Exercise Tutorial – Superman


How To Do The Move

1. Lie flat on your stomach with your arms straight out in front of you.

2. Raise your arms and feet off the floor, keeping your core flat on the ground.

3. Hold the raised position for three seconds and then lower your arms and feet back to the floor.

Now that you know the superman, add it to your workout arsenal and strengthen your upper back and lower back while toning your glutes.

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  1. I have a question. Why am I not able to do the superman. I can't even do a regular one. When I lie down flat on my stomach I CAN lift my feet up. But when I try to lift my hands up it feels like I'm stuck. I can however lift them if have them in a plane pose, but not if I try to have my hands straight forward. But if someone put pressure on my legs so they are locked to the ground, then I can lift my hands.. I don't know why? Everyone I know, even old people who are not fit at all, can do this.. Thanks 🙂

  2. Can you guys stop complaining about how it hurts your penis or your balls when you do this exercise? 😂😂 Yes, it's a pretty uncomfortable position to be in and it does kinda hurt my penis when I do this exercise, but just deal with it. The more you just focus and think about the exercise, the less it'll hurt. Plus, I have to do the Superman on hardwood floor so I probably have it worse than others

  3. I'm doing the 30 days challange and if it works i will came back in a month to tell the results (sorry for the bad english i'm not from North America)

  4. this is like the hardest exercise for me from the 30 day challenge app and it also hurts my back a lot I mean idk maybe I don't do it properly maybe that flexibity isn't my thing but I just can't really do it no matter how hard I try to

  5. To everyone who says this is hurting their backs a lot… See a sports doc/chiro. Foam roll and stretch more because your lower back may already be too tight. Brace your core as you lift up, to protect your spine. And if it hurts your crotch, opt for something elevated like supermans on a stability ball or hyperextension on a machine at the gym.


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