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WarnerMedia has announced a new live-action Green Lantern series executive producer Greg Berlanti calls “our biggest DC show ever made.” That Green Lantern project is one of three new DC Comics-based shows coming exclusively to the HBO Max streaming platform. We’re breaking down everything we know about the new show, speculating on what it means for the Green Lantern Corps movie, and taking a stab at whether the Green Lantern series will star Kyle Rayner, Hal Jordan, John Stewart or other iconic GLs.


  1. A"Green Lantern inspired show" lots of things come to mind like , you said , The Omega Men or The Darkstars, These were The Controllers version of the GL Corp, or focusing on the Guardians origins might focus on the character Krona, Red Lanterns or Blue lanterns, I personally want a story of The Weaponers of Qward

  2. I hope it focuses on all of them. Like GOT, there were several main characters.
    It should be a massive space opera with focus on all the Green Lanterns:
    Jessica Cruz
    Hal Jordan
    Simon Baz
    John Stewart
    Guy Gardner.

    I'll subscribe immediately if they do this.

  3. I’d want Nathan Fillion as Hal but I’m not sure that’s possible with him starring in another show. Maybe he could just appear in a few episodes and Guy, John, Kyle, Simon, or Jessica could be the real main characters.

  4. Can someone tell me does Greg Berlanti even read comic books? No forget comics. Does he even like superheroes? The CW shows are teen dramas with the exception of Black Lightning and that's probably because Berlanti has minimal input on that show's creative direction. Salim Akil created the show and shopped it to Fox before getting on the CW.

  5. Green lantern is such an amazing character and deserves his own blockbuster movie. I just find it disrespectful to the character how they decide to make a Green Lantern tv show instead as if he’s not important enough for his own movie.

  6. I wish they could revive the animated series like they did for Young Justice. Plus in Season 2 they planned to feature the Sinestro Corps for the first half then the Black Lanterns for the second half, that would have been so awesome.

  7. If this is gonna be on HBO Max I hope it won’t have the same tone as shows like that. It’s Green Lantern not Game of Thrones. Also does this mean we’re not getting the DCEU Green Lantern movie?

  8. None of the showed he’s involved with right now are great in my opinion. They are OK. Not the worst but honestly could be so much better!!!! The flash?? Confusing story line and has so much opportunity

  9. He's also show running Batwoman, which has been nothing short of absolutely disappointing so far. Before the haters swoop in on me, I am a massive Bat-fan (that wants this show to succeed) and continue to give this show a chance to get going, but so far after 4 episodes, I'm losing hope that it will amount to anything more than a cringey Batman wannabe.

  10. I always thought that since Warner Bros owns both HBO & DC that there is a great opportunity to bring so many DC IPs to TV & have them be much more compelling than any Marvel series we've seen. I would love to see some of their Vertigo series produced like Sandman & 100 Bullets.

  11. If JOHN STEWART is NOT a major co-lead of this GL series then its ALREADY rubbish…. interesting how BOTH of u seriously avoided mentioning Stewart esp his run "MOSAIC".


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