Ghostbusters (2020) – Teaser Trailer


A new Ghostbusters movie is on the way. Watch the teaser trailer released for the upcoming Jason Reitman-directed Ghostbusters film, which will hit theaters in 2020. The new movie will serve as a sequel to the original films.

Ghostbusters Sequel to Original Films Set to Release in 2020 – IGN News:

Ghostbusters World – IGN Plays Live:

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  1. Why cant they make Extreme Ghostbuster instd of this. Those were better as there is a girl member as well as diversity and the dude in a wheel-chair. EG was one of the best 90's cartoon that I miss.

  2. Finally after allll these years I have waited for the third Ghostbusters movie, and now I can check this off my bucket list from things worth watching before I die.

  3. Guys, Remember In The First Movie When They Got A Loan And Ray Went On About His Parents Leaving Him A House And Barn? May This Possibly Be Ray Working On A Proton Pack? Also Since The Ecto 1 Was Ray’s.

  4. I have been waiting for this forever. Ghostbusters is one of my favorite movie series. I loved both the first and second movie and I've been hoping for a third for a long time now. I didn't care for the reboot (along with many other people) so I was really disappointed. But now we fans will finally get the sequel we've been waiting for. I have very high hopes for this!

  5. Kids meet old Ray : ''So…tell us what really happened back then?? are all those stories true? ''

    Ray : ''Kid….we were four people with high ambitions, we practically saved the world from a sumerian Demon.

    After 9/11 people were ready to deal with different kinds of horror in the world, so our government forced us to tell people that the 1984 – 89 incidents was all a big scam…

    But indeed it all really happened. After we lost Spengler our hope of reuniting died with him… ''


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