Early Resident Evil Zero Remaster Gameplay – IGN Plays Live


Come check out early gameplay from Capcom’s latest remastered Resident Evil game for the first part of the stream and then relax with the original Resident Evil Remake.

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  1. Why cant they show anything after the train? is capcom hiding something from us? after all this game as already came out , the difrence is just the resolution or minor improves!!!! suspicious to me

  2. This is a nitpick above anything, but I wish when you shot an enemy that there would be a distinct bullet infiltration and exfiltration wound. To me, that really helps with survival horror immersiveness and would improve aim with the tank controls and set camera angles.

  3. I hadn't thought about this since lords of shadow, but fixed cameras seem to make games much more cinematic than grimdark lensfilters anyday.

  4. Past Resident Evil: Limited ammo, always on guard, fear of running out of supplies, strong zombies, claustrophobic environments, mysterious stories and unpredictable jump scares!

    Current Resident Evil: Guns and ammo everywhere, can never run out of supplies, weak Zombies, wide open areas, next to no surprises and Michael Bay Explosions!

  5. This is the one game in the numbered titles that I never played. Not even a minute of playtime with this game. I have it per-ordered on Steam and am ready to go as soon as it's released. I'm beyond excited~

  6. Resident evil is still a game it doesn't have to be realistic in every sense. That was actually a great thing with older games they were fun and the mystery. A little imagination is a good thing. Movies on the other hand have different standards for me.

  7. l miss live streaming from yesterday..

    this why YouTube streaming is great, it save videogame and conversation about important stuffs..

    look back to.. l don't know twitch have that..

  8. The virus got out. Can't be mad.. Your not trapped inside any more… The world sped up.. No body wants to press this button the run back to another room and grab a medallion and hold it in your inventory for 30 minutes before you need to apply it.. Zombies ain't slow anymore and fighting 2 at a time just ain't enough..

  9. I am one of really good resident evil fan, especially RE nemesis is the best game of the serie, this one looks like classic RE with everything but I believe there is still some things to fix it when you compare with the old ones.


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