Ghost in the Shell (2017) – Shelling Sequence Clip


Watch the live action Ghost in the Shell movie’s take on the anime’s iconic opening sequence, with original composer Kenji Kawai performing a new composition live on drums. At a press event in Japan, the only access to this footage was during the showcase. The press were allowed to film this sequence during the live performance.

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  1. No offence to the people who did work on the movie, the actors, the staff, etc.
    But i'm wary ………
    About how are they gonna do it.
    Ever since Dragonball movie adaptation, i'm wary ……..
    I don't know to even like, or dislike …….
    We'll see how people will judge it.

  2. Very Hollywood. The molecules at the beginning is basically telling the audience, short of writing it in captions, "hey creation is taking place". No credit to the audience. Similar visuals were used in the beginning of Prometheus and many people were still like "what the hell was happening in that scene". I think dumbing down a movie really cheapens it. Also, where the original shows detail to the body and skin changes… this remake has dark scenes and flashing red lights!? I get it… remove the detail to lower the rating but the detail is a large part of the movie… well the original anyway. Sorry for comparing this to the original, I'm sure it'll be a great movie.

  3. In fact, the film is actually good at the beginning (let's say from 0 to 30 min approximately), and then he slowly changes to turn bad.

    Better to watch the 1995 animation movie. It's a little masterpiece.

  4. Am I too early ?
    Do not complain on how much different it is from the original animated film.
    They actually were able to come up with something creative and still attributing.
    great starting point, now they should do a sequel!!!

  5. Best liveaction of an anime ever!! If you watch the interview, they said they respect the original version and they did. I cry. TwT
    (The lyrics at the last part sounds different though. Just curious)

  6. It baffles me that that they didn't use this song for the shelling sequence but played it during the credits. Still a good movie, just really bothered me.

  7. I was disappointed that they didn't play the music over this in the finished film, but they did play it at the beginning of the end credits, so at least it wasn't just ignored all together.

  8. The did not put the original song in the opening in the cinema release 🙁 today I went excited for this scene and there was this boring music. I don't know why I think they would cause more impresión with this soundtrack.

  9. I am so confused, where is this actually from, as I watched the movie and this scene did not have this amazing music in the background. Instead it had some generic sound with small snippets of the choir in it. Movie was fine, but it started off on a sour note for me because of it. Just did not have that same impact.

  10. Was pissed, they do NOT use this song in the movie, its on the ending credits.Probably because a big name like Clint Mansel cant make a movie OST and have some other guys song in the intro.

  11. The problem with this movie is they tried to do a 1:1 version of the 1995 film. In which case, what's the point? Of course they were going to lose out to the animated version. There are some things you can pull off in animation that just look off in live action and vice versa.

    They should've tried to one-up the animated version with angles that live action is better at like skin detail and shadows etc. And probably tried someone else than Scarlett. Not necessarily an Asian actress but she's just not hot enough to be Motoko.

  12. After finally watching this and coming out badly disappointed…if they had at least used this rendition of the original theme in the finished movie, I might have had a better time. Damn shame they didn't use this, such a waste.

  13. The scene might have been nice, but it might have been for naught. Reviews and reports of earnings say that overall the movie was a flop. I wonder if the whitewashing was really to blame, or was the adaptation not done good enough…

  14. This sequence is interesting when compared to the one in the movie. Obviously certain things were unfinished at this point, like the music and even the scene itself, because not only is the score for this scene not what is being played, but this scene is also missing the opening credits.

  15. False advertising. In the actual movie, it's a shitty remix of the song that sounds nothing like this. The original song is only used in the end credits.

  16. So, in the movie, they didn't use this track. They used another one, but that still fits the tone of the scene. Don't let this minor detail desencourage you from watch it. It's still a very good adaptation.

  17. All the positive comments from people, because it appeared they used the original music for the 2017 intro ……. And it turned out it was just for this trailer hahahaha

  18. I felt scammed. They didnt used the original soundtrack to this scene (that should be imho) That should help viewers hype even more for the movie because that music intensifies nostalgia but instead they used another one. What a shame.

  19. I feel like I’m the only person who actually LOVED this movie (being a fan of the original anime too). Sure it was flawed, but it has to be the best live action adaption of a manga we’ve gotten yet, and as a movie alone it was beautiful.

    Such a shame they haven’t released the soundtrack and film score (one of the best scores I’ve ever heard).

  20. The Shelling sequence could be compared to a baby being born. Motoko is being created. She's being made. And that's the point of the character, she's trying to figure out her self identity, where she fits into it all. Who she is. Because she was made in a Production lab. Her memories and herself are hers? or aren't they? Somebody else's Memories in some shell? They could get rid of ScarJo, and replace with somebody else in a sequel because the Major can body swap.


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