Fashion Haul – Portobello Market + Oxford Street


A few things I brought from London the other day =]

Blog –

My top is from ZARA


  1. all your stuff is so gorgeous! do you have a job or something to pay for it all? wish i could buy all these lovelies without having a job haha:) but im afraid ill have to stick with it like everyone else ha!xxx

  2. I love your style! I'm always excited when you do a haul or an OOTD because you inspire my wardrobe so much! I totally wish I lived in London so we could go shopping together because you have the best taste. Can't wait til you do another make up tutorial. xoxo

  3. :O Absoloutely looveee your style! Nice to see someone with a little with more individuality 😀
    Only 2.50 for those shirts!? I have to go to London soon! 🙂 Theres nothing like Portobello market and stuff here in Dublin..:/ Agree with you about Urban Outfitters and Topshop being expensive though…I wouldn't mind but most of the clothes end up falling appart after a while :/

  4. Where abouts in P. Market did you get the bracelets from? I'm thinking of getting them tomorrow, i need an inexpensive birthday present. that would be perfect!!

  5. That denim jacket idk what it's called isn't popular in the us but I saw one in h&m like two months ago and I had to have it I haven't worn it yet cause I'm waiting for the school year

  6. Love everything you bought! Really love your style & your camera!! I really want an SLR. You have so much patience to put up with the constant questions about your parents and sister! Hats off to you! xoxo

  7. heyyy ! i was wondering if u could do a graduation makeup look tutorial because im taking my yearbook pictures in like two weeks and i cant think of what to do with my makeupp
    if you could help that would be greatt thankkk youu!

  8. I'm not usually a bumlick but your style rockss, we have everythin in common its realy weird I shop in the same places as yu and I LOVE devil wears Prada, your hair looks effortlessly sophisticated, I always have to go on on your hauls?blogs before I go shopping lol cos you have real style and I love it. And I went to Camden market and bought some levi shorts same as yours but they were £15 week ago, oh well only £5 but still.Thankyou so much for helpin us girliiess out, your my fashion guru!xx

  9. i live in london and EVERYONE is wearing those denim shirts, and i was put off buying it too because i like to stand out, i don't want to look common and like everyone else, but then i gave in because i fort it looked really cool!!

  10. yayyy the skeleton top its amaziiinnggg!! i love ur 2 fingered ring!..i have one but i bought it to H&M..i recommend you to buy it bcoz is really beautiful, its goldish with 3 huge pearls on it. its cool 8)


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