Easy 10 Minute Stretch | Cinnamon Girl by Lana Del Rey


Stretch with me to Cinnamon by Lana Del Rey!
Welcome to day ELEVEN of #YOUTOBER2019 ❤
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Cinnamon Girl – Lana Del Rey
However – Manu Grace

Do you enjoy #yoga flow videos?
This is my first so any feedback is appreciated 🙂


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  1. I love everything you share and I LOVE this video, probably because I've been saying that I want to start stretching and really start be doing yoga and you, as always, presented it in a marvelous, genuine way! Thank you! I know you just shared Autumn fall, but in case you plan more books related videos, I'd be really interested in yoga books. I've read "The untethered soul" as your recommendation! Thank you for the art that you share with us!!

  2. I feel like routines and yoga flows would be awesome on the Koze channel and vlogs on this one. But whatever you choose, I'm still gonna watch them all!😍

  3. Omg love thisssss. Maybe some day you can make your own yoga channel. I would love that! Or yoga flow Friday’s for now? Or tutorials?

  4. Kalyn. This morning I found myself trying to copy some stretches you did in a vlog a while back, and even tho I'm not as flexible or graceful as you yet lol I felt so much better. This was right on timmmmeeee. Thank youuuuuu

  5. Was chilling in bed thinking about how long I've been without practicing, the. I decided to stretch with you and I must say I felt magical. Thank you Youtober is dreamy

  6. Love that you did this voiceover style <3 another great video! You and youtober make fall so great <3

    Think this was the best yoga video so far, loved it <3 I think yoga videos might be cool to do a fitness friday but with yoga so friday flow series on the Koze channel maybe?

  7. I sincerely appreciate your channel and podcast. I’m such a huge fan of your vibe. You’re extremely authentic Kalyn. I absolutely adore you! 💕🥰 keep up the good work.
    I’d love to see some more videos on how you go about filming your podcasts. Similar to Joe Rohan style podcasts, i think it would be cool if you did an episode recorded and even posted it on both your channel and podcast. Just an idea 🤩

  8. Thank you so much for sharing!! I am actually thinking about yoga in a new way. I have taken lots of upscale classes in nyc. I didn’t realize how athletic and strained (heavy) they felt . I never really got good myself — but I have never seen a flow like this!! Excited to see more!

  9. When you go back with your leg try having your hip straight/still not turning it around, unless you want it to go back like that, the leg should go back straight, just a tip. Happy saturday from Sweden 😊🙏🤸‍♀️

  10. I was searching through your Instagram's yoga highlights just yesterday following your yoga poses and wondered if I should request a yoga video and a few hours later you post this! ✊🏻💛 Thank you!

  11. I've been wanting to start yoga for a while but I've been procrastinating it and this video had Lana deal Rey and I was ' I have to do it ' . My back and neck have been sore but now I feel in flow and my pain has disappeared so thank you . Hope u make more videos like this , and definitely recommend doing this when it's raining

  12. YES YES YES!!! I didn't know I needed this is my life but know that I have seen this video I certainly would like to see many more like it! I have being practicing yoga too for the past year or so and it is awesome to see the precision and grace with which you flow. You are one of my favorite YouTubers and such an inspiration! Thank you, Kalyn! <3

  13. Her videos are literally the best and I just love watching your videos kalyn.
    I got inspiration from you only to start a YouTube channel
    JUST NOTITIA is my channel if you're interested do check out 😄✌️

  14. You inspire me. And love Lana.
    Its a sign!
    I am going to do my house this week and put lights also on.
    Create a warm space. And also to stretch, have these healthy rituals…. such a beautifull thing to see…. thank you
    Greetings from Netherlands

  15. Absolutely loved this video. Have been trying to start getting fit and loved the few yoga classes I went to in my home city but I've now moved to a new city and can't find a class near me that suits my schedule. This was great. Thank you!

  16. I love how you do yoga, I was always taught to hold poses and be very still, but thats very hard for someone with joint pain. Seeing you constantly flow and rock and move makes me feel like I can do that too!

  17. So happy to know that you started yoga teacher training.. you were the one who actually inspired me to add yoga in my daily routine and now you will become a yoga instructor.❤️

  18. I have a vision of you opening a yoga studio called “Koze Studios” or something where you have a little coffee bar and awesome music and you host classes and have cute merch and uugghhh I need

  19. This is exactly what I needed. I'm a certified Bodybalance instrurctor with Les Mills but have been laying low for a while. Im going to reincorparate the yoga and pilates parts into my days. This video inspired me to do this again in the morning. Thanks for that.

  20. This year's Youtober has been my fave so far and this video is just perfect. Your voice is so suitable for doing yoga classes (online). I would definitely support some yoga series in the future! I've been completely diving into your work this year Kalyyyn (and all the years since the start). love and support

  21. yoga has saved me from angst and depression & i learned so more about my spiritual side. these videos are actually some of my personal faves of yours. I am so excited for you to become certified for yoga instructing. that is absolutely rad! <333

  22. Please please please learn how to work with bigger bodies as a future yoga instructor. sometimes movements are restricted or we can’t bed the same way as someone with a smaller stomach.


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