A chatty GRWM while I try out new makeup that i’ve bought recently
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Pink roses top £20 – Topshop

Glossier Priming rich moisturiser –

Urban Decay naked foundation –

NARS All day luminous weightless foundation –

MAC Prolongwear concealer –

NARS Light reflecting loose powder –

Benefit Precisely my brow –

Glossier Boy brow –

MAC Studio fix perfecting stick –

Sigma F23 –
Sigma F79 –

TarMar –

Kevin Aucoin Sculpting powder –

NARS Wanted Palette –

Lancôme Monsieur big mascara –

Diorskin nude luminizer –

Diorrouge liquid lipstick –

Daniel Sandler Liquid blush –

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  1. love these chill style videos i play them when i do my makeup 🙂 Tar Mar is one of my favorites as well! its cool that you still have time to watch other girls' videos 💕

  2. Thats what happened to me at mac when I bought a dark concealer for contouring! She was like "you know thats too dark for you right", like no shit!! lol

  3. Set the rest of ur base Sam and then spray! Mac fix plus it will make such a difference plus help ur makeup last longer I use it like before makeup application after powder and then at the end to take away any powderryness!! X

  4. I actually love that you didn’t put eyeliner for this look. Going in with a darker eyeshadow really made it pop. Anyways love you sooo much sam!! Hugs and kisses all the way from Pennsylvania

  5. Love the video (even if your light doesn't work with you) makes it more onperfect ♥♥ do you have any tips for an mascara? Looking for one that doesn't smootch??!! out .. yes even the waterresistants one doing that with me..

  6. You are so funny and so light like me Sammie. I always end up buying orange foundations too. Sucks lol I really want to try The Ordinary too but the lighter colors are bad😊 💋 I love when you do makeup tutorials, you should do more 😊😍 #loveyourhair

  7. I've tried the ordinary foundation and I do like it but because it's such full coverage it does sometimes stick to the fine lines on my face. I really want to try to the urban decay one xx

  8. Big hug from hongkong Sammy. have been watching ur vlogs since the beginning.
    fail to understand why your forehead is hidden in every shot n videos.. its very disturbing

  9. I missed how you applied your baking powder, also how do you apply it without it getting everywhere ? 😐 I've tried to apply it with a beauty blender and it doesn't stick to the sponge 😫 xx

  10. I've heard The Ordinary foundations can end up drying a lot darker than they appear. The skincare line is AMAZING though, so you should definitely try those out!

  11. I loved that Topshop blouse when you showed it previously, but couldn't allow myself to buy it at £34, you just reminded me about it here and i got it for £20! Wooo

  12. I think Sam was the first youtuber I came across and its so nice to see you coming out of your shell, you can tell your such a sweetheart and its nice to see you more developed and like comfortable in your skin. Much love.

  13. Every now and then during your beauty videos I get PixiWoo vibes. There's a shared mannerism. It's hard to peg exactly what it is, just little moments here and there.

    I enjoyed this video. It was a good look for you.

  14. I’ve tried every concealer on the planet…except for the pro longwear. It looked so good on you that I might just have to give it a try.


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