Hellboy Responds to IGN Comments


IGN comments are funny, knowledgeable, passionate… and sometimes pretty weird. We showed David Harbour, AKA Hellboy some of our favourites.

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  1. Haha love how IGN is always a hypocrite. Gives a horrible review to a movie and then make a video with the actors of that movie like it didnt happen

  2. Del Toro and Pearlman created a beautiful movie with hellboy 2. I can't believe they weren't invited back for the 3rd film… so so so disappointing.

  3. To be fair, right… this David Harbour seems like a decent and chill dude. A real shame Mila Jovovich was in it. She's cursed, you know? 9 out of 10 movies she's in ends up being a flop.

  4. David Harbour is a damn fine actor with a script like stranger things and I hope he gets more major movie roles going forward.

  5. This film was a box office bomb and received negative reviews from critics, with many comparing it unfavourably to Del Toro’s films and criticising the story, inconsistent tone and the amount of gore, though Harbour and Jovovich's performances and the makeup received some praise.

  6. Poor David, he literally had to workout to be Hellboy and his film is getting bullshitted by everyone! I think the movie was great! David really nailed it as Hellboy! I hope David returns as Hellboy again, BUT THIS TIME, have Liz and Abe in the sequel! It would Make the film a little bit better.

  7. Just saw it, wow what a f@#$ing chore…
    Rented it from redbox and started watching it at 9 this morning, finished it just now almost 12 hours later. 😩


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