HBO’s Watchmen Season 1 Premiere Review Discussion (Full Spoilers)


Now that HBO’s Watchmen has aired its Season 1 premiere, Joshua, Terri and David get into a full spoilers review discussion about what they liked about the series, how it connects to the comics and what their favorite Easter eggs were.



  1. I think that the Tulsa, Oklahoma intro went over some people's heads or they did'nt care….I notice alot of people don't want to deal with the way they deal with racial issues in that alternate universe….the Bass Reeves reference…in the movie theater ….most people don't know that the Lone Ranger was based on a real US Marshal during the Reconstruction Era…I knew as soon as I saw the Black officer pulling over the White dude in the pick up truck….that some people were going to go off the deep in like they did with Black Panther….even Black Lightning saw a little backlash for their storylines and there were critics who said they could'nt connect with the characters or they could'nt relate to the storyline….De Ja Vu!

  2. Man, the show is AMAZING! I love that they took that Watchmen frame (which was 80s fear of the cold war) but puts it in today's racial world. Tanahashi Coates is an amazing writer and you can tell his influence here. Very edgy and exciting. I hope it takes it all the way.

  3. Shalika teams up with Sonny Crockett, eh!? The show caught me by surprise (I don't watch much cable). The wizard of Northampton just can't dispel his own despised conjuration (fortunately for us). But yeah, it's dope.

  4. How did Ozy teleport the squid in the original Watchmen? Wasn’t the squid engineered on a tropical island by Ozy? Why would there be residual squid, other than keeping the populace on edge that a bigger squid incident could occur? Is Ozy still keeping up the charade 35 years later? How do they set alarms and sirens for inter dimensional interference?

  5. I give this correct. It was not a "race riot". It was a massacre of 300 black citizens. To call it a race riot denigrates the truth of what happened.

  6. In response to the question Why didn't the police chief have a mask? I assumed it was because, like our reality, the chief is still an elected position so if you want to become chief at some point you would need to become a public persona.

  7. Dr. Manhattan certainly has indeed been observing Earth from Mars. Note the structure he demolished in the televised feed footage: it was a replica of the castle we find Ozymandias/ Jeremy Irons in

  8. I never read the comic but did see the movie, so the squid thing was confusing, but I liked the first episode definitely hooked. HBO did a great job in the trailers because the entire episode I was just waiting for Don Johnson to be part of the Calvary. The drug use, the way he spoke with officers wife, and they way he goes off on his own at the end, but damn great twist to start the season. Also curious to see how many of the characters from the movie/comic are still alive today, and if they will be interjected into the story at all.. besides Ozzy and Dr Manhattan

  9. Im gonna wait for all episodes to get out. I have read the comic and watched the movie and I'm confused like hell. Also I think the story don't work without the iconic characters.

  10. Honestly I keep seeing these comments trying to idolize Rorschach, and it just blows my mind how so many people just missed the point of his character entirely. The fact that the show had people take his image and idolize him while ignoring what his actual motivations were, because of their lack of understanding of who Rorschach was is hilariously ironic since that's happening in the real world.

  11. Wow this was bad. It’s like they took a crap story and used the Watchmen name to get people to watch it. I’m done after 1st episode. I heard Alan Moore the creator hated it and I can see why.

  12. I agree with Terri. The execution of the show wasn't enough to wow me, but the concepts are great. Since it's from the guy that created Lost, I'm sure it will be a slow burn as things are being set up. I'm really excited to see where this goes AND how it got that 85 metacritic score.

  13. I thought it was interesting that they involved the first American fire bombing massacre on the the African American community(hurtful). I wonder how this will crossover.

  14. Rorschach never got to tell the world the truth. He sent his journal off before he even knew of Adriens real plan prior to him and nite owl infiltrating his Antarctica base. The reason Manhattan murdered him was so that he wouldn’t go back and tell everyone the truth

  15. I don’t want to bash the show yet but with so many WM easter eggs and yet this doesn’t feel like WM that’s my issue. The show could be better in my opinion especially for hbo standards

  16. I have never seen the movie or read the comics. Came into this completely cold. This show is complete gibberish. Start to finish I couldn't explain a single scene. Nonsense!


  18. I haven't followed comics in a long time, and know only of the watchmen from the movie, itself. Listening to your crew, made me wonder if there was any connection to the Bass Reeves story as the likely influence for the Lone Ranger. His character in the Tulsa movie theater wore all black and believed in true justice, as opposed to lynching potentially innocent persons accused of crimes, without due process. I thought perhaps the current day police officers wearing a mask was an homage to both costumed crime fighters of the Watchmen universe and the rebranding of Bass Reeves as the tv series Lone Ranger. The idea of the mask of the Lone Ranger, was based on Bass Reeves wearing disguises such as dressing up as women and other persons in order to apprehend criminals.

  19. Don't forget about the 🙂 in the eggs it even had a little bit of blood in the yolk to kind of symbolize the badge in the beginning of Watchmen the comedian's badge with the blood splatter on it

  20. Rorscach sent his diary to the right wing publication that he read. For this day and age imagine if he sent his diary to someone like Alex Jones (not saying hes right wing) but i believe that his diary is probably regarded as conspiracies and is suppressed.

  21. One thing that ties back to the comic was the new American flag. It had (at least) 51 stars on a blue circular background in the center of the flag due to our winning the Vietnam War and annexing Vietnam.

  22. But!, the squid/alien that appears at the end of the Graphic Novel is man made on the Island?, its not a real Alien attacking america it was staged?… Maybe that's why they ask that question of the guy in the POD and why the squids just turn to liquid?? ummm need to see more!!!.. BTW I loved!! it.

  23. 50 year old small women always make the best superheros right? Specially when they have no super powers, they just somehow beat up guys twice their size and half their age because…..i dunno because they wanted a 50 year old lady and hoped no one would consider how unrealistic and corny it is?

    Also, was it Regina King's idea to cast a guy 15 years younger than her as her husband? hahaha

  24. Maybe I am wrong, but I have not heard that the HBO Series is being promoted as a sequel. I thought it was a newly imagined series by Lindelof. I keep hearing the word sequel in the commentary.

  25. Why are you guys assuming that the average viewing even knows or has read the Watchmen comic? I don't know anything and am just viewing it as a stand alone artistic piece. You all seem very biased.

  26. It took the second time watching this episode to catch the paper on the wheelchair mans lap that said ‘Watch over this boy’ or something of this nature, that his parents gave him. Because the whole episode I was wondering where was the boy all these years later.


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