Glam Christmas Party Outfits! ♡ ad


Since its Party season I put together some glitzy and glam outfits! This is a paid advertorial but I chose every piece in the video and love them all a great deal! Hope you guys like it!
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  1. sammi you are bloody gorgeous and I've been a HUGE fan of yours since the beginning, you absolutely rocked those outfits and I'm pretty sure if the people hatin' on them had your confidence and body they'd be wearing them too! 
    makes me sick how people have to show their jealousy these days, why can't they just be happy for someone. At the end of the day you make these videos showing what YOU would wear and what YOU think looks good on you, your viewers can't expect you to have the same opinion as them. 
    Love you sammi x 

  2. I loved no. 3, it's sexy yet elegant and comfortable, even could add stockings to keep you warm. The other two don't look really wearable (i loved the skirt in no. 1, though). xx

  3. She has every right to show her body if she wants to. For the most part Sammi is very modest and doesn't show much. Why is everybody attacking her for injecting a little promiscuity into her outfit here? I'm tired of this, "If a woman decides to show her cleavage she's a slut but if she doesn't she's prude." crap. You can have a balance of sexy and conservative. People are diverse and have multiple sides to them. Sexy, intelligent, shy, modest, goofy, irritable, loving, strict, empathetic ect. People like to reflect the mood they're in through their outfits sometimes. Let them. She's a GROWN WOMAN and she can do WHATEVER she wants (shameless Beyonce reference).

  4. Yeeees Sammie!! I loved each one of those outfits equally! The fashion in this video is quite different from your usual style but I love it just the same on you! I'm in love! 😍 werk hunty! #fierceness is all over that 2nd outfit.

  5. I absolutely loved the second outfit. Yes, you showed your bum and legs but you're covered by a lacy sheer maxi. It's risqué but still feminine and sexy. I personally wouldn't wear the second one because I hate my thighs but I liked them better than the other two. Thanks for the inspo!!!

  6. where do i get that second outfit?! i know you've got the top, bag and necklace in the description but what about the skirt/dress/bottom half whatever it is?! its' stunning and i NEED it now! 🙂

  7. I'm all for women being free to wear whatever they like and defending women's rights, but that's not at all what this is about. Nobody is saying she shouldn't be ALLOWED to dress however she wants, it's more about taste and preference. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and Sammi has put herself on this platform knowing that. That being said, it's not "slut-shaming" to say that her outfit isn't tasteful. It's an opinion. People (myself included) were expecting something else from the title, that's all.

  8. Your hair is starting to look a bit stringy, lay off the thick, heavy products. I have curly hair so i know what i'm talking about, before these YouTube warriors try and kill me. 

  9. Hi Sammi, I just want to tell you look super pretty in all those outfits in this video! For people (like me) living in a tropical country, these outfits are totally appropriate and gorrrrrgeous! 

    And yes yes, my sister and I have finally mustered the courage to make our own fashion and beauty videos and hope you guys can hope over to over channel and support if you'd like to! Happy New Year 😀 

  10. What a trashy skank you have become sam. 1, tacky showing that much boob ( and legs at same time) 2, the awful Wall paper tattoos 3, isnt Christmas meant to be spent with family?? Not on a street corner selling your ho body. And for god sakes, fix your parting! Its been years now. You no talent having piece of trash

  11. Can't believe I JUST found out about you today, I absolutely loooveeeee your videos & these outfits are all adorable!!! Can't wait to see what else you post ✨

  12. I don't think dress number 2 is appropriate for a christmas party because christmas is about thanksgiving, family, life, and jesus christ birth. People these days need to respect.

  13. I saw thi video on Missguided channel and from that moment i started to follow you on every social net (and blog!) such a stylish person. My fav is the first one, and I don't think the 2nd is unapropiate?? What's happening. What.


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