Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Review


Stormblood doesn’t do much to shake up Final Fantasy XIV’s general design, but never before have its familiar elements worked quite so well.

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood – 2 Minutes of Samurai Gameplay

Final Fantasy 14: Stormblood – 2 Minutes of Red Mage Gameplay

Final Fantasy 14: Every New Artifact Armor Set From the New Stormblood Expansion

Final Fantasy 14 – Stormblood Cinematic Official Trailer

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  1. my only criticism about this review is your segment about under water. you made zero mention of being able to do your Fisher gathering skill, which happens to be the (arguably) the best method of fishing due to leve fish to 70, which honestly is besides the point.

    I feel as though if you wanna say there's "little more other than skyscapers of coral", you should at least tell your viewers what useful content is actually under water, because you didn't mention any.

    only a criticism because I love my gatherer skills and FSH 60-70 is pretty much under water in the 4.0 patch. other than that, great review! FFXIV deserves the success it has after everything Yoshi and the team have done with it.

  2. You know you've found a special game when you absolutely can't stand mmorpgs but still can't stop playing FFXIV. It's expensive and it has a monthly fee, yes, but this is the game that made me re evaluate an entire genre

  3. I think the water area may get more content eventually. Such an amazing game that I miss! Samurai is beast! And Red Mage is a great casting class! Bungie could learn from Yoshi!

  4. are the heavensward jobs and these new jobs still locked until you finish the main story? that really stopped me from buying the expansions since, if I was going to grind, might as well do it with the job I want.

  5. If you are a Final Fantasy fan and devotee you MUST play Stormblood. It's up there with 6 7 8 10 and 12 as one of the greatest Final Fantasys they have ever made. It's just mind blowing. If playing 13 and 15 has made you feel like the soul of the series has gone, it hasn't, it lives in through the MMO!!!

  6. This is when this review format doesn't make sense. I love FF14 (post ARR). I have storm blood, essentially what brought me back is that there's a new carrot on the stick.

    The review scoring convention is at its weakest for an MMO.

  7. wauw the thing about side quest kinda stupid, ofc not evryone like it and its not a must but if ur in the area take them complete them or delete them and do it later with a other class

  8. Hello i have a problem with something of this game so here is me first download game and after register was telling me need some code from my @ emaill and go to my hotmail go in and i did get no one messenger or code of what need to be of this game why ??

  9. If you like fast combat system ff14 is not for you, they claim that gcd system is implemented so that you can plan out your next action but is just an excuse to accommodate console player. I bought the full game via friend recommendation only to get disappointed, I could've bought BDO's explorer's pack instead…

  10. The story is garbage, the villian is just overpowered then not overpowered…. what is this dbz? Am i goku now? Killing all those turtles really made me stonger then him even though he stomps you without trying.

  11. You won't need another game for a loooong time after this one, seriously. Only the biggest titles. Here's a friend recruitment code for when you make an account – UJU2JRTS – in-game rewards. I'm on Malboro. PM me if you want an add, have fun! Another NCD3WXWG and another FSD8EUPG

  12. Thoughtful comments here.
    This long-time wow player is shopping for a new game.
    Chat bubble storyline is very unappealing. Any other game options -or mitigating factors for FF14?

  13. I just wish there were some new gameplay features. At the end of the day, you're doing the same things as you were doing in ARR and Heavensward. (Main Scenario, Dungeons, FATEs, Raids, and PVP).

  14. So we are about to go in on this game once our free trial is up. (unless things fall off the rail. But very fun so far) We will get Stormblood for sure. But my question is should be buy the 60 dollar game with all 3 dlcs up front or just buy in slow and upgrade as we come to those moments? Biggest question is if we get stormblood will the experience have differences over the base game at say lvl 1-50? New content in base game that only stormblood owners will have? We want our first play thru to have all the bells and whistles. But DO NOT want to buy everything at once if it doesnt matter til later on. Thanks

  15. Correction: All the Side-quests are worth it for the story. If you do most of the large side-quests in a zone you are treated to a major side-quests tying those stories together. Rewards may not be "great" but the stories make it worth while.

  16. Anyone know if this MMORPG is solo friendly like WoW? I like to experience stories on my own, without being forced to play with others, and I hear over and over that ARR's story is just awesome. I don't mind teaming up with people for dungeons once in a while, but I mostly play by myself to experience the story on my own.

  17. So I just made it to heavensward I'm lvl 30 dark knight. If I buy the shadowbringers expansion which comes with stormblood do I have to go through hundreds of quests to reach this expansion? Itd be dumb if I have too 😛


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