GreedFall: 13 Minutes of Gameplay


Check out 13 minutes of gameplay from the upcoming open-world fantasy RPG, narrated by one of the developers.

This is a timed exclusive.

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  1. Why do you think they locked out so the player can only play as the main protagonist? one of my favorite things about DA is you can switch between characters. That's pretty disappointing – wonder if they can change that

  2. FINALLY! A tactical pause menu that will allow me to actually take that healing/antitode item in peace. I always hate it when in these type of games that require quick reflexes I am forced to go through my menu while the enemies attack me just because I forgot to equip it to my quick menu – which happens way too often because once the item is exhausted it usually requires you to re-equip it to your quick access bar (in many games I have played). it's freaking annoying to say the least.

  3. ES6 better step it's game up, lots of games have done open world RPG's better than Bethesda so they better rbing their A game. I will say this though, the cape seems to be running at a different framerate than the game, so it looks jittery, just small complaint.

  4. My plan, is to be like a gun user with defensive magic, i think i saw an ability that lets you sort of teleport, or fade, i want to teleport around the battle field and shoot everyone

  5. With the exeption for CR Projekt Red I dont pre order, but I made an exception for Greedfall. Im aware of their past, but this is an important release to them, so I dont think there are any nasty surprises in this game. Im really looking forward to play it, since its looks better and way more fun than most of the soulles tripple A junk that is floating around. And luckely for me in The Netherlands I still can return it to the retailler as long as I dont break the seal of the box, so I will wait for the first reviews, but im confident its a keeper.

  6. Ok… I'm still not hook. I'm curious with this game. It got potential but is it gonna be all cut and paste quests or go here do this do that kill this fetch this n that? We'll see the final built

  7. A little worried about scrolling through pages of items in the inventory, otherwise looks pretty exciting. I'm thoroughly sold on the concept of tending to your companions.

  8. tactical pause? wtf, that really boils down the thrill of fighting bosses. just let the fight carries on (no pauses allowed while fighting bosses), instead just make companion protect you more than usual or at least have them warn you every time there's incoming attack aimed specifically towards you while u open up the item menu. this companion bullshyt make the battle looks like just a bunch of bully ganging up on someone, not cool at all. i was actually hyped for the game cause the story and background theme of the game, but now im not even sure if i wanna buy it.

  9. I have a soft place in my heart for this studio. Their other games were rough, but interesting. Especially Technomancer. Looks like this time they are going to nail it 100%

  10. This game looks like it "could" have tons of potential. Like every game but limited by consoles and
    technological progress at this moment… wake me up after there are some serious games that I had dreamed of.

  11. it lools so promising that can easly demolish your hype as can see in the horrible cloak like thats what we will see %70 in the game like SHOULDN’T YOU FIX THAT BEFORE THE SHOW? HOW MUCH YOU HATE YOUR OWN GAME?

  12. Im definitely skeptical after The Technoshitter, but Im liking what Im seeing here. The combat looks pretty decent and I love the setting, I just hope we aren't railroaded into siding with the natives against everyone else like a fantasy Avatar.


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