Here’s What You Get With Fallout’s New Subscription Service – IGN Daily Fix


Today’s Daily Fix is presented by GameStop. We’ve got: Fallout’s new subscription service, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger sounds off on Marvel films not being real cinema and a look at the big maps in Call of Duty.


  1. two vids hating on the subscription service within 15mins of each other lol, i think ryan mccaffery is taking the pillaging of the fallout franchise personally

  2. Honestly. Its like Bethesda is trying to kill the fallout name at this point. Who the hell charges 13 bucks a month or 100 a year for private worlds in a meant to be played online game?!

  3. They shouldn't charge for Fallout 76 subscription service. They bombed the launch, so they should give that content for free just because they messed up so much.

  4. Wow. Imagine if Anthem or Division 2 would get a monthly sub…. Even EA or Ubisoft never went that far..I guess we can now say, that Bethesda is now officially the worst game company ever….

  5. Honestly i spend about 15 to 20 1500 to 2000 on atoms a month so I probably would buy this as 13 gives you 1650 atoms so i dont mind the sub

  6. This is false advertising,she is wearing a different outfit in the video compared to the thumbnail.
    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  7. Imagine spending $100/yr on a shitty RPG that got destroyed by critics a year ago. So you can be cool by showing off your "eXclUSiVe" emotes to everyone who stopped playing the game on launch.

  8. It doesn’t even compute to me that games that aren’t MMOs think they can charge a monthly sub fee. Let alone be the mess 76 was and then trying to charge people again. If any other video game companies or devs try this whole monthly subscription for next to zero content or stuff that should’ve been there at launch, people better start rioting. Lol.

  9. I personally don't see Marvel movies as Real cinema or whatever the case is. I see them as they are: Marvel Comics films nothing more nothing less. And that is perfectly fine with me.


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