As you may already have heard (or seen), August wasn’t the best month per se. But the growth and awareness that came from it, was. As humans, our struggles vary, but the way they weigh down on us is very similar. I just wanted to say I’m so grateful to have a community of amazing people that recognized that feeling and took a moment to send a supportive message my way. Although everything in life is temporary, sometimes it takes changing your perspective a bit on the situation and pushing through. September, bring it on!


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  1. jenn! I don't know if you'll see this, but I appreciate how vulnerable you were able to get on video (both on here and in Instagram stories). I don't think how you feel should be suppressed because everything that you are going through, is COMPLETELY valid. everything adds up sometimes and you may get overwhelmed, but I am so happy to hear how much better you are, and how much more happiness will reach you in a few days, months, and years from now. I'm going into my freshman year of college this year as a Biology, Pre-Dental student, studying to become a general dentist. I never thought I'd take this route for a career, especially bc I've basically been primed to do this my entire life by my family (or so I thought). it was only this past year where I realized they're not MAKING me do anything. I have the ability to control what I'm going to do with my time, and take responsibility for my actions. I never understood the defining part of being a dentist, but with all your videos recently, I now do. bc of your vulnerability, I have been seriously thinking of specializing in cosmetic dentistry because I truly love the aesthetics part of the field — something that I never thought I'd say a year ago. and now, after seeing you open up about your struggles, I'm seeing this as a sign to go after my desires. you may think this video won't help anyone, but it helped me see how vaulable the little things are. I love you! ❤️ praying that everything continues to look up for you.

  2. Man, you’ve had a growing time. For everything that has happened, it is okay to mourn for the bad. But I’m so impressed with how gracious and gentle you are with the response. Thank you for sharing this (because you also didn’t have to)!

  3. i was so sad when i saw your instastories, i have the worst teeth ever so i understad the stress and fear of seeing your missing tooth, but i'm glad it wasn't worst and that you're okay ❤️

  4. I had a week similar to this in August! Or at least it made me feel similarly! My door glass on my car was shattered (I choose to believe by accident), I found out my credit score went down since I was debt free and had no open accounts, I was on my period, and a bunch of other minimal stuff that I honestly can’t even remember right now but felt so heavy at the moment! I really relate to this video and I love how you choose to look back on it with a grateful attitude. That is also how I try to look at things win hindsight. Love you Jenn❤️

  5. Omg thank you much for sharing this, I’m currently struggling with emotional crash downs and this video gives me such a new aspect to rethink my life 😭

  6. Such a real video, especially the part about you being the only person to pull yourself out of a rut. You continue to create amazing content not only visually but emotionally. As someone who overthinks and is waay too into my thoughts, I'm always inspired to be a better person and to think in a more positive light because of you Jenn, so thank you! (:

  7. I hope you feel better soon Jenn. One of the many reasons why I like so much about you and your vlogs are that you show your vulnerable sides as well. In a way you are relaying the message that it’s okay to be bit messed up at times. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Also want to end this with a quote from Dalai Lama “if you have solutions to the problem, then there’s no need to worry, if you don’t have the solution to the problem, then there’s no use of worrying”. Feel better soon Jenn. Lots of love and tight hugs. 🥰🥰

  8. I feel like we react to thing similarly and it makes me kind of grateful to know I’m not a bad person for getting upset over things that later feel small or freaking out and being negative in the moment. It’s hard to see past things when you’re in the midst.

  9. Sigh.. my heart feels so much for you. ❤️ We love you, Jenn.
    Thank you for sharing this with us though it must have been hard. Thank you for being so real and sharing your true, raw self with us.
    May God bless you and Ben with more and more better days.

  10. Glad you are okay Jenn. As you said, that fall could’ve lead to death or paralyzation but yet here you both are. Whatever is behind you is in the past. We have only today to make the best of.

  11. Jenn I totally feel you when it came to the tooth accident. It happen to me when I was in middle school and I fell on my face and half of my tooth was gone. But luckily we found the missing piece and my parents took me to the dentist and they put it back together but now I’m dealing with it Discoloring and I have to wait until I’m able to Financially be able to fix it. But I try to not let it get to me and be positive about it 😆

  12. Jenn this makes me adore you even more. You are such a genuine and kind person that just makes me happy to see you smile.
    I know some people were saying hurtful things to you when you posted insta story, but you distilled it so nicely and talked about it in this video.
    This might be the first time I am commenting on your video, but please know that I really like you as a person.
    We have never met but you have shown yourself so much through Youtube.
    I am happy you found positivity even during back to back bad experiences. Keep spreading your positivity!! I support you.

  13. i feel you. i’ve been sporting a completely missing front tooth since december of last year because of a similar impact of falling and hitting my face when i was younger that never got fixed until now. i’ve had a crooked and completely rotten front tooth since last year until they removed it. since implants need to heal i’ve had a missing tooth and have to wear invisalign with paint covering the missing tooth and i absolutely HATE it because it looks completely different from the rest of my teeth. so it really sucks having to live with this hole in the front of my face. and i have to get veneers that cost way too much so my real teeth match my new fake tooth. ugh it’s such a rollercoaster! you’re so lucky you got everything fixed really fast! my situation is different tho since my implant needed to heal and my teeth needed to move to fit in this new tooth 😭 i can’t wait til it’s over and i can finally smile without feeling insecure. thanks for sharing! i feel a lot better about my situation. xx

  14. I’m always terrified of back rides becuz I had a classmate in forth grade fell down from a back ride and had a surgery on her head and she had to leave school and rest for a entire year

  15. "if there is a solution to your problem, look at it positively" –wow I've been having a really bad streak with car problems/accidents and this was personally so encouraging. thank you for sharing T-T

  16. Thanks Jen for this ♥️I knew I had to watch this immediately. I have seemingly misplaced/lost my wallet and I was searching for it nonstop for two hours today with no luck. It was a YSL wallet my mom gifted to me for my birthday and I haven't used it for very long. I also had a couple hundred dollars in it and all my cards and I.D. I was sure I could find it and that I didn't lose it, but towards the end of my search I felt defeated and just accepted the fact that I couldn't find it. While I was trying to find peace, I also found myself digging myself into the whole victimhood mindset you talked about. I canceled plans with my friend because I didn't feel like going out after what happened even though I did want to and just felt like I wasted my day worrying about it. I know I could always replace the cards and earn back the money (and buy a new wallet even though it's out of my budget lol), but still it sucks. But I can't change right now, but I can change how I can look at it, and I'm okay if I can't find it. So thank you for reminding me and that I'm not the only one having a bad day! (Seriously though, is Mercury in retrograde?)

  17. Jenn, I empathize with your accident 100% and commend you for sharing your story. When I was 11 or 12, my cousin and I were playing leap frog in an empty parking lot and it was my turn to hop over his shoulders. It was all shits and giggles until I face planted onto the black top, got up in a daze, then realized that a substantial chunk of my left front tooth broke off similar to yours. The feeling that followed was this soul-crushing sense of despair and helplessness followed by heaving tears of anxiety and self-pity every time I looked at myself in the mirror. I remember like it was yesterday quickly closing my mouth the same way you did after facing my reflection in utter disbelief. I'm also a singer so my teeth weren't just a "nice to have" benefit; they were crucial to me and my self-esteem. The clips of you breaking down brought me back to that moment and the traumatizing "smile" journey that followed me for years into my teens – emergency braces, temporary teeth, then another set of braces, then veneers, then veneers again to fix the last awful set, then reshaping my teeth, etc. I was young and didn't have access to the same research, resources, and cosmetic dentists that could have made that process much easier if it were to have happen to me today (I'm 27 now), so I had to learn how to cope & compensate for having a f*cked up smile in other ways even though it was such a massive insecurity growing up in a world where looks and appearances have so much social currency. I can imagine the sorrow you felt multiplied by the fact that your face is literally THE face of your brand and your career. I want to thank you for your transparency and for ending your story on such a positive note with a lesson that many who go through adversities have a hard time seeing. Similar to you, I leaned on my support system and eventually learned how to take ownership of my circumstance and rely on myself to keep a positive mindset. Thanks for sharing your story, Jenn! Stay up girl! You are loved!

  18. I love how you decided to use this bad luck to promote positivity on your platform! My heart broke when I saw your face with your tooth. I love to you pointed out the privilege you have but also your a person with feelings

  19. I cried when you started crying amd showed your broken tooth 😭 but thank you so much for sharing these type of videos. Sometimes i get stuck in a really negative mindset and its nice to know someone else has those moments as well. Love how you found positivity in all this, that’s important. Glad youre doing okay now… much love for you and Ben 💕 xx

  20. I hope you're doin' great now, but I really appreciate that you want to show your vulnerability. love how you make it so real & raw. and it's really okay to not to be okay. hope you're okay now!! <3

  21. I really, really needed this right now. I also feel like I am going through a difficult time right now. You're right. The biggest thing I struggle with is remembering that "only you can pull yourself out of a negative rut".
    When you get caught up in your emotions and feel like everything is crumbling down it's genuinely difficult to remind yourself of that. I tend to be very pessimistic myself.
    This video gave me that reminder to sit back, take some deep breaths and look at my current situation from a different perspective.

    Thank you, seriously.

  22. Jenn you never no how strong you really are until you go through some hard times ….and girl you are doing the thang. I excited about the next up coming months for you …Here's to exciting times coming your ways …watch out here it comes the Silver lining 😀 my prayers are with you & Ben

  23. This reminded me that I chipped my tooth trying to sew my job uniforme (I bited a needle forcing it to get it into the other side of the fabrc), that was two years ago, probably should go to the dentist haha

  24. So sorry you went through this horrible saga but I’m so happy for you that you’re on the other side of it now with such positive hindsight. i actually also broke my front buck tooth by faceplanting into the ground very recently. I needed a root canal and a crown too so i totally get what you mean when you say it was so emotional just to have that injury on your face. I actually remember thinking between the ‘why is this happening to me’s and feeling sorry for myself that i had to remind myself to be grateful it was a fixable injury and that i had a great dentist who could squeeze me in. I often considered the perspective-shifting mantra from a book which I had read bc you recommended it, if I’m not mistaken- “what is this here to teach me?” (From oprah’s This I Know For Sure) This helped me stay positive and look for the moments to be grateful for through my experience.

  25. Literally going through the ceiling damage of my toilet overflowing on the second floor right now. It's the most tedious tedious thing to deal with. And my front tooth chipped when I was in high school and I had to get a crown for it. It was so depressing to me because I was never getting it back and that thought scared me so much. I still have the crown and it took me maybe a year to emotionally get over it. Jenn, you have never been so relatable to me. This video was so personable in so many different aspects. Thank you for your bravery. This resonates so deeply to me and I want to let you know that I am perfectly happy (except for the fact that my ceiling has a huge hole from repairing it) watching your video for some reason took this load I had off my soul because I realized these things happen to everyone. Even my favorite role models

  26. Jenn!!!!! You are still and will always be the same beautifully gorgeous person on the inside and out! Know that you have the world 🌎 cheering you on! We LOVE you!!!

  27. Wow, this video just made me realize how human you really are. Even after winning awards, having her own company, having millions of followers and being a huge inspiration to millions of girls and boys all over the world, you still struggle sometimes and that's okay. I love you so much Jenn, thank you for being transparent and showing us that it's okay to be upset and that its just a part of life. I really needed this because lately there's been so many days where I've struggled and just wanted to turn the switch off, but it really just means that its time for me to stay even more stronger and become a better me. <3 I hope life brings you more joy and happiness than Ben and Cheeki could ever, you deserve the world <3

  28. Thank you for this – and thank you for being you. You didn’t even need to explain that you’re human and you go through ups and downs too.. but just. Grateful for influencers like you. You’re so real and genuine and so so special Jenn! We love you – good vibes only! 💓💓💓

  29. Big Sean once said: "If you a real one, then you know how to bounce back." (don't hate me for quoting him lol).  Glad you're safe and healing Jenn~

  30. This is why WE LOVE YOU! You always turn unfortunate mishaps into something amazing. You’re such a humble and beautiful being! Thank you for reminding me that all of the “issues” that I’m having will soon become a memories and won’t even matter in the long run. “Without struggle, there is no progress.”

  31. My heart broke when I saw your Instagram story and it broke once again during this vlog. Having your face get a hit like that is pretty traumatic so I completely understand why you broke down. When I was 12 I fell off my bike and my face hit the pavement. I did scape half of my face which made me so sad but I was so thankful that the injury wasn't worse because I was wearing a helmet. Stay strong Jenn! You got this.

  32. Thank you Jenn for this video I was in the same head space back in march i experienced a miscarriage i fell into depression for a while but i was starting to pick myself up again and well fast forward to july I lost my Grandmother who was like my mother and i fell into depression again its been a hard year my husband and have had a few bumps in the road but I know things are gonna be okay and this video was the best thing to see to be grateful of the small things. Things will be okay ❤

  33. aww I could literally feel how upset you are when your tooth broke. i fell down and broke one of my front tooth just like you did and it broke my heart because I had always loved my teeth before and now that I have a fake tooth, it felt so unreal. I hope you’re doing well jenn!! Come back to Singapore soon!

  34. My heart absolutely broke when I saw your missing tooth😭 I thought the thumbnail was maybe a childhood picture but as someone who absolutely despises going to the dentist I was just clutching to my mouth and going over my teeth because I could feel your pain.

    You're a beautiful person for being able to look at it this way and putting that energy out in the world. However you're only human. Every human can only handle so much. So happy to hear everything is going so well now and sending you all the blessings for that to continue❤️

  35. I’m sorry that you had a really rough period and I really admire how you’re able to look at it in such a positive light! I wish the best for you in the future and I’m glad you’re okay 🙂

  36. it's extensive because the houses in America suck and are all wood… don't blame yourself, for something that is not your fault! so glad you found time to be grateful with the people you love <3 that's the best thing Jenn! everything else doesn't matter

  37. I have bad luck on August too .
    i lost someone that close to me 😭😭😭
    Why everything bad must happen on August ? still it made me cry till this day but there’s nothing i could do anymore 😞

  38. I've chipped my tooth too and fixed it and that happened just before I got married.. It was worst thing for me and I went into depression but then came out of it stronger… What uve gone through made u stronger.. Always be grateful for the hurdles in life as well, they make u a better person..

  39. Dear Jenn, I hope you find my comment and have time to read it. I don't always watch your videos every time you upload one, but I come to watch such videos that you choose to share with us. It humbles me down when needed and make me re-look at my life in a more positive way. Such videos are a need in this materialistic world. Thank you and I hope you always find courage to tackle every situation and know that nothing in this world is permanent.

  40. Such an inspration!
    Stay strong and have to say that it's the powers inside us and the lovely pepole who are surrounded by that can lift us up in uglies situations.
    happy that this month is being good to you. ♥

  41. I'm so sorry for what you've been through, Jen. But super glad to hear things are getting better. September will be good, its your month anyway! 💕

    P.S. I love this raw content, I love how you express your emotions just like the rest of us. Watching this makes me feel that we're friends, eventho we never met before 😉

  42. im so glad i watched this video, this was truly inspiring and honestly opened me up about how i should be grateful for everything including the struggles <3 thank you Jenn xx

  43. Jenn its fantastic that you are feeling grateful but don't dare think you don't deserve to complain or share you fears insecurities and hurt – you went through a lot and I can imagine the mental pain you were in the whole time. I don't have the financial stability to have dealt with it how you did but it doesn't make it less scary or painful for you. Your teeth are fantastic and you look gorgeous <3

  44. This was so comforting, since 2019 has been unusually very unlucky…like you said, staying positive really helps and these events really make you feel grateful for a 'normal' day hehe, this is nothing compared to what you went through, but I rammed into the garage door while parking and it folded up in half living am I right

  45. Aww Jen, thanks 🙏🏻 for making me feel better too, cause lately, tbh, I feel I’ve been going through some ups and downs. They were challenging/tough times but in the end, it made me realise, life is all about learning, each and everyday is a new day. We cry 😭 but then we learn from it and move on. This is now a life motto I go through.

  46. You are so amazing ! You went through these struggles! BRAVE GRIL! And you are so lucky to have them support you ! I will keep watching your positive or negative video no matter what. You can handle it, to transfer bad thinking to wonderful thinking .🥰🥰

  47. Jen thank you for sharing this and showing us your raw side. It is so unfortunate these events have happened but thank you for shining light on the silver lining. You're such an inspiration and I can't wait for all the other amazing achievements and goals you will continue to achieve in the near future! Rock on sista xx

  48. I’m sorry for thing happened to you, and I love your message, Jenn!
    Just bad things happened to me today, but your message release my worries and bad feeling. I want you to know that you positivity impact on who are in different countries including me. Thank you!

  49. Jenn,
    I fell on my face once too on concrete and chipped my front tooth so i know how horrible and vulnerable you must've felt until it got fixed. Fortunately the nerve wasn't exposed but i'm super cautious and i use my front teeth to but on certain things even though it is fixed lol i'm just so paranoid, but that moment you said you felt something wasn't right when you got up.. I've been there too and its such a scary and intense feeling, but as you said it could've been worse. glad you had Ben there when it happened xx

  50. Hi Jenn👋 Thank u for sharing your story, I felt for you and understood what you went through which was not pleasant with all that happenings. Personally I went through streaks of bad luck myself too when one thing happened after another also affected my health too, so after awhile I start to think OK, what's next… I'm so ready for it & I will say Oh! Thanks the lord, I'm still alive breathing, eating, walking, smelling, seeing and enjoying whatever I want so money is not an object anymore when you are still healthy and tbh sometimes in life we cannot expect perfection each day and yes, being grateful will change the way we see things… so don't be so disheartened & your journey in life is still a long way so acceptance & stay positive, be happy with what you've got & live for today not past & embrace tomorrow👌⭐️🥰👍❤️Sunshine always comes after the rain🎈😃

  51. I can’t imagine how hard they were for you. but really thank you for your sharing your work in a positive way. I hope there will be only good things🙏🏻 stay strong💪

  52. Jenn, you truly are such a genuine soul and it's such a breath of fresh air 🙂
    I've been having a rough couple of weeks as well and the words you spoke at the end of the video really put things into perspective for me, so thank you ❤️

  53. Im so sorry that you had to go through all this. Including the backlash on ig. I wouldnt have been back to my normal self in just a week if i were in your shoe.. Especially for someone with the most gorgeous smile in the world. Im surprised you even managed to vlog everything. Good to be informed of everything, but at the same time i feel bad that you might be having the pressure to vlog everything for us. You dont have to be. If youre sad and depressed, take your time. I learned today again that you are a very strong woman. Keep shining your positivity.

  54. "I feel like people learn their biggest lessons through struggles"

    Yes. And thank you for this video I needed it. In the past few months or so, I've been more and more grateful for what I have (my family, a place to live, a job that I love) but it's nice to see these reminders that tell me to always stay like that. You made me tear at your struggle. I'm glad you got over it well.


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