Final Fantasy VII Remake Official Release Date Trailer – E3 2019


Square Enix announced the release date for Final Fantasy VII Remake, coming to PS4 next year.

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  1. So is the original soundtrack getting remade or remastered at all for this game or is the music entirely new? That actually worries me some. But regardless I’m definitely playing. We know turn based is gone for awhile now with this game. Unfortunate, but accepted that that’s not what this is. But am I still going to get some similar feels with this games story and characters?

  2. I got a feeling this first episode is going to be on the small side. Only footage we have seen has been from the beginning of the game. Maybe they will be doing the first episode like that then the next one will be where it goes into the open world part of the game.

  3. lul says it a release trailer but then has a text saying development subject to change? When development subject to change may induce release date change

  4. Square disappointed me with Kingdom Hearts 3. The action was weak and boring despite being flashy. I would rather they do back to the old school turn based mechanics. Those were intense and intellectually rewarding.

  5. So theyre going for crisis core/kingdom hearts gameplay instead of the original.
    Make sense, since a lot of people prefer this than the turn-based style. It'll also make the story a lot more interesting, who knows what they could do in this.

  6. Dear Square-Enix – Release this game on PC and make $60 from me or dont release it on PC and I pirate the PS4 ROM and you dont get $60. Either way, I play on PC. Your choice.

  7. When I first played VII in 97 I was joining the Navy, I pushed back my ship out date by a week just so I could finish the game. Now 22 years later I'm retired and cannot wait to relive the FFVII experience in this remake, I am beyond excited!

  8. Why would they only release a game for PS4………that is so iconic…….shooting themselves in the foot no wonder square games have all been garbage lately they have morons working for them


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