Gemini Man – Exclusive Official “Bike Fight” Clip


Will Smith fights his younger clone in this action-packed chase scene from director Ang Lee’s sci-fi thriller.

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  1. here come the comment section critics thinking if they say something negative about the movie (like aw man what awful cgi; before actually seeing the final product in theatres)that makes them right or better than everyone else lol

  2. At :24 the side view mirror on the green car goes from the out position. To in. Then back out.

    The "change" in car color is b/c the clip is cut to be short. Something happens that causes older Will Smith to move from the green car seen in the background to the position of the white car

  3. I have watched the trailer several times. Let me address the issue of the car. Look carefully the moment junior throws that bike at Henry, there is a green car in front of the white car. Most of you are not seeing it. the white car was behind the green car. This means he moved behind and the scene was cut. The problem of the side mirror comes as a result of mixing the scenes. The scene of the broken side mirror had to come second but the editor misplaced the cut

  4. I don't think this is the entire scene because it looks like he ran from the green car(which is still in frame) …down the rode to the white car.
    Some people are saying the car turned from green to white but the green car is still there in the last couple frames.
    I think this simply isn't the entire scene

  5. In this day and age when we've all seen terrific John Wick 3 bike scene and MI5 Rogue Nation/MI6 Fallout bike scene…This is a joke. There is a reason Will Smith is very quiet with his youtube channel recently. Completely different from the time when Aladdin was released. Poor Ang Lee.


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