French Girl Beauty Routine | Effortless Makeup look!


I hope this video was able to inspire you ladies!! I want you all to feel confident in your own skin, and have fun with your beauty routine!
Xx – Kelsey

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  1. I’m so happy you made this video, I’m half French and I’ve been getting more into French beauty. And it was awesome meeting you at nycc btw❤️

  2. Hello Kelsey, just out of curiosity, what french youtubers/bloggers were you inspired by? I would really like to check them out. I absolutely love your style by the way.

  3. I’m French and as my makeup routine I only use moisturizer, concealer, pouder and mascara and that‘s it, for me your « French Makeup Routine » is still too much because all my friends do that or don’t wear makeup at all ^^ but good vidéo !

  4. It’s always funny to watch Americans doing "French makeup" when in fact, nowadays French girls tend to do their make up like Americans (je suis française donc don’t come at me)
    But I loveeed your vid <3

  5. swedish girls are kinda same way 😀 let's give them some credit. not everyone is fan of kim kardashian look and if that's your taste to have more natural look it doesn't mean u are inspired by french girls. when i hear french girl look it makes me crazy already soo soo cliche 😀 but i love u though <3 u are very pretty <3

  6. I’m from Belgium, and this is true ! This is my everyday markup routine ! French, Belgian have basically the same makeup routine. If you want to see it ; you can check my YouTube and if you want to see YouTube celebs; LufyMakeup, sananas, Enjoy Phoenix, there are a lot of them !

  7. i think everyone is different… no country has a specific beauty regime or makeup, people just generalise it assuming every single person in that country does it.

  8. French team here but tbh it depends a lot, ik that in France less girls tend to do a full face of makeup every day or use foundations not a myth

  9. As a French girl currently living in the US, I believe typical French makeup really went through a full on 360 in a few generations. Indeed, my grandmother always follows the bold lip or bold eyes rule and emphasizes skincare over makeup, while most French youtubers or teens go for a full coverage, American-style makeup. Being based in Boston, I definitely personally notice way less makeup around here than in Paris. Love your French look though, elegant as usual!

  10. I personally really enjoyed this video of you Kelsey. I really like how realistic this video is. All your other makeup tutorials were too simple & unrelatable( i do normally have a clear skin(i only wear lipstick 90% of the time), but right now my skin isnt that good(i did a heavy makeup for Halloween so it was too harsh on my skin)). And just as that, we are humans. We arent prefect. I love where you are going now. I hope to see more realistic videos from you. Because you are really good at this. Also im happy that u mentioned the old kelsey. XOXO

  11. I can’t really see the differences because the lighting is too bright and the camera is way too far from your face. Just a tip for makeup videos: please let us see what you’re doing!

  12. I will always find it funny when people do "french girl" routine when and most french girls i know (including myself) look absolutely busted on the daily. love though🖤🖤

  13. Kelsey I love you, But the brightness of your videos has been crazy like I can’t see anything that you did and your always so far away from the camera, Like, I get you like having a nice background in the video but it doesn’t really work if you can’t see anything your doing.

  14. Hi Kelsey!

    Just wanted to let you know that I lover your videos, this one included! I really can relate to wanting to use makeup to just enhance yourself rather than change it! I think being able to accept your imperfections is a trait that exudes elegance, be proud of the insight you’re developing, there is nothing more freeing than owing yourself as you are! Awesome job girl!

  15. I love the fact that you talk about perfumes, like it makes me want to buy more fragrances for me, lol
    Also, A MAKEUP VIDEO WHERE YOU DON’T USE BRONZER??!! Wth?! 😱 the end of the world as we know it is near I guess 😂

  16. You don’t even speak French or do anything else French, so when you do these videos, it’s just weird. I speak French because I’ve lived there for 2 years, and a lot of this is pretty untrue. It’s just what Americans think. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE anything to do with France, but the obsession you have is just strange. Let French girls give advice on French things.

  17. Omg do you have french roots? You said it in the video and i was like whaaat but i love the natural make up look too and i do it as well everyday, not a big fan of the baking and false lashes etc make up look it’s just way to much for me and makes me look like a drag queen hahaha

  18. You're so cute Kelsey and so inspiring ♥️ I just wanted to say, just like other French girls commented too, in France it depends on the girl you know because many try nowadays to wear heavy makeup and try to look "American" (because we can't say there's a typical American makeup right?) but the other type use way less products than the ones you showed! We usually wear moisturizer, concealer, mascara and lip balm (if we do wear makeup lol) ☺️ very natural and light!
    Thanks for the video, I discovered a lot of new products! Lots of love x

  19. i liked the concept, but you are too far from the camera and we cant see your skin/face clearly. it looks too filtered/blurred. idk y. :/

  20. من سحر لي بالجن المحسادة الرجالة حمادة و ابمصري عمري مارايت محسادة حتى سلطوا عليا حمادة و المصري .ما معنى حقدهم عليا ما معناه لمادا انا

  21. I had no idea about french girl beauty routine of any sorts but this is exactly my everyday rountine(when I go out) except instead of cushion foundation I put a little bit of concealer(barely).One downside of cushion foundation for me is finding my shade specially because I'm brown

  22. It’s great you get sent stuff, but we don’t. Luxury is great but it would be nice to see something I can actually buy from you. I just feel like you’ve just started being low effort with your content and less creative


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