I’M ENGAGED! JK NO I’M NOT! But one of my bff’s Mariah is going to be very soon (wink wink Spencer lol) so we went on a diamond ring hunt!

So here is our romantic engagement ring shopping adventure all over Los Angeles. From the most expensive rock to the cheapest on a budget, here is what we found!


Stay sparkly my sweethearts.


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  1. Diamonds are neither rare nor expensive. Sadly people go into debt because an agenda pushed by the Beers many years ago. They restrict the supply in order to increase the prices.
    If you ever want to sell your diamond, the amount offered by them won't even be 20% of what you paid for it. They'll give you money for the gold though.
    I'd personally skip the diamond and invest that money or use it for traveling with my partner. But to each their own.

  2. I don’t mean to be rude but if you’re going to get married to a guy and he doesn’t know what ring to get you he’s not the one he should know you that well to know what ring you would love

  3. Fascinating thing to know abt the diamond district is that every diamond ring and stone you just looked at has a pencil drawing behind its origin. I actualy do this as a living. I design 12 diamonds every year ranging from just 50 pound right upto 5 million pound. So i design 1 five million pound precious stone per year.

  4. Those rings are so tacky and ugly they all look cheap and fake and talk about shallow choosing your own ring it’s supposed to be a surprise you have a lot to learn about the real world and true love I’m afraid

  5. diamonds are way overpriced -my husband used my grandmothers setting and bought a diamond through a gem show (*certified, etc) and saved over 5 grand! remember -diamonds are not rare – you are just told they are rare LMFAO

  6. Those are some creepy ass eyelashes, I'm sorry. They're just so distracting. Beautiful bling you tried on, though. 🙂

  7. I'm actually glad my husband picked my ring. All I told him was that I prefer a princess cut. The ring was nothing like I imagined and I love it! He went to a place that custom makes them. He just told the designer what he noticed I like and what he likes and the designed created it.

  8. Oh my gosh, can’t afford real diamonds yet…I just buy affordable rings too
    I actually found my on Etsy! The shop I got it from is SimplyBridall the rings are amazing quality I wear them all the time and took it on vacation in the water and sand! Nothing happened!
    It’s so nice to find a ring that will last and now cost you so much! Mine was only $80
    Love you!!

  9. Having worked at 2 Tiffany & Co jewelry stores, don't waste your money. De Beers has a monopoly on diamonds. They've created the illusion that they are rare when in fact they're not. Much the same as oil companies. There's enough oil to last two thousand Generations.

    Go to a private Jeweler that doesn't have the overhead of a mall or storefront. You'll get more bang for your buck I guarantee it. You can also buy GIA certified diamonds from these people.

  10. What a narcissistic juvenile. Put your damn hang down. Sit on it. Why are you unable to talk with our your hands flying. The eye lashes look like dead worm. The giggles and exhibitionism at your age, are disgusting. Get rid of the pampers before you put on the ring. M, IL


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