Gretel & Hansel – Teaser Trailer (2020) Sophia Lillis


Check out the first teaser trailer for Gretel and Hansel, starring Sophia Lillis from IT.

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  1. I want a Netflix or HBO series of Silent Hill or The Thing. Am I the only one that thinks both those would make for an incredible show? Both thrived on mystery and suspense. What more can you ask for?

  2. Isn't it kind of embarrassing that they misspelle the name constantly?
    The name is Hänsel and if you guys don't have a the letter Ä on your keyboards the alternative spelling would be Haensel.

  3. so apparently pulling out a string from your mouth is scary???when david blaine does it its magic, oh wait……………………david blaine is a witch

  4. Funny how the title switch triggers so many like putting Gangsta’s paradise with Sonic the hedgehog . Movies arent about shock value anymore, its all about who makes people annoyed first?

  5. Fun fact: my brain actually auto corrected the title to "Hansel & Gretel" so while reading the comments I had no idea what people were talking about until I read the title again lol.

  6. When the movie Hansel and Gretel starring Jeremy renner aired, I went to the cinema counter and purchased 2 tickets for "Hansel and Pretzel" because it was so catchy and it slipped. So everyone laughed, I was so embarrassed. Now that the name is reversed, I hope I won't repeat the same thing again.

  7. Everyone’s so triggered about the flipping of name that they forget to complement the film’s great cinematography and score. Its just a name flip, get over it ffs!!!!

  8. Of course they got the Borg Queen to be an evil witch…..

    It looks interesting, but the Brothers Grimm recorded MANY tales. I'd like to see one that hasn't been abused to death get attention for once like the Three Hairs from the Devil story.

  9. I think they switched the name because this is like the trailer Said: a grim fairytale. It is a dark, scary and different version. So it won’t just be a scary version of the fairytale. But the movie Will give it a whole other twist. And i think they switched the names to try to make that clear.
    At least I think so.


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