Honest Trailer Commentaries – Wonder Woman


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The writers of Honest Trailers give you a behind the scenes look at their thoughts making the last trailer for Wonder Woman

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  1. She should have known what marriage was, even if not by that name and simply by union. However the word front could be new to her I guess, something more common during WW1 where trench warfare caused it to create a true semi-static "front" as opposed to the isolated battles more common before that.

  2. Pre Nu52 the reason the justice society never defeated the Nazis in Germany was because it was thought that Hitler had the spear of destiny which would allow him to control any cape that came too close

    Post Nu IDK the default seems to be it kinda happened the way you think until we tell you otherwise

    Sunshine is the movie name you blanked on btw
    One of my faves

  3. The reason English spoken period pieces most often have the cast speak in British accents is the breadth of time of British imperialism. We imbue the accent with an antiquity missing in American accents because we imagine it could have also existed in a pre-modern era. It is a mental bridge made more passable by that commonality for modern day English speaking audiences.

  4. I still like the honest trailers but I'm also really dissapointed that you guys started putting ads in grrr. That just kinda ruins it a bit for me now. Shame really.

  5. Wonder Woman leaving would have made no sense based on her character. Her whole character is optimism and love. She wants to help and save first and foremost. Get your boring, gritty realism away from my woman!

  6. I know about the Armistice, but I had to watch the trailer twice to catch the joke about WWI being the origin for WWII, I just heard the WWII mention and was confused, because I know Spencer and Joe are intelligent guys and didn't see them making that kind of mistake

  7. Pratt , Evans and Hemsworth are Marvel actors for now but Pine was not yet "assigned" to Marvel. Choosing this Chris was special and another Chris it would be too big distraction.

  8. NO!!!! I do NOT need the over the top villain that only decreased the value of the movie… though I could do with a Dr. Impossible type villain in the right kind of story

  9. Spence is my favorite person on Screen Junkies by a far measure! That man GOES IN when he goes on a rant! lol homie is a roaster at heart

  10. Actually, the Queen tells Diana; "If you leave, you MAY never return."  This , to me, is a mother saying to her daughter that if you leave, I may never see you again. It is more of a lament, not a command. The Queen knows that Diana is ill trained and prepared to meet and defeat  Ares. The odds are really against her. The Queen does not say; " If you leave, you can not ever return."

  11. I’m happy Areas actually exists and he’s not just “war” because he’s a literal villain in WW’s rogues gallery and in the DC universe in general. He’s supposed to be real

  12. I did NOT need the big cgi villain. I was praying that the real villain would be war and she has to deal with that truth or that war was like a disease that Aries spread and cannot be cured so she feels obligated to help mankind without the big boss fight.

  13. Commented in another video: Wonder Woman/Diana has, in the comics, had an accent for over 30 years across multiple realities/eras. I actually appreciated that Gal's accent was used, particularly as Diana's accent is supposed to be one that hasn't been heard in Patriarch's/Man's World for several thousand years, so it's okay if it sounds a bit strange to the typical American ear…

  14. I knew it was suppose to be a joke……but I don’t really think it stuck. If a lot of people didn’t get the joke…..doesn’t that mean the joke wasn’t well crafted or funny? No hate but I kind of just rolled my eyes at that part of the trailer.

  15. Greek gods should not exist to create the things they are gods of they should exist because of those things. Zeus should be resurrected because storms exist I want war to be resurrected by the fact that men make war. Only Peace can kill Ares. "So long an man turns against man, so long as brother struggles with brother, so long as strangers seek to dominate strangers, the god of war can not die."

  16. 20:51 Let's not forget Christopher Nolan, Christopher Plummer and Christian Slater. There are a lot of Chris variants out there in Hollywood. It's like that time when all the boys were called Jason and all the girls were called Brittany! It's a very popular name.

  17. Shoudl've gone more logan in the third act than Hollywood action though I'm sure it would'nt have been allowed by the guys who hold the purse strings. They know what we want not what we need

  18. I found it ironic that at the end of the (totally justified and wonderfully entertaining) rant about not understanding the joke; Andy explained 3 GD times that "They don't know what the armistice is."

    Yes….that was the rant you titanic fucking moron.

  19. You don’t like slow mo? Then you will hate the latest transformers movie even more than you would before you see it. There’s a gun that shoots slow mo. At least in this the slow mo means more Gal Gadot

  20. 6:29 "I know the first thing we're all gonna' yell 'pause' on."  You should have said "pause" right then because most of those requests (all from women, by the way) were asking you to "do" Wonder Woman.

  21. damn it. im trying to binge trailer commentaries of movies i enjoyed and fucking dick-who-must-not-be-named is starting to show up. can someone just edit him out so i can watch old screen junkies videos

  22. Regarding the third act. What kind of battle did you guys expect between two Gods? An Arm-Wrestling contest? The only way to have avoided that third act that you didn't like was to have Ares not show up. And where would that have left the movie? Flat as hell.

  23. These are amazing! I enjoy these honest trailers because there so soberly-honest, true, noble, right, and pure, ways of seeing these movies! While watching this I thought I’d mention HISHE in this comment section and how they (like you guys) express ways of seeing “Hollywood Hits” but later on someone mentioned them. Thanks for what you guys are doing with movies. Every time I watch a movie this is what I look for on YouTube (besides Cinema Sin, and HISHE)! Thank you for “HonestTrailers”. #Philippians4:8

  24. Totally fair criticisms of the third act. For me it was necessary because it had to show her come into her full power as a Demi-God. This is a character that is nearly Superman's equal in strength and speed, and the movie had been building to her reaching her "full potential" as hinted by her mother and Antiope in the first act. That said…yeah…Ares' dialogue was cheesy and he could have looked better CGI wise. All fair critiques. 🙂 Great job guys

  25. I never thought it was romantic love that she was taking about at the end of the movie.
    I saw it as Love = the opposite of evil.
    She saw her Boys choosing to keep fighting against Evil and realised that love/good is a more powerful force when you embrace it.


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