Here’s What’s In The New Borderlands 3 DLC Packs – IGN Daily Fix


In today’s Daily Fix: Borderlands 3’s DLC Packs are out, The Rise of Skywalker is gonna address those Reylo theories, and Robert Pattinson says Batman is NOT a hero. Do you agree?


  1. I think what the mediocre actor Robert Pattinsons was trying to say is that Batman is a hero, just like firemen are heroes, but a lot of people with common sense believe to be a super hero you need a superpower and I agree.

  2. Just beat the game & now I just arrived on promethea in true vault Hunter mode LMAO 🤣 can't wait to see ACTUAL story DLC for borderlands 3 though, truly stoked!

  3. No disrespect to Sydney or anything like that cause she is a pretty attractive woman. But seriously though. A lot of you guys act like you have never seen a woman before yet along have had contact with a woman before. It's ok to admire someone but to be flat out creepy and straight weirdos about it isn't cool. You guys are acting like a bunch a lot of 13 years old boys.

  4. Great, WB indulged the angry white fuckboys so much with Joker that they've decided to double down with an angsty emo edgelord batman.

    P.S. and just in case it wasn't clear, the joker movie is crap. It's literally the story of an angry white fuckboy on a mission to become an even angrier, whiter, fuckboy.


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