EVERY Star Wars Theme Will Be in Rise of Skywalker?! – IGN Now


A new interview reveals that the score to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will feature pretty much all themes from the Skywalker Saga.

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  1. As much as what I want to believe this to come into fruition, the movie can't possibly have all of the main star wars themes because it will tip the story. For example, the theme of the CIS, across the stars, and the rebels theme all resemble different stat wars eras. Rey's story is in a different era as it focuses more on the resistance fighting the first order. Would it make sense to have a theme from the clone wars during their final battle? Nope. But since the title says it is the rise of Skywalker, across the stars and the chosen one music would make sense as it has been the music throughout episodes 1-3 and a little in episode 4.

  2. star wars only liked in usa . i hate star war movies upside down bucket in head of people it feels like old bad desgin scifi. and star wars is very boring. rather would watch marvel series.

  3. Star wars killed itself with the last Jedi .. I used to be a huge star wars fan and I can care less about anything new that's star wars .. I just don't care anymore they let me down for the last time MCU takes the throne

  4. This will be historic as it will be John Williams' last composition. Hopefully it will be awesome. Every SW theme in one movie will be impossible tho. Will they include the Ewoks theme?

  5. Alot of people hate the new star wars movies. Honestly, regardless of what I think of them, I'm just happy im living in a time where I'm a young adult and they're getting made. Like when my kids watch them at least I get to say "I remember seeing everything after revenge of the Sith in theatres"


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