High-waisted Shorts with Pockets Tutorial


*HIGHLY REQUESTED VIDEO* Here you go :)! Read for more info:
Since this tutorial is using an elastic waistband instead of a zipper, it would be best to use a stretchy material 🙂



  1. hey ol ur tutorial r so amazing i luv it … too easy .. i wanna learn to stitch a shirt n its colar for me its too hard so if u can jst help me out … coz ur a gud teacher..

  2. I love these and I think my daughter will too. I've lost all confidence in sewing now I'm older but I find your tutorials great. I especially appreciate the drawing you make showing where to cut etc. your a 🌟 star!

  3. Honestly, you are so fashionable and talented! I love your DIY's and tuts because they all turn out so cute and super on trend! Thanks for making this, I really hope you keep making more tutorials, I enjoy them so much! You inspired me to get back into sewing again ✌(♡◡♥)✌

  4. Not to be a butt-hole, but it's pronounced th-uh. It's only pronounced th-ee when the next word starts with a vowel. Nice shorts, though. I might try making a skirt like this instead.

  5. I love it.! Verry good job!
    Can you make a tutorial for a kind of 'flowing summer dress' I can wear in holidays on the sea above a bikini or something like that?
    Thanks for your tutorials!

  6. Awesome tutorial. That's true – BUT girl who has wide hips has no chance to wear it by your pattern tutorial. You are lucky because you don't have wide hips so it looks awesome on you (I am really skinny as well). But I am sure, I am not alone who has this problem. Just wasted material, first and last time when I did something from youtube :/ Rather buy pattern, next time.. sorry. But tutorial was really good, I understood everything well, I did everything well but just little bit different body and it's useless

  7. This tutorial is awesome, thank you so much. After spending an afternoon on the internet searching for guidance, I find your video has it all – no need for a pattern as we use our beloved fitting shorts, and a step by step guide. I was just wondering, how high can I exdend the waist without the result looking weird? I really want a high waist. Will I still be able to put it in or will I need to use a zipper maybe? Thanks a lot again 🙂

  8. Ok I know I'm late but I actually own shorts that look exactly like those. It's like the designers of my shorts saw this video and were like "oh this is cute. Let's make this."

  9. I would like to point out something important. These are Not 'Shorts' – These are Duh Duh Dum … 'Short Shorts', otherwise known in the 1970s as 'Hot Pants' Big Difference, LOL!
    And, Sadly, I don't have the bod to fit them any more, but at least I have the info from yet another brilliant Coolirpa tutorial to make my own (slightly larger) pair. Thanks yet again!

  10. I miss these kinds of tutorials… No fancy stuff (dress forms, fancy stitching, or patterns on pattern paper)…just easy, clear directions anyone can follow with realistic things they have around the house (ie: a coupon page lol). These types of tutorials are the best! Love it! Thanks for keeping it real!!


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