Laughs and Dr. Werdegast from The Black Cat. They have quite a catalog to draw from.

  17. Dracula is the main evil behind it all who's been manipulating everything and everyone behind the years and centuries look with the mummy I think Dracula is manipulating the monsters into attacking Russell Crowe's little band of guys to weaken them enough so that when he comes to attack he could take them all down that's my take on it

  18. I think Universal is going in the wrong direction. keep Luke Evans as Dracula, make the Dark Universe dark as the night meaning make it R rated. And cut out all the jokes and one liners. The Rock is cool, but I don't see him as the werewolf/wolfman. Take notes from the classic movie the Howling. And the Hunchback of Notre Dame is NOT dark or scary. Universal has it's work cut out for their new universe. And for the record I saw the Mummy last night and I was disappointed. I hate to say it but it's true. I'm not a film critic but they were correct on this one. Hope Universal can get it together. Have a great night everyone.

  19. I have a lot of thoughts on this… 1) I WANT MORE DRACULA NEWS!!! I've heard a lot about Frankenstein, Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein even the Creature from the Black Lagoon and now Hunchback of Notre Dame and Phantom, all these monsters who aren't nearly as famous and well known as Dracula. WHY?!!! I would've liked them to have kept Dracula Untold as the first movie and for them to then build on from now on. They would have saved so much time and money in writing a script casting an actor and making a movie. But whatever. I WANT TO HEAR MORE DRACULA NEWS!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE HIM OUT!!! 2) Every first movie of a franchise I think is the one that suffers more because it's the introuction, it's information being fed to you to explain what's going on, so I think they need to see what happens with MUMMY and move that forward correctly, take what works/work with the actors and move it forward and get rid of what was wrong. 3) Back to Dracula, I think Gary Oldman is too old for Dracula, though I LOVED his version which stuck to the original book, I think Michael Fassbender would be great as Dracula, also Stebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) would be great, he is also Romanian, which is a +, he can speak fluent Romanian and that can add to the authenticity of the character, and also I think Tom Hiddleston would be great. 4) Gerard Butler is too old to play The Phantom maybe Gilles Marini, who is French can play the role (the Phantom is French) 5) I'd like to see Angelina as the Bride and maybe make the Creature from the Black Lagoon a woman as well.

  20. I love The Phantom of the Opera. It has a special place in my heart!! I've seen almost all the adaptations and I enjoy each one of them as if i've never heard of the premise.

    I would really want to see a new adaptation of the Phantom of the Opera. I mean, there's gonna be opera music, that's for sure. We need a beautiful gothic movie ASAP

  21. I personally think the main reason is they are making these monster movies into action movies. For me, these old monster stories were very character driven and conflict driven. A lot of if not all of these stories have their origins in gothic horror or gothic romance. I wanted to see a movie about a relatable anti-hero, struggling between light and dark that asked the audience who is the real monster. Dracula Untold kind of did that, it showed the audience the reasoning behind why he became a monster. The last thing I wanted to see from this universe is Tom Cruise running away from yet another doomed scenario.

  22. I like the idea of a female mummy it gives kind of a modern twist instead of retelling the Imhotep story, and using lesser known actors/actresses is a great idea but you need to make them R rated.  My Dracula would be someone like Francois D' Arnaud from the Borgias series on Showtime.

  23. Weren't the buzz for the longest time it would be the start of the Universe, and with the set-up it could have worked. Now I think Universal is completely messing up their universe by making a lot of promises before they even have a good movie first. They should have toned it down, make the stakes less and get more colours in there. Both Dracula Untold and The Mummy has like 3 colours in it: black, grey and white.

  24. Dream “Dark Universe” castings:

    Dracula: Michael Fassbender
    Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde: Russell Crowe (already cast)
    Frankenstein: Javier Bardem (already cast)
    Bride of Frankenstein: Angelina Jolie
    Wolfman: James McAvoy
    Invisible Man: Johnny Depp (Already Cast)
    Gillman/Creature from the Black Lagoon: Andy Serkis (MoCap)
    Phantom of the Opera: Hugh Jackman
    Hunchback of Notre Dame: Jennifer Lawrence (Use a lot of makeup and CGI)

    My suggestion is that they should have all of these characters have their standalone movies in their times (ex: Dracula in Victorian England, Hunchback in 1700’s Paris, etc.) and then have them team up in present day. Kind of like Monster Squad in a way.

  25. The Mummy didn't tank. For Tom Cruise it was his biggest debut ever. 125 million over seas and around 50 to 60 something at home. It wasn't but 6 years ago that this was a major opening. It already made back opening weekend millions more than its budget. On top of that its still not done making money. Its profits are gonna end around 300 something millions dollars with a 125 million dollar budget. Not including at home rentals and dvd sells. I just think people let the critic reviews get to their head. I actually enjoyed the Mummy more than wonder woman. I have my on review site to explain why.

  26. Dracula untold was a pretty decent film it felt like the castlvania reboot which I thought was pretty good too….. And Luke Evans is a great damn actor at least bring him back

  27. So, we know Universal is not giving up with the poor reception to "The Mummy" as well as Kurtzman exiting the series. But we know they're hiring people for the next one and we should be hearing something quite soon. (And Angelina Jolie's friend/PA/Producer Holly Goline is apparently part of it.)

    I would go with having "Dracula" based on "Highlander" where he flashes back to the events of 1931 while dealing with Prodigium trying to get him into their ranks. Ironically, I would rather see Evans' co-star from "The Girl on the Train", Justin Theroux, as Dracula. I just think he would be better at it.

    And I would totally put Michael Fassbender as the Phantom of the Opera. Seriously, he can do twisted very well.

    But I wouldn't go for Dwayne Johnson as the Wolfman.

  28. SMH………… okay, …..see here is the problem….. wait, lemme start by saying Dracula Untold was amazing, Evans was amazing. The problem lies with the fact people are unable to view remakes and sequels as individual production value and instead comp it with the original and their biased feelings cause them to not rate fairly regardless of how great the movie really is… I.e. batman vs. superman and suicide squad, i mean the joker was played magnificently in suicide squad but because it took a differant feel it got TONS of negativity towards it and at the same time made a shit ton of money cause deep down there was love for the powerhouse couple…. rant over.

  29. I really wanted this to be a thing.
    I could imagine Ahmanet returning (because maybe Frankenstein went on a rampage inside Prodigium that freed her) and she would be forced to wonder the world weakened by her current state. Prodigium would eventually find her and actually ask for her help in neutralizing another mummy thats more vicious and bloodthirsty and represents a more horror movie esque monster. But by the end of the fight Prodigium would betray her and reveal that it was just a way for them to get both her her and the new mummy.
    Ahmanet however would escape, weakened again and then be rescued by a rival organization who's leader asks her to join them instead, who turns out to be Dracula from Untold.
    But I guess we'll never get that will we.

  30. Dracula Untold; with Luke Evans, was a cool and different original movie! It did not get the credit that it deserved!! As well as , The Wolfman remake, with Benicio del Toro, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Hugo Weaving!!! Joe Johnston, Curt Siodmak, and Rick Baker had done a super excellent job writing, directing and special makeup effects, with this movie, as well!!! Or even, Francis Ford Coppola version of Dracula, in which, it has received critical acclaim!!! But, Alex Kurtzman does not have a clue in building up, the Dark Universe, because he is literally trying to turn these movies into action adventure movies!!! And, if that is the case, then do not call it the Dark Universe!!! The Wolfman remake, held all of the right elements: period piece, serious dark tone, different origin story by getting inflicted from his father, and great cast of true actors!!! And these element should be implemented , within the Universal Monsters, but keep Russell Crowe, as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde!!! The Mummy, is a great action/adventure movie, as well as, Brendan Fraser's version!!! But not as a true horror movie!!!

  31. One more thing, I am a fan of Dewayne (the rock) Johnson, Tom Cruise, Angela Jolie, Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp, but only for Action/Adventure movies not for true horror movies!!! That is for true actors!!! Redo, League of Extraordinary Gentleman!!! Then, it will be a successful franchise film!!!


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