Get Rid Of Your Love Handles


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Wanna learn how to lose fat around your love handles? Well, you’re in luck, and just in time to show off for your special someone! Follow along as fitness trainer Kelsey Lee takes you through a workout specifically designed to eliminate fatty love handles. Leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of this workout!

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  1. Awesome, you are by far my favorite trainer on youtube (I haven't seen them all, but quite a few!) I always look for XHIT vids for the different work outs I want to try. THANKS!!

  2. The question, "Wanna learn how to lose fat around your love handles?," suggests one can do so with these exercises.  But according to fitness instructor Tamilee Webb, one "cannot spot train fat."  All one can do is build muscle.  Losing flab is a matter of diet but keep in mind if you are larger than average about the thighs, rear end, lateral abdomen and so on, no matter what you weigh those proportions may not change.  That said, I thank XHIT and Kelsey Lee for this video as I've wanted to learn some exercises to build my oblique muscles and these look good. 

    I must add that among the fitness instructors I see in these on-line tutorials, Ms. Lee stands out.  Her warmth, charm and sense of humor remind me of the aforementioned Tamilee Webb. 


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