Everything Disney is Turning Live Action. Should They?


After the success of Beauty and the Beast, it looks as though Disney has gotten a clear indicator that their upcoming slate of live-action adaptations of animated films will spell M-O-N-E-Y M-O-U-S-E.

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  1. Robin Hood! Almost all practical effects and keep most of the songs. As long as there careful with the slapstick it could be great. I love this movie so much but it would probable get ruined anyway.

  2. I am absolutely against the Lion King remake. I think it's a terrible idea and worst excuse for a cash grab.
    I'm interested in the Mulan remake because it would make a great action movie if done right.

  3. Live action R- rated Hunchback , with songs by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Cameo Nick cave as Clopin and have him sing the bells of notre dame. Also Andy Serkis as Quasi Modo.

  4. Look, I love the animated ones. They're a big part of my childhood. But I don't have any problems with them being remade into live-action movies. None of the ones that have been released have offended or disappointed me in a major way.
    – I love both 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Alice Through the Looking Glass'
    – 'Maleficent' is okay, but Angelina is amazing as the iconic villain
    – I really like 'Cinderella'
    – 'Jungle Book' is okay, but the visual effects are mind blowing
    – I love 'Beauty and the Beast' – they did everything right.

  5. I get It why remake it they were all already great especially if you just have the same exact thing but love action. But Mulan needs the songs! Lol those are great songs lol

  6. I can get behind a live Hunchback of Notre Dame, if they don't do the stupid side character gargoyles, or a Sword in the Stone remake – those are interesting to me. I would even like to see a Prince Charming movie just so they would add a story to his character, which ever one (Snow White or Cinderella). But I really wish they would make other fairy tales into movies, not just recreate old cartoons. I liked Beauty and the Beast well enough. But like if they did a live action telling of one of Andrew Lang's discoveries in his Fairy book series, or another Grimm fairy tale, or even one more of Hans Christian Anderson's. I just feel like all the famous ones have been done, it's time to bring a new fairy tale to life.

  7. Honestly red light everything except Little Mermaid, Rose Red, Christopher Robin, and Oliver Twist. Those are the only ones that sounded "original"

  8. Why are people referring to an all CGI version of The Lion King as a "live action" movie? The Jungle Book qualified because there was an actual human playing Mowgli. Lion King has zero human characters, it's all talking animals. Which means it falls under animation.

  9. I do not want a Guy Ritchie Aladdin. I adored that movie when I was a kid & still love it today. There's a whimsy and a magic to that movie that I think Guy Ritchie is incapable of translating or catching. His Sherlock Holmes movies were great Victorian-ish era action movies…but they weren't Sherlock Holmes.

  10. Disney has already rewritten most of the popular fairy tales/novels to a G-PG setting. How about marketing the live actions for adults.

  11. We whine and protest but truth be told we will still be watching the live-action Lion King on its opening weekend. And it is exactly why Disney's remaking all these classics. They have us in their palms.

  12. Rescuers could be interesting as a live action. What about Atlantis: The Lost Empire or The Black Cauldron? 20,000 Leagues sounds awesome. Hope they keep the steam punk aesthetics. Something Wicked This Way Comes or rebooting The Rocketeer could be great, too.

  13. I agree with Dan! I would definitely watch that Oliver Twist movie! I already loveย the storyย and I think a cool new twist (no pun intended)ย on that story in either a modern setting or in the same setting with just grittier takes on the music would be really fun. I also think Ice Cube is super funny and definitely commits to everything. Seeing him interact with some funny kids with dance chops would be really inviting and exhilarating. I disagree with the Tink movie completely! In the original Peter Pan, Tink doesn't talk, AND there's not a trace of other fairies. Why would she have a whole movie about her origin when she doesn't say one word in the Disney classic? I love Peter Pan, love the character of Tink herself, but I don't think a movie about her makes any sense.

  14. I wrote an essay about these with focus on Dracula, who has been interpreted over 600 times in movies, tv-shows, spoofs whatnot, so I know we have been in a cultural society who recycles our stories ever since the beginning of the 20th century, and it has made me less anti it. My only problems with remakes and reboots is when they do it too often and without any real purpose other than changing the video-format but keeping everything the same.

    I think, if they will do lice action of their previous properties, they should do something new with it. Maleficent at least made it into a prequel from the POW of the villain. The Lion King seems to be a shot-for-shot remake which will add NOTHING to the story.

  15. As I was watching this, I was just thinking "red light, red light, red light, fine I'll green light Mulan, red light, red light, red light, red light…" I just don't want to see any of these movies get made, no matter how good they are or who's making them. I'd like to see more original movies, more stories that haven't been told before. Also I'm extremely opposed to an Alladin movie because NO ONE CAN REPLACE ROBIN WILLIAMS!

  16. I think James Cameron should direct 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. James Mangold is a great director, but I feel a movie like that is tailor-made for Cameron, given his knack for immersing people in vibrant and colorful worlds.

  17. I think a remake of the black cauldron would be cool they could make it better. also Disney didn't make this film but I think a live action of the last unicorn could be impressive. we don't see much movies with unicorns in them.

  18. Mary Poppins: Red light

    20000 Leagues: Green light

    Mulan: If accurate, green light

    Lion King: Red light

    Dumbo: Red light

    Aladdin: If accurate, green light

    Genies: Red light

    Christopher Robin: Red light

    Oliver Twist: Yellow light

    James and the Giant Peach: Red light

    Cruella de Vil: Red light

    Tinker Bell: Red light

    Peter Pan: We need a Starcatchers movie. Otherwise, red light.

    Little Mermaid: Red light

    Sword in the Stone: Yellow light

    Pinocchio: Yellow light

    Rose Red: Red light

    Prince Charming: Green light

    Maleficent 2: Red light

    Jungle Book 2: Green light

    Snow White: Red light

  19. here's some DIsney cartoon movies i think could be good as live-action, Pochantas, The Black Cauldron, Rescuers and its sequel, a sequel perhaps to Bedknobs and Broomsticks

  20. I don't like these remakes of classics, especially successful films during Disney's renaissance period. I think they should remake their less successful or less critically acclaimed films…you know, films that ACTUALLY need improvement.

  21. Mary Poppins – Green light!

    Mulan – Maybe.

    The Lion King – Green light.

    Dumbo – Red light!

    Aladdin – Red light.

    Genies – Red light!

    Christopher Robin – Red light.

    James and the Giant Peace remake – the original film is good as is, & very underrated. & it won't work in live-action.

    Cruella – Red light! It's been done. Glenn Close was great in the role. Emily Stone is miscast. I don't need another Maleficent. & 102 Dalmatians was terrible. & you had me at Devil Wears Prada, then lost me again at 50 Shades.

    Tink – Red light! Reese Witherspoon is too old now, maybe back when she was doing Legally Blonde. Also Peter Pan has been done a lot, & the Tinkerbell direct-to-TV/DVD films are wonderful.

    Peter Pan – Maybe. But we have Hook & Peter Pan and they were good. & Pan was garbage.

    The Little Mermaid – Red light.

    Sword In The Stone – we have Game of Thrones & King Arthur.

    Pinocchio – No.

    Rose Red – Eh.

    Prince Charming – Green light. Take it in the 'Enchanted' route. Make it comedy with Chris Hemsworth. or traditional and get Richard Madden back to play him.

    Maleficent – Red light.

    The Jungle Book – Green light.

    Oliver Twist – Loved Grease: Live! But wrong angle, wrong actor in Ice Cube. Red light.

  22. The girl in the green doesn't seem to be critical enough. Andy and Dan are critical and suspicious (naturally), but she seems a bit too wet behind the ears to play an "accurate" representation of a boardroom conversation (we have Dan Murrell with charts for a reason)

  23. In short, NO. It's nothing more than a shameless cash grab, and that's that. Personally, I was onboard with this trend until I realized they were remaking Lion King, Pinocchio, and Snow White. Lion King would not even technically be a live action since it's all going to be CGI. Snow White and Pinocchio: I know those two are not most Disney fan's favorite Disney movies by far, but in animation circles, those two are landmarks of animation AND cinema! That is the equivalent of remaking Citizen Kane or the Godfather. And we know how many people will riot against that! Remember that atrocious remake for Ben-Hur, one of the only three movies to win 11 Oscars? Yeah, that's my sentiment against the Pinocchio and Snow White remakes right there.


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