El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Review!


Dan Murrell gives his reaction to El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie – it’s Fandom Entertainment’s Movie Reviews!
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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie | Review!
Review by Dan Murrell
Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
Produced by: Ryan O’Toole
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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  1. Watched it already, and I think "Perfect Epilogue" pretty much sums it up. The marketing didn't quite prepare me for it though cos Rhea Seehorn was in it and I thought it would kick off some crazy new series in the universe, but I'm kind of glad it wasn't the case. Jesse got the closure he deserves.

  2. Would of preferred a bit more stakes with the police following the money and a little less fake Matt Damon flashback, but was a lovely send of to the character.

  3. Literally just got home from a buddy's house where we watched it. Great fun.

    Gilligan has definitely not lost his storytelling edge. One moment in particular I verbally came to the realization of something the exact same time that the characters did, and that's usually really hard to do.

    I've always argued (and do moreso after 4 watchings of the entire series) that Jesse is the protagonist and Walter is the antagonist and the lead, it's one of those weird shows where protagonist and lead are not the same.. Everyone else is dressing or vessels or foils, etcetera. Pinkman has the biggest character arc, White has the most pronounced one. But… this is an academic debate of course, similar to https://johnaugust.com/2005/whats-the-difference-between-hero-main-character-and-protagonist

    Also, great review, naturally. I USUALLY agree w/ you, and when I don't, I pretty much always respect the way you present your opinion.

  4. Loved the show but I thought this was slow and unnecessary.

    Jesse was tortured and that really sucks, but didn't need a 2 hour movie of this. Maybe I'll like it more on a rewatch.

  5. I liked this movie,it was bow on the top of the masterpiece that is breaking bad.now we have the idea of how the both leads of the show end up.
    Also a bit of a SPOILER:

    I was a bit suprised by how much of a role jesse plemons' todd had in this movie and wanted dan's thoughts on it.but it is what it is.a great epilogue topped of by a great review

  6. This video is more spoilery than I was expecting (direct quotes, which characters show up). Glad I watched the movie before this video.

    That being said, I like Dan's take here, and agree with pretty much everything he said. El Camino gets a thumbs up from me.

  7. I just finished binging breaking bad today for the first time and watched this movie right after and you are right the tone doesn't feel off at all. Great series, and loved the movie too

  8. It was very well executed, but very mediocre. A bit too slow, anticlimactic, and drawn out. I prefer the ambiguous ending from Felina.

    Felt unnecessary. A brief epilogue wouldve worked “With the help of Skinny Pete & Badger, Jesse recovers hidden money for the vacuum man and moves to Alaska”

  9. Just finished it.

    Loved it, perfect no but I loved it anyway for all the reasons you told here.
    The only thing that frustrated me at the end of Break Bad wzs not knowing how Jesse end up. This feels complete

    I was just completely disappointed I really wanted the scene we saw on the first trailer as a post credit scene. The Skinny Pete scene were he's interviewed by police. I really wanted that at the end..

    But i still want to stay ' a perfect ending for a perfect show'


    Kind of
    And i agree on the last scene of the show still. Reminds me kind of of lost, starting on Jack opening his eyes, ending with Jack closing them.


    Although it's cool to see Walt again, I kind of wish he wasn't in the movie just because of the uncanny valley vibes I got from the bald cap. It was so distracting it kind of took me out of the story. It's also interesting they chose to use Todd so much since he's probably the actor who looks the most different

  11. The scene with Jesse and Todd burying the body in the desert was absolutely incredible. Barely any words spoken by Jesse but you understand completely what's going through his head. Breathtaking performance

  12. this movie literally didn't add anything nor close anything except ruin the mystery behind walters last scene laying on the floors with his eyes open. All the flashbacks to the slave days jesse spent with todd is beyond pointless, as if we didn't already know that he was a mouth-breathing psycho.

    seeing all these actors try and pull off playing their young versions of themselves almost creates an uncanny valley vibe and the movie ends the same way the show ended; jesse driving off – leaving the fans with as much information about his future life as we had all those years ago.

    also hated when that old man joe (junkyard mechanic) made a fan service reference "magnets! ah i loved that.", like who the fuck, what? is this a fan who snuck onto the set?

  13. How is Jesse driving away and getting out of that hell, open-ended? He got away, what else needs to be explained? I am a die hard fan of the series but this movie was disappointing in the way that it went. VG basically told us what happened to Jesse years ago and it was this exact same scenario in the movie. So what was the whole purpose of this movie? I think he missed a really great opportunity to touch base with a lot of the other characters.

  14. Movie was oke to watch. Jesse (and Walter) are damn good actors! This was about Jesse. But im dissapointed in the movie. They could have left it the way it was. Jesse was oke. Now its just extended. Wasnt very needed. I expected something surprising. But oke. For me this didnt open or close. It could have been closed the way it was.

  15. It was a story that was necessary. It had to finish Jesse's storyline. It was boring in the beginning but Ioved it bc it was necessary. Loved how it was ended.

  16. #warning Spoilers:
    This was more like a lost epidode kinda thing. Way too long of runtime and the flashback scenes with Todd felt more weird than anything. Plus Jesse Plemons added a lot of weight in the past 6 years and looked nothing like the Todd in season 5 even though it was a flashback scene…

  17. As a die hard fan I give the film an 11 out of 10. It was flawless. The cameos were NEVER forced and served the plot beautifully. I am not ashamed to admit I actually cried when Walt and Jesse shared a moment during 4 Days Out from season 2. Mike had a beautiful cameo to open the film. It was perfect and Aaron Paul did amazing and showed that he could carry this swan song without needing Bryan. Just think, Jesse was supposed to be killed at the end of season 1. Lol.

  18. Can see why people would have an issue with this, and say the pacing is slow etc, but I personally really enjoyed it, just being back in that universe and see Jessie finally be at peace, thought there were some suspenseful moments masterfully put together.

  19. I loved this movie so much, it was such a perfect ending to the character. The flashbacks were beautiful and really added to the experience. Final farewell to one of the best tv characters of all time.

  20. Aaron Paul was stunning in this, a true tour de force. He had to play Jesse at every stage of his development plus add new wrinkles to him. Wonderfully played.

  21. The idea that jesse was short changed in the show is ridiculous. The notion that he escaped into the sunset was poetic and intentional. By the end of this movie I feel like I didn’t see much that wasn’t already covered in the show. He pretty much ends up where Breaking Bad implied he would have. I don’t know how I feel about it. By the time we got to the diner scene I’d kinda turned against the movie… it didn’t ruin anything that’s a big thumbs up in my book


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